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6: Upgrades

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The crew of the USS Enterprise-E has had to face many different threats, but this one is unlike any they have ever faced.

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Picard stared at the view screen, errant sparks and plasma bursts popping along the walls and consoles behind him. One Replicator infested ship managed to disable the shields, weapons and engines of the most advanced starship in the Federation. Now, hovering off of the nose of the Enterprise were five Asgard battle cruisers.

“Report.” Picard barked out.

“Warp core has been ejected, emergency thrusters are only working at 17% efficiency.” Data replied, reading the reports as they came in far quicker than any of the other crew members could.

“Will we be able to reach safe distance?” Picard asked.

“I do not believe so.” Data said, tapping on his console. “I have rerouted all available power to the thrusters, efficiency is now at 37%.” Data said. “Warp core explosion in five seconds.”

Picard stared at the view screen, now focused on the ejected core. Five seconds elapsed and the core exploded. “All hands, brace for impact!” Picard called, sitting in the Captains chair and engaging the security harness.

Watching in rapt horror, the bridge crew saw the shockwave from the core approach, bracing themselves. They were all shocked, needless to say, when the ship only rocked slightly.

Picard looked at Data who, in turn, consulted the small sensor console at his seat.

“One of the Asgard battle cruisers has extended their shields around the Enterprise.” Data said, looking astonished.

“Captain!” Ensign Barrics called out, keying the view screen.

Picard spun and watched as the four Asgard battle cruisers opened fire on the Daniel Jackson. The Replicator ship returned fire, but was outmatched. Wheeling about, the ship jumped into hyperspace and was gone.

“We are being hailed.” Worf said, keying the tactical station.

“On screen.” Picard said.

The image of an Asgard appeared on the screen, looking at the bridge crew. “I am Frey.” The Asgard said. “Is Supreme Commander Thor with you?” the Asgard asked.

“I am here.” Thor replied, walking forward. “What is your status?” he asked.

“The Replicators on four worlds have been eliminated. Three ships, including the Daniel Jackson are all that remain.” Frey answered.

“I see. Were the modifications made to all Asgard vessels?” Thor asked.

“Yes. However, the Replicators are already trying to adapt to the changes. Their current rate of change gives us a window of less than ten cycles to defeat them.” Frey said.

Thor nodded. “I request a ship.”

Frey nodded. “I am releasing the Sleipnir to your command.” Frey said. “We will begin hunting for the remaining Replicators.”

“Acknowledged.” Thor said, nodding. The view screen winked out and Thor turned to the Captain. “I will return to the Sleipnir and attach a towing beam. We shall be underway within one hour.” Thor said. A golden flash signaled his departure from the Enterprise, leaving a stunned Captain Picard.

Turning to Data, Picard sighed. “I don’t suppose that you and Mr. LaForge will be able to create a new warp core?” Picard asked.

Data simply stared at the Captain, opening his mouth once and closing it again.

Picard nodded. “I see.” He sighed. “Do we at least have the schematics in the computer?”

Data nodded once. “We do sir.” He said.

Picard sighed. “Perhaps our new friends can create one for us.” He said, settling into his chair.

The Enterprise shuddered slightly as the Asgard tractor beam locked onto their hull. Picard steepled his fingers, a sensation washing over him that he had not felt since his academy days; helplessness.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captains Log
Stardate 58921.6

We are currently in Asgard space being…towed…by the Asgard vessel Sleipnir commander by Supreme Commander Thor. While this was the original plan, none the less the feeling is quite different when our ship is missing its warp core. It means that the ship is unable to travel at warp and must rely on other means of transport. And as we are in another Galaxy, getting back to Earth could prove difficult.

To solve this dilemma we have asked Thor if the Asgard could fabricate a new warp core with their technology, using our schematics. We are awaiting an answer. Meanwhile, all other damage to the Enterprise has been repaired and we are meeting with the Asgard High Council with regards to finding any information on interdimensional travel in the Ancient Repository of Knowledge.

