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Livelyhood (episode 1) (part 1/2)

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After a woman is convicted of an accusation that she murdered her own family, a small game of tag will errupt in the mind of authroities.

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Dr.Connors: Hey there Skylar, I'm Dr. Connors. So , can you tell me how you're feeling? Can you tell me what is on your mind currently?.

Skylar writes down something on a piece of paper on a desk. It reads: 'The night time is a hazzard. The wods sleep is impossible. All these flashes of what happened on the night my family was murdered has grounded me. I didn't do it. It did it. The friend in my head told me it's a fun game to play. It said the fun will be worth it, that all the attention I never got was not going to be on me'.

Dr. Connors walks out of the room after she gives him the note.

Dr. Connors: She is not a talker. It's unusal because dealing in the field of clinical psychology and behavior, all my clients talk away.

Detective Evans: This woman is either scared or oddly courageous. A lot of peoole in her position usually break down right?.

Dr. Connors: Yes.

Detective Evans: I'll be right back. And don't worry I won't hurt her or interrogate her.

He walks into the room and hovers over Skylar while she is sitting on a chair, starring out the window with detectives and psychiatrists starring at her in her.

Detective Evans: Sky......Rightnow there is no evidence against you, but I know and you know that you killed your own family. Do us all a big favor and tell us what happened. For you.....And for me.

Skylar: Evans....Do you fuck your wife?.

Detective Evans: Don't change the subject.

Skylar: Do you?.

Evans: why does it matter?.

Skykar: You should. The rumor around the mill is she is going to divorce you.

Evans: What does that have to do with what needs to be addressed? Who told you that?.

Skykar: Everything. Take a look around you. She is divorcing you for your best friend, Bill, plus I saw how you were looking at me, but I won't lean too much into that. You want answers just like Dr. Connors. But the truth is this is a game of tag. A game of cat and mouse. Welcome to my world.
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