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Oneshot. Mild Frerard.. ^^ Rated for language...which is somewhat bad.

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“Fraaaaank” Gerard whined. “Do we have to go?”
“It’s just for fun, Gee.”
“But we can have fun here..!”
Frank scoffed and threw a pair of swimming shorts to his partner.
“You’re going.” He snapped.
“But… Frankie” Gerard mewled,
“No. No buts.”
Gerard folded his arms in a huff.
“I’m not going!” The singer complained.
“Then you’re going to be here all along, bored, and wasting away in this heat…” Frank sighed, a sarcastic look of pity on his face.
Gerard pouted, processing Frank’s words.
“….Fine.” He eventually groaned.
Frank bounced over, pecking his boyfriend’s cheek and whispering a quick ‘thank you’ into his ear.

Once the towels and trunks were packed, and after the argument Frank had trying to persuade Gerard to go, just wearing his swim shorts had ended, the couple climbed into Frank’s car and set off to Mikey’s house.
Mikey invited Frank, Gerard and Ray over for the day, for a kind of pool party, as the gentlemen of My Chemical Romance hadn’t hung out in ages after recording their second album. It was just going to be a relaxing afternoon, and a chance to catch up with each other.
Or so they thought.

- XO -

Frank pulled up outside Mikey’s house and flung the car door open, jumping out excitedly. Gerard clambered out, with much less enthusiasm than the younger man, and flicked down his sunglasses. Frank was quick to gather the bags and jumped up and down beside Gerard, waiting for him to move.

Frank tagged along behind Gerard to the porch, the door was ajar...
The singer pulled it open, when a bucket poured cold water over him. Frank was rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter, Gerard screaming, in a very masculine way, as water cascaded down the back of his t-shirt.
Frank sat up, wiping tears from his eyes, trying to stifle his giggling, he managed to compose and stood beside a soaked Gerard. They entered the house and walked straight out to the backyard.
Mikey was stretched out on a lilo in the pool, but fell off, laughing, as soon as he caught sight of his soggy brother.
“Oh, oh shit Gee!” he chuckled, trying not to laugh too hard. “It actually worked!” Mikey fell about laughing again. Gerard flashed his middle finger up and stormed inside, his brother sniggering in the background.
Frank dashed after the older man, following him into Mikey’s spare bedroom. Frank softly closed the door and stepped up behind his lover, wrapping his arms around his body.
“I told you we shouldn’t come,” Gerard sighed.
“Hey, Mikey just wants to have fun, fuck Gee, he’s your brother.” Frank cooed, turning Gerard round and placing a quick kiss to his lips. “Besides, we can always get revenge…” Frank whispered, his eyes sparkling.
Gerard paused. Gazing down at Frankie before his lips pulled into a smirk.
“Oh…. And how’s that?”
Frank pulled out a small packet of water balloons from the back pockets of his swimming trunks, Gerard chuckled, snaking his arms around the smaller man’s waist. “It’s so on.”

- XO -

“Where are Gerard and Frank?” Mikey questioned.
“Probably making out somewhere.” Ray responded bluntly, idly turning the page in his magazine.
Mikey choked and sat up horrified.
“Shit, thanks for that beautiful mental image.” The youngest Way scoffed.

Back inside Frank and Gerard were giggling as they filled up balloon, after balloon with water, placing them in Frank’s bag, along with assorted water pistols.
“Shoo! Go get changed!” Frank sniggered. Gerard whined but obeyed and pulled his swim shorts out the bag and sauntered off to the bathroom.
Frank tied off the last balloon and dropped it into the bag, leaning against the kitchen counter waiting for Gerard to come back.

Gerard emerged from the bathroom with his towel and Frank jumped up quickly, grinning at his partner with excitement. The couple collected their bags and returned to the backyard.
Mikey was splayed out on the lawn, humming along to the guitars of Pantera that played from his stereo. He was oblivious to the approach of his brother, who dropped a cold water balloon onto his chest.
“WHAT THE…. FUCK!” Mikey scrambled up and grabbed his glasses. Gerard and Frank shared a high five before pelting the youngest Way with more balloons.

“So what’s this then, ‘team gay’?” Mikey snorted, dodging the couple’s aim.
“I’ll have you know, it’s Team Pansy actually,” Frank huffed.

Mikey ran from the duo until he’d managed a circuit of the garden, he scrabbled over the fence surrounding the porch and grabbed a water gun, plus a handful of balloons.
Team Pansy stopped dead in their tracks.
So did Mikey.
They stood, paces away from each other on the lawn, a stand off, graveyard style. Both sides raised their balloons, staring each other down. Frank began laughing and so just threw his balloon in an attempt to hit Mikey. The three sprinted off again laughing and screaming with each hit of cold water in the sun of the early evening. Ray glanced up from his magazine and rolled his eyes, reaching behind his chair and turning on the sprinkler system.
Frank hopped about wildly as a jet of water from the sprinkler shot up his swim shorts.
The Way brothers were hysterical as they watched Frank scream and flail about..

Events like these kept occurring, and kept the three of them entertained later into the evening.
God only knows how they didn’t run out of balloons.

As Mikey, Frank and Gerard felt well and truly exhausted, and their laughs were just strained gasps, they sat on the side of the pool, exchanging conversation and catching up with each others lives.

The talking died out at the fall of dusk and they sat in comfortable silence until-
“Hey Mikey…” Gerard chirped. “Revenge.” He grinned, shoving his younger brother into the pool.

“I told you it was a good idea to come,” Frank smirked.
“I hate to admit it but you’re right Frankie.” Gerard smiled back.
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