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my perspective on a time travel harry fic with various crossovers, to boot

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disclaimer: i do not own the harry potter or stargate franchises
Author's Chapter Notes:

So, maybe you've been reading a fic or two and you have an awesome idea for it but the author decided not to use it. Here is your chance. You don't have to write an entire story. All you have to do is write one scene that brings your idea into the story and go from there. Have a tech you want to introduce? Go ahead. Pick a character and enjoy.

Authors note: The time lines from these different works will be off from their originals, as I am too lazy to look up all the appropriate dates and times. Over the fic there will be several crossovers, and somehow I will make this work even if it kills me, but I will not go into microscopic detail for the descriptions of Harry's early life and schooling, it will just take up too much space. This has been written in bits and pieces over like 15 months, so there will be spots where it seems like different authors have written it. It is also un- beta'ed so there will be mistakes.

Arvada kedavra!

The killing curse shot out of the dark lord's wand, hitting Hadrian potter in the forehead but something happened and the spell caused a massive magical explosion killing the dark lord instantly. Days later after the rubble had been cleared from the wreckage of potter manor; Hadrian potter was never found and presumed vaporised in the explosion.

In the year 1926 a small child appeared with a large flash of light in an empty room in potter manor, the magical wave sent out upon his arrival letting the inhabitants of the huge manor know there was something there that shouldn't be.

25 year old Julius potter came rushing through the manor to see what the disturbance was and was shocked to find a young child radiating huge amounts of power lying on the floor of an empty room. He quickly went and picked the child up only then noticing the child appearance. He had silky jet black hair which was slightly messy, and when the child was picked up he opened his eyes to see a burning emerald green that seemed to glow. Julius potter cast a charm to found out who the child was, his parents, and his age when it came up:

Parents: James charlus potter- Lilith morgana potter nee Evans

Hadrian Julius potter, age 15 months

Julius was confused as he knew that there weren't any potters currently alive named James, as it would have showed up on the family tapestry. He took the child back to his bedroom were his wife dorea potter nee black was sleeping and gently shook her awake. "Dear, this child appeared in one of the empty rooms, and I cast a charm to see who his parents were. It came up James charlus potter as his father, and Lilith morgana potter nee Evans as his mother. His name is Hadrian Julius potter, and he is 15 months old."

"Oh my, we will have to brew a heritage potion for him in the morning to see if he is a blood relation or a powerful muggleborn who somehow used his magic to come here for safety" Said dorea.

"Conjure a crib for him and we will see about taking care of him in the morning" Said Julius.

The next morning when they used the heritage potion they were absolutely shocked. The boy was a time traveller if the results were to be believed, and he was their great grandson. They didn't even have a son yet, and their great grandson was sitting in his crib giggling at them. "What are we going to do? You know we can't send him back to the future, and his parents are dead there anyway" said dorea.

"We can raise him; we have been trying for a baby anyway. We can raise him as a big brother for our own child" said Julius.

"Okay but we will have to go to the ministry and gringotts to adopt him, as he technically doesn't exist. Will we make him the heir?" asked dorea.

"we will have the goblins do a blood test on him to see if he is the heir to any family's, if he is not we will make him the heir to the potter family and blood adopt him" Said Julius.

"You know something don't you?" asked dorea.

"The Evans family was an ancient pureblood family, even older then the potters but they died out over a thousand years ago. Rumour has it that they made an agreement with the goblins that if they continued to pay a large amount of interest on their accounts for 2000 years after the last known legitimate heir passed away, and the vaults weren't claimed the goblins would receive the entire contents. If it is true then there will be BILLIONS of galleons in the vault and I wouldn't be surprised if young harry here is the heir. After all, the heritage potion stated that his mother came from a large group of squibs and the last magical before her still had the last name Evans, so it is plausible that young Hadrian is the heir" explained Julius.

"He will be the lord of the Evans estate; we will have to teach him all of the pureblood etiquette if he wishes to survive the wizenmagot when he reaches his majority" Said dorea.

"Yes but we can worry about that when he is older first we must go to the ministry" said Julius.

