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Real Life Story - Being left alone for the weekend :L

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[A/N] - Uhh yeah I had... An interesting weekend? I've made more characters because it was only me, Jess J + Becca but I've decided to add more people :)

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" My Mom fussed as she came into the living room to say goodbye to me.

"Of course I will." I told her patiently "I'm going to my Dad's tonight and my friends are coming over tomorrow night. I'll only be alone on Sunday night."

My Mom and my step-dad Mark were going away for the weekend. They were going to stay in a caravan so that Mark could essentially go fishing all weekend. It'd be the first time I'd been left home alone by myself over night. I wasn't that worried. Okay, I was a little. But I liked being home alone.

"Alright." Mom smiled "Have a nice time. See you on Monday."

"Bye Mom. You have a nice time too." She waved at me and went out, locking the front door behind her. I pulled my new laptop onto my lap and clicked onto Netflix. I was so glad I had a laptop now and a credit card. After flicking through all the choices of movies, I chose to watch Uptown Girls. It was a movie my sister had shown me when I was little and I remembered loving it but barely remembering it.

I finished watching it and smiled, remembering why I loved that movie. It was funny but it also made me cry in one part. I started putting my CDs back on my iTunes account when I got a text off my step-mom Paula who said she was coming to pick me up now and did I want to go to the chip shop? I text back yes and started getting ready quickly, because I didn't want to keep her waiting.

I sat in my room at Dad's house. I didn't like my room as much as Dad's. It was half the size of the one I had at Mom's and there were random things in my room. Like my sisters prom dress, a TV that didn't work and framed pictures that were no longer on the walls. Also, it was boiling outside and my big window didn't open. The smaller one did but there was a dead spider that hung down whenever I opened it that looked disgusting so I kept it shut.

Dad knocked on my door loudly and stepped inside. He frowned at the window "Open it. It's boiling in here."

I told him about the dead spider and he rolled his eyes, called me a wimp but he got rid of the dead spider for me. I smiled and felt a lot better now the window was open. So I went back on Netflix and chose the movie 'Catfish'.

The movie was actually really boring but I was interested in finding out this persons real identity so I carried on watching. Then I noticed something moving. I looked and found a massive daddy long legs floating around my room. I screamed and went to whack it but then it disappeared. So I decided to go to the bathroom and leave my bedroom door wide open so hopefully it'd float out.

When I left the bathroom, the daddy long legs was floating in the hallway. I shrieked, ran down the corridor and slammed my bedroom door shut. I shivered as my phone buzzed and I looked. It was a text off my older step-sister Missy - You okay? - M

Massive daddy long-legs in the hallway - H

Okay... I'm gonna avoid the hallway. - M

I carried on watching the movie. It was incredibly boring and once I found out who this girls identity was, I was even less interested and overall it was a terrible movie. My phone vibrated again and I looked at it.

DUDE! I went to the bathroom and the daddy long-legs followed me into my room! I looked for something to hit it with but it got sucked into the back of my fan and died! - M

I burst out laughing and shut my bedroom window before anymore disgusting bugs could get inside. Then I got into bed and went to sleep.

The next day, my Dad dropped me off up town at around 12 and I brought chocolate milk, chocolate and chicken nuggets then walked home because my friends Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Raven, Penina and Mia were coming over at 1. I was only at home for about 5 minutes when the door knocked. It was Gerard and Mikey "Hey come in." I smiled "I'll put Supernatural on when everyone's arrived."

We were all going to have a Supernatural day and try to watch all of Season 5. Me, Mikey and Gerard went into the living room and waited for everyone else to show up. When we eventually did, we watched the first disc of Season 5 and while I love Supernatural, it was a little awkward and kinda boring. Then we decided to walk to the co-op to buy more food which turned out to be a bad idea.

"It's way too hot!" Penina complained "You said it was only three songs away! I feel like I've been walking for five songs!" Frank laughed and took her hand but Penina pulled it away "It's way too hot for human contact."

Gerard laughed "Hozzie, you said the store was closer than this."

"No, I was right. You guys are just babies that complain too much." I smiled "We're over halfway there now so calm down."

We made it to the store, stocked up on food and decided to walk round the lake to get home "Dude, this way is even further!" Mia complained "I'm gonna pass out!"

"Well I'm not gonna carry you. It's way too hot." I told her.

"I'd carry you Mia." Mikey, her older brother, said.

"Thanks." Mia smiled "Do you think you could give me a piggy back now?"

Mikey sighed heavily but agreed and let Mia jump on his back.

Eventually, after lots of complaining about the sun, we made it back to my street "Hozzie, I have never been so happy to see your house." Raven told me.

"Neither have I!" I cried, unlocking the door and letting everyone in. I ran into the living room and opened both the windows before opening one in the kitchen. I hate opening windows because of the bugs but it was way too hot not to have them open. Then I ran upstairs and changed into a pair of shorts because it was way too hot to worry about what I looked like. I came back downstairs with my laptop and everyone else got theirs out. Ray shoved disc 2 into the DVD player.

