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Heroin hearts...

by FightingForever 1 review

A short poem of the drug fueled life of junkies in love..

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This is one I wrote a long time ago and just found it, made a few tweaks

Gutterdog's and alleycats

The dangers of opposites attract

Toxic together lethal apart

Like a heroin needle straight through the heart

Yesterdays Marylin and James Dean

They've become tomorrows junkie trashqueens

She lost her looks and he lost his charms

They're hidden in the trackmarks up there arms

So they may look like dirt that you kick in the street

Begging for money at your feet

They may look like something you should ignore

A filthy drugged up punk and his junkie whore

But think to yourself, who made them this way?

Turning to narcotics to face the day

We turned up our noses when we should have helped them

Think about that when they OD in a crackden.
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