They went to the ministry of magic and adopted him, keeping his name the same saying that he is the son of Julius cousin who died recently and they were taking him in. then they went to gringotts and did the blood test after setting up a trust vault for him. He was the heir of the potter, Evans, ravenclaw, marxis and Grindelwald family's, the first 3 lines, besides the potters, have no magical heirs and he is gellert Grindelwald's great, great grandson.

Unfortunately Grindelwald had to be informed of his descendent, but they managed to swear to goblin to secrecy on the fact he was a time traveller. Julius and dorea knew that the man who was rumoured to be a rising dark lord in Germany would want to be part of his only magical family member's life as his only child, a daughter was a squib and was disowned from the family.

5 years later

I had just turned 6 years old, and had a party with my parents (Julius and dorea potter) along with several other people including my grandfather gellert Grindelwald. My parents and grandfather don't get along very well, but they seem to get along best when their discussion concerns me. The agreed to start training me in magic this year! They have given me a potion that will show my power level and any abilities and affinities I have. They said wait until later to take it so I am going to go through the rest of my presents as that was the first thing they had given me.

"Thank you mother, father and grandfather for the potion" I said.

I quickly went over to the pile of presents and opened a small rectangular box about a foot long and an inch wide, it had what looked like a silver wand in it.

"Pick it up Hadrian, it will show us what your magical focus shall be made of and whether it is a wand or a staff. The piece of parchment beneath it will give the exact specifications for its construction aswell as any runes that need to be placed on it" Said my grandfather.

I quickly picked it and almost dropped it when it turned into a nearly 6 and ½ foot tall staff, that seemed to be made of black crystal that shone with a dark inner light. My parents quickly picked up the sheet of parchment and read out:


Inner- tree of death

Middle- mithril 3mm coating

Outer- enchanted black diamond 2mm thick


Dementers' bone

Phoenix blood

Basilisk venom

Crushed basilisk fang

Dragon heartstring

Phoenix tears

Some of the wielder's blood

Shadow phoenix tail feather

The heart string of an ancient demon

Crystalized phoenix fire

Gem foci:

Large blood diamond





Blood bonding (ability to call weapon to self from anywhere on the planet)

The adults looked at me in shock, as the most powerful staff ever made was wielded by merlin and it only had 2 cores, a phoenix feather and some of his blood. They realised I would be extremely powerful when I had reached my maturity.

Soon I had a pile of presents including a toy broomstick, a few learner theory books for the Hogwarts subjects, and a practice wand that could cast everything up to about 5th year level spells.

Grandfather came over and asked me to place 7 drops of blood into the potion then pour it on to the piece of parchment he placed in front of me. I did a he asked and the results were:

Name: Hadrian Julius potter

Magical core: 63984

I.Q.: 210


Transfiguration- prodigy

Charms- prodigy

Battle magic- prodigy

Dark arts- prodigy

Potions- master

Herbology- journeyman

Ancient runes- prodigy

Arithmancy- master

Blood magic- prodigy

Necromancy- prodigy

Rituals- master

Alchemy- prodigy

Enchanting- prodigy

Warding- prodigy

Mind magic- prodigy

Spell crafting- prodigy


Shape shifter

Beast speaker

Natural linguist

Elemental -fire, air, earth, water, lightning

Shadow mage

Mage sight

Natural/instant healing

Photographic memory

Wandless magic

My parents and grandfathers shock was amusing to me as they looked like fish out of water, although I was very excited at having so many affinities and abilities. Grandfather had explained that normally a powerful wizard would have only 1 or 2 minor abilities like parseltongue or a single elemental ability, and 2-3 high level affinities.

I could tell my parents were worried that I had so many natural affinities to dark magic, but grandfather told them as long as I mastered occlumancy before delving to deeply into the arts I could resist the pull of the dark arts like he has. He was the dark lord currently in Europe but my parents had gotten him to sign a contract saying he will cause no harm to the family as long as they don't oppose him and they won't have to join him.

What they didn't know was that I had learned the first 3 years of the Hogwarts curriculum in the potter family library and had mastered wandless magic already. Grandfather was going to take the specifications for my staff to gregorvitch, the man he had gotten his own wand from.