“Status.” Picard said, walking onto the bridge from his ready room.

“Thor is still discussing the matter with the Asgard High Council.” Data replied, standing up from the Command chair and retaking the First Officers position.

Picard sat and sighed. “Have we sent the plans?”

“Yes sir.” Data replied.

The comm console chirped and Commander Worf tapped the keys. “Commander Thor is hailing us.”

“On screen.” Picard said.

The view screen shimmered to life and Thor’s head appeared.

“I am sorry to report, Captain, that the Asgard cannot replicate a new warp core for you.” Thor said.

“I see.” Picard replied. “I thank you for your efforts, Commander.” Picard sighed, wondering if the new station around Mars could be used to replace the missing warp core.

“However.” Thor said, catching Picards attention again. “The Asgard have agreed to supply you with a hyperdrive engine.”

Picard turned to Data, who looked intrigued by the idea.

“It is an intriguing proposition.” Data said, going over calculations in his head. “However, the Enterprise does not have sufficient power generation capabilities to open a hyperspace window.”

Picard nodded. “I see.” He said. “What are the necessary power requirements?”

Data cocked his head. “The requirements are quite high. In fact, it is so high that it cannot be provided by any available or known source in the Federation to date.”

“A new power supply system would be provided as well.” Thor said. “It would take some time, but I believe that there would be very little deviation in your ships design.”

Picard looked at Data and then back at the screen. “I see.” He said. “Would you give us some time to discuss the proposition?”

Thor nodded. “Contact me when you are ready to begin.” With that, the viewscreen shimmered out.

Captain Picard stood, turning and looking around the bridge. “Senior staff meeting in ten minutes.” He said and headed to his ready room.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

General O’Neill looked out of the main window at the blue planet below. He smiled softly, knowing that this platform was part of what would help keep the planet safe. It was a good day to be the General.

“Incredible.” Jack turned and smiled at the visitor. “I’ve been off of this planet twice now. Still as cool.” President Hayes said, shaking Jacks hand.

“That it is sir.” Jack said. He’d been off world literally hundreds of times and he never got tired of it.

“And that transporter is a hell of a trip.” Hayes said, looking around. “Nice living space, too.”

“We spared no expense. Actually, we did.” Jack shrugged. “Just the manpower to put it together.”

The President smiled. “So, when’s the show start?” he asked.

“We’ve just gotten word. Should be anytime sow.” Jack said.

“Can’t wait.” Hayes said, looking out of the window. His brow furrowed for a moment. “That normal?” he asked, pointing out of the window.

Jack looked out the window and frowned. “No. That’s a hyperspace window forming.” He said. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, red panels lighting up as klaxons blared. A female voice came over the speakers.

“Red alert. All hands to alert stations.” The computer voice echoed through the halls.

“General O’Neill to the bridge.” A voice cut over the speaker.

O’Neill turned and headed for the door as four Secret Service agents burst through. “Get him to the transporter room.” O’Neill barked.

The Agents nodded and gathered the President, hurrying him from the room.

O’Neill got onto an elevator. “Bridge.” He barked, gripping the rails in anger.

The turbolift shot through the platform, depositing the General on the bridge in a few seconds.

“What do we have?” O’Neill asked, walking onto the bridge.

“Goa’uld. Ha’Tak-class.” One of the many crew replied. “Scanning shows that the weapons and shields have been upgraded.” He said. “Orders?”

Jack narrowed his gaze. “Raise the shields. Bring main weapons online and target the vessel.” He said. “Hail them.”

The viewscreen flickered to life. A Jaffa came onto the screen, sneering at the small bridge.

“Tauri. You will surrender your vessel, yourselves and your world to your new God or you will be destroyed.” The Jaffa said.

Jack was paying little attention. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” He signaled the conn to cut the transmission. “Status?” he asked, turning to look around the bridge.

“Weapons and shields are at the ready.” One of the crewmen replied, looking nervously at the Ha’Tak on the screen.

