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You realize now that those words were true.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-07-20 - 160 words

Ever changing, rearranging,
The ones that looked at you strangely,
The ones that whispered in your ear,
With promises to run away from here.

The demons, devils, monsters that cloud,
Your fragile heart with the thoughts they've found,
Teasing, taunting, words like knives,
Hoping to end yet another life.

Tiny petals fall into your palm,
Yet they feel like stones, they cause you harm,
Your eyes are closed to hide the tears,
Quivering from the smothering fear.

The thin ice on which you tread,
Is not the only way, she said,
You realize now that those words were true,
And this time, you'll redefine this "you".

A broken heart could turn to stone,
But you'd surely be left on your own,
This realization chills your core,
This situation burns you more.

A frozen heart equals a numb mind,
Left weak, hopeless, cruel, unkind,
That's not an option though, you know,
And your hearts tells you the way you should go.
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