A few minutes later my little brother charlus began crying, he had been born only a few weeks before and would enter his first year at Hogwarts when I was starting my 6th. My parents and grandfather had been arguing for years about which school to send me to: Hogwarts or durmstrang. Grandfather didn't want me near albus Dumbledore who is the transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, and my parents didn't want me so far away during the school year.

5 years later

I had been training with my parents, grandfather and many tutors to become atleast journeyman level in all of my abilities for years, training in the use of my staff so I could handle the power in both of its forms. It could shrink to the size of a wand or remain full sized but when it was shrunken it massively reduced the power it could put out. Grandfather had also trained me in how to use a sword, daggers, throwing knives and muggle pistols, saying "purebloods are idiots if they ignore muggle advancements, so we shall use them to our advantage Hadrian"

Mother had been training me in politics, etiquette and other skills I would need later in life to prove to the purebloods I am one of them she had also taught me how to blend in with muggles, their currency and the political system along with other minor things that will be very helpful in the future. Father had trained me in wizarding and muggle laws, how to do a regulated duel and how to exploit weaknesses others showed.

Most people thought of the potters as a kindly light family, but they are very cruel and cold when the need arises. They haven't been on top of the political scene for 500 hundred years because they are nice to everyone, they are just better at reading people and exploiting their weaknesses.

My little brother had recently turned 5 years old, his birthday was on the 19th of July and he would go through similar training to what I had but only in his affinities and abilities after his sixth birthday.

Soon I would be receiving my acceptance letters into magical schools that are willing to take me, I already know I will get one from Hogwarts as I am the heir to ravenclaw, and grandfather's contacts shall get me accepted into durmstrang.

The letters flew through the window 20 minutes later and I was surprised to see 6 letters all addressed to me with various school crests on them. The ones that caught my eye immediately were Morganas School of magic, and a Japanese school that taught everything, and did so under a time dilation field so I could spend 5 years there in the real world and over 30 in time dilation.

The best thing was that I would only age according to the time flow outside the wards aswell, and there was only 4 students accepted there every year meaning I would get the best education in the world. But the school only ran for 5 years so I would either have to leave school after I had finished at Kanoha School of magic, or attend another school until I reached 17.

"Mother, father I wish to attend the Kanoha School of magic in japan, it has the best curriculum out of the schools that have offered me places, and I believe I will be able to master all of my skills there" I said.

Julius and dorea potter spat what was in their mouths out when they heard the name of the school he had been accepted into. It was easily the best school in the world, and Hadrian would be their most powerful student to date, and would have fully mastered all aspects of magic he could while at the school. The lad was a genius of the highest calibre, and would absorb all knowledge thrown at him.

"That's wonderful harry! I am so proud of you for being accepted into that school. You should send a message to your grandfather; he will wish to speak to you about what you will need for school" Said dorea.

I quickly penned a note and attached it to the family own before sending it off. I already knew grandfather was going to make me do rituals, to make me stronger, faster and other things like better senses and reflexes.

Over the next few days I read over the list of items I would need for Kanoha and waiting for my grandfather to arrive so we could go over the rituals I would be performing.

When he arrived we greeted each other and he said "as a gift for being accepted into the best school in the world I had this crafted for you Hadrian. It was made by the best dwarven crafters on the planet."

He then pulled out a shrunken box and put it on the table before unshrinking it. "Open it Hadrian"

I opened the box only to see a 5 ft. long broadsword, made of black diamond the same as the one on my staff with a mithril hilt and I could tell it was massively enchanted with my mage sight, as it literally glowed like the sun when it was activated.

"Pick up the blade, then cut your palm and drip some blood onto the main gem, it will blood bond to you like your staff aswell as all the enchantments so only you can wield it" he added.

As soon as I picked the blade up it shrunk to fit my body size perfectly, it was currently only about 2 ft. long and much thinner but it was the perfect size for me to use. I quickly followed grandfather's instructions and felt the sword bond to me like my staff had.

"It is enchanted to be very light for its wielder, and you can place spells into the stones on the hilt by casting them on it, crucio!" said his grandfather before enchanting one of the stones with the cruciatus curse.

