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I'm completely fucking insane. Like, mental-hospital wise.

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Over these past couple of months, I've realised something. I'm completely fucking insane. Like, I deserve to be put in a mental hospital, in a padded room, in a strain jacket. Yes, I think that would suffice for my ever-growing need to fucking kill every last person in my school, except those who are alright. Yes, I see myself gunning down half of my school, the other half possibly running away in terror.

I also see myself die. Yeah, crazy right? I see myself jumping off buildings, falling down a flight of stairs and feeling my bones crack and tear and my organs flop about like fish out of water, before finally feeling that.. peaceful feeling of death, where your soul basically leaves your body, and you have no control anymore. Still think I deserve to be put in a mental hospital? Yeah, I agree with you there.

As well as that, I hear voices, a lot of them, in my head. Like, I can tell the future, or the opposite of what I want to happen. Weird, right? Now, I can get these voices whenever, and they say whatever. I hate the voices, too crowded for me. I think of them as fears, maybe. Fearing the questions I could be asked, and struggling to find a fucking answer.

Oh, sweet insanity. How much I hate you, and your sick twisted little games, toying with my mind like a rag doll. Like I'm a little puny puppet on a string, and you are the omniscient controller, watching as I go through life, day by day, and paning little bumps along the way, adding to my ever-growing crave, and need, to drive me insane.

A/N: Ah, the insanity one goes through. I'm not going into dire, gory details in this Author's Notice, it pretty much says it all up there. Rate and Review! Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie!
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