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Dirty Little Secrets.

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Six guys. Six secrets. One decieving little sister with a tape recorder. What could go wrong?

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*Dirty Little Secrets."

"Alright," 16-year-old Danny Worsnop got out the tequila hidden in his overnight bag, as him and five other of his friends sat on the carpeted floor of Ben's room. Danny took off the cap of the bottle, before filling up the six shot glasses he also brought with him, and passing them about the near-circled friends. "Who's first?"

"Me." That was the sound of Jack Barakat, as he took a shot, gulping it down in a quick, shooting swallow. "I have something to confess."

"Then tell the almighty preacher." Danny smirked, leaning back against the ladder of the bunk bed that Ben and his thirteen-year-old sister shared.

Jack hesitated, twiddling his thumbs, before confessing his secret.

"I'm gay. For Alex." Laughs erupted around the room from four of the guys, leaving a blushing Jack and Alex.

"Dude... we know." Ben wiped a tear from his eye from laughing too hard.

"H-how?" Jack questioned, stammering.

"Ever heard of tumblr porn? You guys are all over it." Danny laughed a lot harder, nearly choking on his second shot of the night.

"Fuck you, man." Alex cursed under his breath.

"Hey, not my fault Jack's hard for you." Danny started laughing again.

"Can we carry on with this game, Danny?" Ben tried to bring back the mojo of the game, and Danny nodded.

"Alright, Mr. Sensible." Danny rolled his eyes, pouring another drink for himself. "Who's next?"

"I'll go." The timid voice of 15-year-old Frank Iero spoke next, before he too took a swig of his drink. "I, too, have a secret to confess."

"Then, tell me child." Danny smirked yet again, enjoying the whole preacher act. "Tell Dr. Danny what's up."

"... I once kissed Gerard. And liked it." The shoulder length, black haired teenager next to Frank widened his eyes, as the rest of the group began to chorus laughs.

"We knew that too." Danny chuckled. "Ever heard of YouTube? There's, like, a dozen videos of you guys going at it like a couple of dogs." Danny then barked rapidly, mimicking a dog, though he sounded more like a dying cat with his laughter.

"Fuck, Frank!" Gerard stood up, shouting now, before Ben quickly shushed him, as his parents were in bed, so Gerard took to an angered whisper. "We're all over YouTube!"

"Thanks to me and my video camera.." Danny laughed again, and both Frank and Gerard scowled at him, making him laugh more.

"Can I just get my confession over and done with? It's getting pretty late.." Ben mumbled.

"Okay, Baby Ben." Danny cooed fakely, giggling. "Confess those sins."

"Alright, but you gotta swear you're not gonna tell anyone.." Ben stalled for a bit. "But, I've slept with hundreds of.. dudes." There was silence in the room, before the bedroom door opened and Ben's little sister, Sadie, entered the room, laughing a little.

"Really, Ben?" Sadie had a wide grin on her face. "You're gay?"

"Sadie, what the fuck are you doing in here?" Ben tried to hurry his little decieving sister out of the room.

"It's my room too, Ben. Now, Danny, would you fucking move before I step on you?"

"Woah, you got a harsh one there, Ben." Danny whistled.

"And, I'll be even harsher if you don't move." Sadie scowled.

"Sadie, would you please just get out, we're in the middle of something here." Ben stood up, about to escort his sister from the room before she blurted out anything else.

"Oh, I know what you're up too. I've heard it all. Jack and Alex are all over tumblr, and Frank and Gerard have fucking porn on YouTube. And, don't get me started on the fanfictions.." The group, all except Ben, were intrigued by the whole news on the fanfiction, but Ben put a harsh stop to it by pushing his sister out the room.

"Don't fucking tell anyone, okay?" Ben whispered harshly, staring his little cunning sibling straight in the eye. "Or I'll tell all your friends how you wet the bed until you were eleven."

"You wouldn't!" Sadie stamped her foot, and Ben smirked.

"Try me, sis. I know how to push those buttons of your's." And with that, Ben went back into his room, shutting the door in Sadie's face.

"Right, now I think it's time we hit the sack, before Danny gets any drunker." Ben said, getting back into his sleeping bag.

"I'm notsh drunksh." Danny slurred, clearly with the thousand-and-one drinks getting into his system.

"You are, now sleep." Ben ordered, and Danny gave him the finger before shutting his eyes and snoring into dreamland.

"Hey, uhh, guys?" Jack asked, leaning on one of his elbows in his baking-hot sleeping bag.

"Yes, Jack?" The group piped up.

"Let's not tell anyone about our secrets, okay?"

"Deal." And the group of rowdy teens settled off to sleep. Outside the door, however, a cunning smile creeped upon Sadie's lips, as she tightened the grip around the tape recorder in her hand, thathad recorded the entire thing.

"Oh, Ben.." She smirked. "You may think you got it better, but you so haven't." And, with that, Sadie walked off towards the computer that await downstairs, ready to publish the little antics of her brother and his overly drunken friends all over the internet.
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