As I was swinging it around to practice with it, my parents came into the room and said "gellert, Hadrian we have something very important to discuss with the both of you"

They then placed a piece of parchment down on the table; it was a heritage potion for me. I was confused; I knew they weren't my birth parents but that we are closely related, until I read the parchment. I am I time traveller, the shocked gasp coming from grandfather told me he had noticed the dates of birth and deaths the potion had listed.

"Mother, father, how?" I managed to ask.

"We do not know, you appeared in an empty room in the manor on the 31st October 1926, and we have not been able to discover why you have been sent back through time. But don't think that this changes anything between us Hadrian, you are still our son, and I'm sure your grandfather feels the same way" Said Julius.

"yes I agree with your parents Hadrian, while this is shocking you are still family even if it is slightly more distant than first thought, but you are still my grandson in my eyes" said grandfather.

A few minutes later after we had gotten over our shock, we went back to how we always have been, and made plans to go to diagon alley to pick up the supplies I would need for school the next day. I spent the rest of the day getting used to my new sword, and grandfather had also given me a dragon hide sheath that went over my back or around my waist that could also hold my staff in either form.

The next morning my parents, little brother and I got ready and floo'ed to diagon alley, my first trip to the magical shopping district. We quickly went through the leaky cauldron into the back courtyard where father showed me how to open the portal. Our first trip was to gringotts were I was going to claim my inheritance as the lord of the Evans, ravenclaw and marxis family's though we weren't going to go public with my titles until I was ready, and that would most likely be sometime after I had turned 20. About halfway to Gringott's and as I was distracted I walked straight into a pretty girl about my age who had long slightly curly black hair and violet eyes. We both were knocked to the ground, the girl falling on top of me, but she quickly got up when she realised she was straddling me in the middle of diagon alley with a blush on her face.

Before I could say anything a middle aged man came over to me and grabbed my arm them snarled in my face "who do you think you are you little whelp! Knocking my niece over will you! I will show you the might of the greengrass clan should you ever try to touch her again."

He looked like he was about to continue ranting until I smiled sweetly at him and twitched my finger hitting him with a wandless banishing curse. He was knocked off his feet and into the crowd behind him. I smirked at the girl and said "hello I am Hadrian Julius potter it is nice to meet you, may I ask your name?"

The girl looked shocked before smirking and saying "I am Isabella Marcia greengrass, very nice wandless banisher by the way" before walking off.

I turned to look at my parents only to see father smirking at me and mother glaring at the idiot who was still trying to get back to his feet. I smirked back at my father then led them to gringotts were we were taken to the potter account managers office. Father spoke with the goblin about me claiming my inheritance and they brought out several large stacks of parchment and 3 ring boxes with the family rings in them.

An hour later

I shook my sore hand after signing all of those damn pieces of parchment, but atleast I had my inheritance which consisted of several rundown castles and manors, along with nearly 4 billion galleons and many artefacts and books. I had organised to have the Evans castle rebuilt by the dwarves, it would cost me nearly 20 million galleons but it will be about 6 times the size of Hogwarts, and Hogwarts could support 1000 people comfortably. It would take them nearly 2 years to build it though even with magic. I had made sure to have them build a large garage as I had recently discovered muggle cars and wanted a collection of them when I was older.

After our business was done at gringotts we went around the alley to collect supplies and I convinced my parents to let me see if I could get a familiar in the alley. I wanted something that I could send mail with, so I went to look at owls and other birds and was shocked when balls of black and white flames appeared in front of me. A dark and light phoenix appeared then landed on each of my shoulders before biting my ears then there was a flash of magic and I could feel both phoenix's in my head and through my magic, then I realised they were both my familiars. "Can you too go back to potter manor, I wish to surprise my parents" I said unconsciously in their language with my beast speaker skills.

I quickly left the store and found my parents at the robe shop picking up my acromantula silk robes with the potter family crest on them, they were black with red and silver trim. The school didn't have a uniform as there are so little students and we had already picked up any clothes I would need to wear for classes like potions and Herbology.

