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Dear Baby Reid

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It is now week 10, and while fighting against morning and all day sickness, Reid manages to write to his unborn baby

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The last chapter was pretty good, so I figured that I would get this up pretty quickly. It does help I have it written up already in a notebook. I changed a few things here from what I had on paper, but other than a few changes the journal is the same.

Disclaimer: See previous chapter. But no, I still don’t own Criminal Minds. I also do not make any monetary profit from this Fanfiction.

Pairing: Morgan/ Reid established relationship

Warnings: Slash, mpreg

Dear Baby Reid

Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
- Elizabeth Stone

Week 10, June 4th, 2013

Spencer walked through the glass doors of the bullpen, offering a half smile toward Alex as she looked up from her desk. A look of concern clearly written on her face, and he could tell she was noticing his slightly paler complexion. He had told the team the day before about his pregnancy, and understandably there were confused looks and some concerns.

“How are you feeling today?” Alex asked, watching the young genius take his seat behind his desk. She smiled as she watched him put up a small picture frame with a small jellybean figure on his desk next to the short glass partition.

“Not that great.” Spencer frowned. “Ironically I can’t stand the smell of coffee… I don’t believe I saw Rossi that happy over me not being able to have as much coffee as I used to be able to consume.”

“You know he loves you.” Alex grinned, sitting down at her desk. “Just hope for paper work and no case today, mostly for your sake. It will be hard enough to keep up any future appointments if you are halfway across the country.”

“I have one this afternoon, then I won’t have another one until 14 weeks.” Spencer replied, turning toward Alex before turning on his computer. “But that much we can hope for, although I may get mysterious stacks appearing on my desk again.”

“Me?” Alex chuckled lightly, opening one of their old case files. “Must be someone else, Spencer.”

“Emily used to do that, along with Derek. He still slips me a few files, even though he’s down the hall in his own office.” Spencer smiled, going through his own case file pretty quickly. “I think you choose me because I don’t forget anything and read faster than pretty much anyone I know.”

Alex nodded before seeing Aaron walk along the catwalk, soon stopping at the railing with Dave. “I hope this is just a debriefing of the last case we had in Portsmouth and we don’t have a new one. I’d hate for you to miss this appointment.”

Spencer nodded, walking into the room before he took his seat at the table. He looked up to see Derek enter in after him, a light grin crossing his lips. He turned his head before looking toward his boss who was standing up by the board.

“Good morning,” Aaron started, looking over his team before focusing on his youngest agent. “Most of us have heard the good news, and for now I am going to keep it a secret from Strauss. However I will expect you to mention it to her when you get further along, Spencer.”

“Of course I will.” Spencer nodded. “It will be hard to hide it as I get further
along, especially considering my body type. I will more than likely start showing next month a little more visibly than I am now.”

“Just as long as you keep her in the loop.” Aaron nodded, taking a seat at his chair. “And I would like to meet with you in the next two months to discuss leave. I know you don’t want to leave us, but I don’t want to risk the baby being born here. Or you going into labor when we are across the country.”

“I understand,” Spencer answered before opening the old case file. “I don’t want that to happen. I’m still a little apprehensive over the whole thing.”

“You’ll be fine.” JJ smiled, looking at her friend. “We’ll all be there for you.”

Inova Alexandria Hospital
Alexandria, VA

“Good afternoon, Spencer.” Dr. Katska smiled, looking up at the younger man as he walked into the darkened room with his boyfriend. “And good afternoon, Derek.”

“Hope you have some good news for us today, Anya. But I also have some questions on if we decide on moving.” Derek spoke, offering a faint smile toward Dr. Katska. “I’m working on a house closer to the BAU, and I was wondering if you were also part of Sentara Potomac in Woodbridge. It’s closer to Quantico, just in case something happens.”

“Let me know when you move, and I’ll ask about a transfer. There are only two other pregnant male cases I am working on at the moment.” Dr. Katska replied, helping Spencer onto the table. “Spencer is still the earliest amongst them, one is due in a couple weeks and the other is due in a couple months or so if all goes well. If you decide on staying in DC until the baby is born, then move it would be fine also. I can look up pediatricians close to Quantico for you.”

“That would be great, thank you.” Spencer smiled, looking up at Dr. Katska before he moved his shirt up and carefully unbuttoned his pants. He closed his eyes, shivering lightly as he felt the cold gel get squirted onto his abdomen. “Last time you said you’d have warmer gel.”

“I will next time, I promise.” Dr. Katska chuckled, slowly moving the transceiver along the gelled area. She turned on the volume, a smile crossing her lips as she heard a fast moving lub-dub filling the room. “There we go…”

“Oh wow…” Spencer smiled, hearing the heartbeat. “Can you record that?”

“Of course.” Dr. Katska replied, making sure to record the heartbeat while she moved the transceiver to look for the small fetus. “And there is your baby. You can see little arm and leg buds now, and the heart is here.”

Derek smiled, watching Dr. Katska point out different parts on the fetus’ small figure. “Strong heartbeat. And look at those legs… I think we have a soccer star growing in there.”

“Too early for sports.” Spencer chuckled softly, watching the small figure move around. “I know I can’t feel that yet… might freak me out at first. But I’d hopefully get used to it, I would hate to freak out every time I feel our baby move or kick.”

“It’s fine to freak out with the first movements.” Dr. Katska replied. “Everything looks good right now. You’re right on track, the weight we still need to work on. But I’m not going to worry just yet. I will see you next month unless you feel that you need to see me sooner.”

“Thank you.” Spencer spoke gently, carefully sitting up before wiping the gel off his belly with the towel. “You can call your mom and tell her what we found, and then I’ll try to get in touch with Dr. Norman and see how my mother is doing.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Derek replied, helping his younger lover off of the bed before he put his arm around his waist.

Dear Baby,

Today you are officially a fetus. That sounds a lot better than telling your grandmothers that you are an embryo. I know I said that I wouldn’t tell anyone until I reached a safe point, but I had no choice. Your father already told his mother last month, just like I had predicted. So I told your grandmother in Las Vegas. She was surprised to say the least, but she was having a good day. She told me to make sure I eat and that Derek takes care of me.

I also told your many aunts and uncles at work due to the morning sickness. Your aunt JJ had a clue, and was surprised that kept it hidden this long. I just hate it. It is all day, afternoon and evening. I even have some food aversions, even with coffee. That was a big tip off to everyone really, since I am normally notorious for having multiple cups of coffee with lots of sugar.

It isn’t your fault; I can’t blame you for it. How can I blame someone the size of a strawberry? I just hope that the morning sickness passes soon, and I curse the mysterious forces behind it. But about the only good news is that your father and I will find out what you will be in eight weeks at the earliest. Or in 10 weeks, depending if you are shy at the 18 week check up.

I am also starting to show a little bit, but I’m the only one that notices it right now. I told your father, but he doesn’t see it. I don’t know if he can feel it yet or not, but I’m sure he will in a few weeks. I can tell he is just saying he feels my belly just to make me happy.

You are eight weeks old, but I am 10 weeks pregnant. Still confusing, I know. But I will explain it to you when you are older. You are now 1.2 inches long and .14 ounces. Your heart is almost fully developed, and your lungs are still developing also.

Your eyes and nose are visible now, and you are looking a lot more like a tiny human instead of a shrimp. Your dad says you have his nose, but I think it’s still too early to tell. I love you, and I will write again very soon.
Spencer (But you will be calling me mommy)
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