"I love Tumblr so much." I said, scrolling down my dash. I looked at Mikey's screen "Why do you have so many Tumblr tabs open?"

"Well I like to have my account organised." Mikey told me "Like, this text post is funny and I want to reblog it but I only just rebloged a text post and I can't have two in a row. And I can't really reblog this photo set because I just reblogged one there-"

"Are you for real?" Penina asked, raising her eye-brows "Who's gonna care what your blog looks like?"

"Well I do actually." Mikey huffed.

"I'm gonna go get dinner started." I told them, going into the kitchen and putting chicken nuggets, chicken burgers and chips into the oven. Gerard came in and helped me out.

We went back into the living room "We need to flip everything over in fifteen minutes." Gerard told me "Do you have tongs?"

"Umm no but I have a flipper."

"Just use your fingers." Frank told him.

"No, you could burn yourself!" I yelled.

"I do it all the time." Frank said, shrugging his shoulders "It's not that bad."


After we'd had dinner and chocolate cake, we went on gogirlsgames for a bit. Then a love calculator and now we were all on omegle. We'd found each other heaps of times to the point where it wasn't even funny. Mia was talking to an incredibly attractive boy and he seemed really cool which made the rest of us jealous.

I clicked onto one where a boy was playing ukele but I thought it was a guitar so I cried "Shush, he's playing guitar, let me listen!" And turned up my volume just in time for him to say "It's not a guitar love." I got embarrassed and hung up on him.

We carried on talking for ages until Penina made an amazing friend and then her laptop died and broke, causing her to lie on the floor in despair for half-an-hour. Mia, Mikey and Frank all fell asleep but the rest of us wanted to say we'd finished season 5. Then suddenly Raven clutched her stomach "Ouch. Ouch! It hurts so bad!"

"What's wrong?" Ray asked.

"I don't know, my stomach really hurts." Raven whispered, sitting weirdly.

"Do you need a pill or something?" I asked her.

"No, I already took some calpol earlier."

"Well it looks like it didn't work." Gerard told her.

For some reason, Penina had got a bit hysterical and was rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically. Her laugh was really weird and contagious. She suddenly stopped and asked "Do you think if I tried hard enough... I could get adopted by a family of hedgehogs?"

"Umm probably not." Frank said gently.

"What if I dressed up all spikey though?"

"AHHH it feels like I'm giving birth!" Raven shrieked.

"You can't be, you're a virgin." Ray told her.

"Maybe she's having a virgin birth?" I suggested and then googled it "I think you can have a virgin birth actually..."

"She doesn't have a baby bump!" Frank cried.

"Oh my god, what if I'm laying an egg?" Raven gasped. Penina was off again with her hysterical laughter.

"Ouch!" Penina suddenly cried.

"What?" Frank asked.

"I cracked my hand." Penina mumbled.


"My stomach hurts actually. I need to stop laughing." Penina said, taking deep breathes because of all the laughing she'd done.


"Neither are you!" Gerard cried.

"The neighbours are gonna hate me." I said.

"Oh God my eyes are leaking." Penina said, wiping away from laughter.

"My asshole's leaking." Raven said, her face screwing up in pain. Of course Penina was off again with her hysterical laughter, complaining that she shouldn't be laughing because she had a stomach ache "This is more painful then getting it up the ass."

"How would you know?" I asked.

"She wouldn't." Ray said quickly.

"You're right, I wouldn't. But I just know." Raven said, smiling and then groaning again "Jeez."

At this point, I was laughing to the point where I literally did pee myself a little and started tweeting all the things I thought were funny "What do we do if Raven really is giving birth?" Gerard asked.

"Get hot towels and dirt-" Penina started then went off into her hysterical laughter again "DIRT!? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU NEED DIRT!?"

Frank was watching Supernatural "Do you know what I don't get?" He asked "The hex bags. I mean, if there's one in the room and it kills you while you're in the room... Why not just leave the room? Like, Sam and Dean could just leave the room and survive, right?"

"I don't know." I said.

"Maybe they'd have to roll out the room if they were choking." Penina giggled "Can you imagine them rolling out the house? LIKE SASAUGE ROLLS." And she was off again.

"Okay, it's like half four in the morning and things are getting weird." I said, rolling my eyes "My neighbours are gonna kill me."

This went on until about half 5 when we woke up the others and decided to go for a walk. We walked to McDonalds, got there for 6AM. I had pancakes and they were really disgusting. So was the hot chocolate.

We walked back home, suddenly feeling exhausted and finally got into bed at 7AM. Things had been really weird.

[A/N] - So uhh yeah the majority of that did happen and it may not seem funny to you guys but at the time, oh my god, I was pissing myself ;L Luckily, my friend didn't lay an egg :)
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