One thing I was looking forward to doing once I was at school was visiting the marketplace there, the school is near the largest magical trading area in the world and they sell everything you could possibly need, so I was going to pick up all of the alchemy and other items I need. I had a theory on how to make a philosopher's stone, and if it was correct I was going to make two and give one to my parents and the other to grandfather. I would then try and refine the process to actually de-age the drinker of the elixir instead of freezing their age.

My hope was to improve the stone to change the drinker of its elixir to their peak physical, mental and magical condition, including de-aging them. Unfortunately it would take time to get the effect but I am not a prodigy in alchemy for nothing.

We left diagon alley without any more incidents and my parents were eager to meet my familiar as I had told them I had sent my new familiar home.

They were shocked beyond belief when light and dark phoenixes flew into the room and landed on my shoulders. They were brought out of their shock by grandfather entering the room laughing madly. "Dumbledore claims as he has a phoenix that he is light, but his phoenix is aligned to fire and destruction not light. If only the fools knew they were following a man more likely to lead to destruction than I am" Said grandfather.

"What are your names?" I asked the phoenixes.

"We have not been named yet, we were created for you specifically so you get to name us master" said the dark phoenix in a feminine tone.

"Um I heard a rumour that phoenixes could change shape is that true?" I asked.

My response was two beautiful and naked girls standing in front of us. They were about my age if not slightly younger and could be told apart by their features.

The light phoenix had very slightly tanned skin, pale blond hair and bright blue eyes along with beautiful features and she had a pair of pure white feathered wings coming out of her back.

The dark phoenix had very pale skin, very dark black hair, and soft crimson eyes she was just as beautiful as her light counterpart and she had pure black feathered wings coming out of her back.

I quickly conjured robes around them to cover them up before turning to look at my parents and grandfather. They were standing there in stunned silence after the girls had transformed.

"Umm, I didn't know they could do that? I just asked them if a rumour about them being able to change shapes was true and they changed" I said.

"Atleast you had the decency to cover them up, they're probably not used to human culture and the stigma about not wearing clothes. I will try and help them get used to acting like the rest of us around other people; do you think they can retract those wings? They make it very obvious the girls aren't human" said dorea.

"Thank you" said both girls before retracting their wings, both of them blushing slightly when they realised they had just appeared naked in front of a group of people besides their master.

I quickly said "mother do you think we could go clothes shopping for them tomorrow? If they're going to be in human form they're going to need clothes to wear"

"Girls can you do human magic?" asked grandfather.

"Yes, we are bonded to harry so we are as powerful as he is with all of his abilities and affinities, once the bond full matures we shall share a mind link and have his knowledge aswell" explained the light phoenix.

"That is great, we can take the girls shopping in a few days' time" said dorea.

I then led the girls to my suite of rooms in the manor, and said "girls I shall name the light phoenix Rowena and the dark phoenix morgana. Do you like the names?"

"Yes master I like my name" said morgana and Rowena nodded with her.

"Why do you call me master?" I asked the girls.

"We are your servants sent by magic herself to serve you, our master, in any way you desire whether it be as a messenger or as your lover. You can never make us hate you, and we shall always be there for you" said Rowena.

I blushed when the next thought came to mind. "If we become lovers can I get you pregnant?" I asked making both girls blush slightly before Rowena said "yes master we are capable of bearing you children, but if they are female they will bond to you the same as we have and you will be expected to claim them when they are of age."

I grinned at the two girls while several fantasies went through my head. I then said "I am attending Kanoha School of magic soon and it operates under a time dilation field. You will have to stay in your phoenix forms while there, as I do not want anyone I do not trust to know you can change forms. We will spend 5 years under time dilation to one year in the real world, so if you will need anything before we leave it is best if you tell me now."

"Yes master but we intend to share your bed even if you do not claim us straight away, we are your to do with as you wish" said morgana.

The two girls then stripped naked and crawled into my bed, so I stripped and joined them. We all crawled under the covers and the girls cuddled into my sides and fell asleep. My last thought before I joined them was ‘I could get used to this...'

