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Our Song

by AlexisSCREAM 0 reviews

The radio’s playing; we could call this our song.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-07-14 - 330 words

Bent at some obscure angle,
Lookin’ for another one to strangle,
Cruising through the town with high heels on,
The clattering to you sounds like a love song.

Where, where did your mind go this time?
Once again, you stepped, stepped out of line,
Wandering, wondering if you get it yet,
So, why don’t you keep the cash and place your bets,
We got a house full of cash and a room full of drugs,
Sat there in a sack, we’re stood here, smug,
Sugar, sweetest, keep that pretty mouth shut,
I think I’ve got some high heels here, so wait up.

Gun’s concealed with your concealer,
Keep on driving; don’t look at the rear view mirror,
The radio plays the latest rock song,
You’re tappin’ along with your high heels on.

I’m not gonna ask you where your mind is this time,
The clicking on the sidewalk shows you’re out of line,
Waiting with bated breaths, have you got it yet?
We’ve got drink, drugs, sex and we’re placin’ our bets,
Get back here before we run out of drugs,
Yet another reason for us to be smug,
Honey, please, don’t keep that mouth shut,
And don’t let their questioning hold you up.

Take your clothes off with more attitude,
Or is that too provocative and far too lewd?
You’re on the bed with your high heels on,
The radio’s playing; we could call this our song.

Keep your eyes with your mind, on me, this time,
The others are elsewhere, snorting lines,
I wonder if they’ve noticed we’re gone yet,
Kinda glad now that I called off the bets,
Moments like this make me wanna give up the drugs,
Addicted to you, honey, well, aren’t you smug?
No matter how much I plead, you won’t keep that mouth shut,
The room spins now, but I know I’ve fucked up.
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