“Is the President safely on the planet?” Jack asked, sitting in the command chair.

“Yes sir. He arrived at the White House a few minutes ago.” The tactical officer said.

Suddenly, the station shook, conduits and circuits blowing all over the bridge as circuits shorted to prevent damage to major systems.

“Report!” Jack yelled, scanning the bridge. Everyone seemed to be alright.

“The Ha’Tak fired, shields down to seventy percent.” The tactical officer shouted.

“Return fire, phasers at maximum.” O’Neill said.

A crimson beam lanced out from one of the arrays, slamming into the Ha’Tak’s shields. The beam burrowed into, but not beyond, the shields.

“Damage?” Jack asked.

“Their shields are holding.” The tactical officer reported. “They are returning fire.”

The station shook, explosions rocking the corridors. “Shields down to forty percent. They are regenerating, but it is going slowly. There are simply too many reroutes to allow it to happen any faster.” The officer said.

Jack just nodded. “Return fire at will, add some photon torpedoes to the mix.”

The station barked out five photon torpedoes as well as multiple phaser bursts. Jack watched as the Ha’Tak’s shields shuddered under the onslaught but remained up. The Ha’Tak unleashed another yellow blast of plasma followed quickly by a second volley.

“Shields are down!” the tactical officer barked out. “Structural integrity is failing. The station is going to blow.”

Jack clenched his fist and slammed it down on the chair arm, swearing as he stood. “All hands to emergency transporters.”

Jack stared at the viewscreen and shook his head. “That did not go well.” He growled.

The bridge doors opened and Sergeant Harriman walked in. “Sir.” He said, holding out a file. “I need your signature for the monthly budget.” He said, looking around the ruined bridge, people scattering.

“Damn it Walter.” Jack growled. “Computer. End program.” He said. Suddenly the bridge disappeared, leaving only Walter and himself standing in the middle of a holodeck. “I was in the middle of a training simulation.”

“Looked more like the end.” Walter muttered.

“What was that, Sergeant?” Jack narrowed his gaze.

“Sign here sir.” Walter smiled and handed the file over.

Jack sighed and scribbled his name across the bottom of the paper. “Anything else?”

“No sir. Have a good weekend sir.” Walter said, walking from the room.

Jack shook his head. He had run through the simulation eight times already and he had lost the station eight times. “Computer.” He called, the computer chimed, awaiting input. Suddenly, the doors opened again. “For cryin' out loud.” Jack muttered, turning and then straightening up as he saw who it was.

“How are things going, General?” the man asked, smiling.

“General!” Jack grinned. “What brings you from D.C.” he asked, shaking Hammond’s hand.

“I have a new assignment.” Hammond said. “I am going to be heading up Earth’s defense force. The first ship is due to arrive from Mars for shakedown in a week, and I need officers.”

Jack raised an eyebrow, walking out of the holodeck and into the hallway of the SGC. “And you are here because…?” Jack trailed off.

“I am thinking of raiding the SGC for recruits.” Hammond smiled, staring at the holodeck doors as they closed.

The technology storm that came from the Enterprise was a marvel. The SGC had two floors that were used as holodecks. It had made training so much better the performance standards had to be adjusted. The food replicators, the infirmary, the holodecks, the computer systems and the power systems all made the SGC nearly self-sustaining. It meant that budget constraints could be lessoned since the SGC could produce all of its own power, medical care, food and supplies. The only government expense was payroll.

Jack smiled. He was in the midst of the upgrades, and he was still amazed at some of the things he saw. “Wanna take the helm?” he gestured to the doors.

Hammond let a small smile curl his lip but shook his head. “Sorry Jack. But I have meetings all day. I just came to give you my list of potentials.” He said, handing Jack a folder.

Jack opened the folder and scanned the list as Hammond walked away. He furrowed his brow and looked up, shaking his head. “What?!” he yelled. “No way!” he chased after the retreating Hammond. “You can’t have Walter! General!”

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