The next few weeks went by quickly besides Isabella Greengrass's father offering my father a marriage contract between us, which I told him to accept as I could feel from our first meeting our magic was highly compatible for a bond to form. We were contracted to marry by her 17th birthday which is the 24th august 1942, 6 years from now. I will be joining Hogwarts for my 6th year the year before as Kanoha only runs for 5 years, and even though I will have the best education in the world I will still need to get to know my social peers and it will be nice to spend a lot of time with Isabella. Charlus will also begin Hogwarts when I start my sixth year, so mother and father were much happier about my choice of schools as I would be able to watch over him.

Grandfather was upset that I wanted to go to Hogwarts, but I managed to convince him that by the time I started Hogwarts he would have no chance of touching me, and he would have difficulty beating me now at 11. Grandfather agreed under the condition that I duel him and his 10 best lieutenants before I started till I was the only one left standing.

Grandfather made sure I had done any rituals he deemed necessary before I left for school which included making me able to lift 500kg easily and move extremely fast, along with my reflexes and senses being enhanced to handle my new strength and speed.

(an: an 11 year old capable of lifting 500 kg will be someone capable of lifting several tons when fully grown even without rituals to help so he will be insanely strong later in the fic but has excellent control over his strength)

Soon the day where I would portkey to Kanoha arrived, my parents, grandfather, saw me off, and I was mildly surprised to get a goodbye kiss from Isabella, my betrothed. I had Rowena and morgana in their phoenix forms sitting on each shoulder when the portkey activated throwing us across the world in the matter of a second, making morgana slightly grumpy which she proved by pecking the teacher waiting for us at the landing site on the forehead.

"Hello my name is Adam wells and I am one of the defence instructors at the school here. I am going to lead you to the headmaster's office where you will be assigned an advisor according to your talents and affinities, along with your power level to make sure you reach your full potential while you are here." Said an average man who's looked so average you wouldn't notice him in a crowd, even if he was the only person in the crowd.

I gave him a look of disdain to see what his reaction would be and he flushed in anger and pulled his wand out, only for me to wandlessy disarm him and hit him with a binding curse. "Now, we really should go to meet the headmaster, if you would lead the way? I may even release you when we get there." I said before pushing the man slightly so he got the hint to move.

He started walking off while regularly shooting death glares at me over his shoulder, making me snicker at him and soon we reached an office that clearly stated ‘Antonio venguri' and ‘headmasters office' on the door. I knocked on the door politely and a man's voice called "enter"

I opened the door and kicked my captive inside before entering myself and looked on in amusement as the headmaster looked at the bound form of one of his teacher's then fell off his chair laughing. "You tried to hex him didn't you?" asked the headmaster.

"He was looking at me like I was a bug on the bottom of his shoe! I was just going to teach the little brat some manners, how was I supposed to know he can do wandless magic?" said Adam.

"It was a test you fool; I'm not going to be taught by someone I can beat with my eyes closed." I said to him making him flush red again.

"Adam you really should read the reports handed to you about the new students, do you really think lord Grindelwald's grandson is going to be anything but the best of the best in skill for his age?" said the headmaster to the bound man making him go pale for a moment then flush even further in embarrassment.

I just gave an inquisitive look to the headmaster non-verbally asking him how he knew who my grandfather was. "Ah young Hadrian, come sit down, you may call me Antonio, none of that headmaster rubbish that other schools demand. By the way I only know of your grandfather because he made contact with me after you were accepted to give us an overview of your skills and where you need work to master them. Now we will have to test you ourselves, but they are rather easy to complete until you reach the appropriate level that you are on for the subject" Said Antonio.

"but first we will need you to drop 7 drops of blood into this bowl, it has drops of blood from every adviser at the academy and will appoint the best one for you according to how well your blood reacts to theirs, usually both of you will have similar power levels and affinities but as you are easily the most powerful wizard alive, and are literally a prodigy of magic we will have to see who will be paired with you" Explained Antonio.

I quickly complied and saw flashed of different people go across the top of the bowl until it settled in a beautiful red headed elf woman. She had long shining red hair, elegant features and pale blue-green eyes. Antonio grinned when he saw the image then said "you will really enjoy having the young maiden as your advisor; you are her first student to guide. You will have adjoining quarters with her so you can have easier access to her if you have any questions about anything. Now we need to fill out what subjects you will be doing while you attend here, you will only spend the entire 5 year period under time dilation if you pick all of them, as they are time consuming to learn, here is the list just tick the box next to the classes you wish to take"

Physical fitness

Hand to hand combat/martial arts

Muggle weaponry

Muggle sciences


Magical construction



Care of magical creatures





Magical Defence





Dark arts

Blood magic

Soul magic




Spell crafting

Weapon forging

Foci crafting


Battle magic


Mind magic

Weapons (swords, bows, staves etc...)

