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Why did you do that to me? Why hurt me like you did?

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Why did you do that to me? Why did you cheat, thinking I possibly wouldn't know, yet I knew all along? I found the stuff lying in the wash pile, the evidence, so I obviously found out. But, you wanna know why I kept it from you this long; why I never packed up and left like I wanted so badly to do? I wanted to believe it wasn't true. I wanted to believe you wasn't that kind of guy. But, I guess I was wrong about you.

Why did you hurt me so badly? Beat me and kick me, throw me around like your little rag doll; like I was your puppet, with you pulling the strings. You bruised me, scarred me, and broke me; shattered me into a million broken pieces, just like my heart. But, you wanna know why I never ran away; why I never got you put in jail? I still loved you. I still loved you, even if I was battered and broken. How dumb I was.

Well, now I speak out against you. All of us, the hurt, the lied-to, the innocent who have fallen head over heels for another human with a stone heart. We stayed for the ones we love, hoping they'd see the errors they've made, and start anew. Yet, we were so wrong in believing we'd get that fairytale ending. Now, here is our chance to finally leave, to finally have freedom from the love that was never there.

A/N: This is for all those guys, and girls, who've been the victim of another broken heart. You guys don't deserve to be treated like that, ever. You were all victims of another fucker with a heart of stone, and feelings drowned in liquor. Of course, I've never gone through something like that, but I sure as hell know it fucking happens, and doesn't deserve to. So, for those of you who have gone through this, just know that there is someone who cares, and that someone is me. This was loosely based off of Why by Secondhand Serenade. Rate and Review! Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie
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