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Sweet lips

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A short story about Tré and Billie's first kiss.

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Billie Joe closed his eyes for a little bit and laid back on the couch. A wide smile appeared across his lips. He coughed a little and swatted the smoke away. He opened his eyes and saw a pair of wide blue (and a little bit of red) eyes staring at him.
''Whatcha lookin' at, Tré?'' Billie grinned. Perhaps it could have been all the weed they've smoked, all the booze they've drank but Tré looked particulary hot today. His messy and greasy not-so-blonde hair falling on his eyes, his sexy smile.
Tré shrugged and laughed a little, laying down on the floor and putting his hands under his head. ''You'' He answered, now staring at the ceiling.
''Like what you see, Frank?'' Billie Joe only called Tré by his real name when he wanted to tease him.
Tré smirked and tilted his head upward, giving Billie a small wink. ''Oh yes, baby.'' He whispered. Tré knew exactly what to say and what to do to tease Billie.
Billie Joe stood up and walked in front of Tré, a wide smirk on his lips. Tré only stared up at him, furrowing his eyebrows. ''What... what are you doing?'' Tré stuttered a bit.
With a quick movement, Billie carefully sat on Tré's stomach, straddling him.
He grinned a bit and ran his thumb over the drummer's strong jaw. ''Shh.'' That was all Billie was able to say before he leant down and gave Tré a big, sweet kiss on the mouth. Tré eagerly kissed him back, with the same passion and sweetness as Billie.
Billie pulled away from the kiss and grinned contently to himself, now laying down beside Tré.
''Y'know, Tré...''
''We've run out of weed.''
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