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No Remource

by creativewriter19 1 review

If tomorrow doesn't you today, then today will reflect tomorrow.

Category: Historical - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-17 - 197 words - Complete

A lone wolf never lives out of fear. It hunts the feared. It hunts for the impossible and mind traps it's own enemies. A lone wolf carves it's teeth out of revenge to kill a normal life. My thoughts are with the wild. My steps are a lion's paws. My words are it's instinct. My eyes are it's eyes. Viscous. Cruel. Ready to battle those who think they know me.....Those who said I'd become nothing, have become battered and eaten by the teeth of my actions. The world watches it wants......But the world should be watching me. I stand on a mountain victory. I stand on a volcano of the defeated. My foot on the world, my voice stinging, warning away those who come to my territory. Talk about me. Flush me with negativity, but the mouth of an unwanted buffoon will digest in my guts. A man that wanders alone will let his memories crash into isolation. And a man that craves isolation will find peace towards who he is. And a man that comes to terms with who he is will grip success and shove down whoever, and whatever is in his way.
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