Sex magic

I quickly ticked off all of the options and handed the sheet back to Antonio, who had banished the tied up man from the room while I had been distracted. He grinned when he saw I had selected everything and said "you will have a very busy time here, but just let me explain the sex magic part. You will be assigned a slave to keep and to practice the magic with, unless you manage to bind one of the females on campus as your slave. Usually we only get the male students to sign up for it, but this year only you and the female students have signed up. There are always two girls and two boys in each year, and it would vastly improve the quality of the lessons if you bound one of your school mates."

"Speaking from experience Antonio?" I asked.

He just grinned then yelled "Linda!" causing a beautiful Asian woman to come into the room through a hidden door then bows in front of Antonio.

"You called master?" said Linda.

"harry this is Linda, well it's her name now as I couldn't be fucked to remember her name in the ancient dialect of Chinese it was in, all I know is she is the only daughter of some ancient pureblood Chinese family, and was a complete stuck up bitch because of it. I changed her mind really quickly when I made her my pet. The girls in for your year are an American pureblood whose father runs magical Vegas, and a full veela who reminds me a lot of Linda here when she first arrived, you have until the first lesson in sex magic to decide, because the binding will not work if they are not virgins" Said Antonio.

"Thank you I will keep that in mind, are we finished here? I wish to get unpacked" I said.

"Yes of course, Linda show Mr Potter to his new rooms, then come straight back here" instructed Antonio.

So that is how my education at the Kanoha school of magic began, I was instantly the best student in the school, and quickly mastered everything that was shown to me. By the first lesson in sex magic I had claimed and bound Gabriella venturi, only daughter of mafia don Carlo venturi, and my student advisor Galadriel. She was a high elf and over 3000 years old, so I was slightly shocked when I discovered she had never been intimate with anybody before though with both bonds where mate bonds instead of slave bonds like Linda's.

So my first year in real time at the school passed quickly, with me mastering several branches of magic fully, and catching up on the new branches to atleast a journeyman level. I had mastered weapons fighting, transfiguration, battle magic, dark arts and muggle sciences. I had visited potter manor during the Christmas holidays and had been tested extensively by father and grandfather in my schooling and they had been very impressed with my progress. I had also claimed Isabella, morgana and Rowena, binding the marriage contract permanently, so she will be my wife and the two phoenixes as my mates.

So here I am, getting ready to travel back home for the summer and planning on spending most of it with my girls, except when grandfather would demand to test me again, along with father. That is basically how the next 4/20 years of my life went until I had graduated from Kanoha with masteries in every subject taught there, the highest grades anyone had ever received from the school.

Over the years I had grown to my full height of 6ft 9in, and I was very highly muscled from the rituals and physical classes I took at school, along with another ritual so my muscle mass would never degenerate past a certain point, which was about what I am currently at. I would never have to work out to keep my muscles, and they would not keep growing and growing because they can't weaken at all.

I travelled home from the school for the last time only to meet my grandfather grinning evilly at me with a portkey in his hand.

"Hadrian morph your body so you are unrecognizable, we are going to the dark keep where you will be tested by myself and my 10 best lieutenants. Do not forget your weapons, as I have told them they are to aim to kill, and you have the same privileges. They think you are a powerful enemy I have tricked into coming into the dark keep so your challenge is to get out alive after beating myself and the lieutenants" Said grandfather.

I quickly morphed my body down from my 6ft 9in frame to about 6ft 2' and much less muscled, with light grey hair, large scar across one eye and burning blue eyes. I then placed powerful glamour's over my sword and wand/staff to hide what they are made of.

"Very good Hadrian now take hold" said grandfather.

I grabbed the portkey and as soon as we landed I was attacked from every direction by powerful curses. I dropped to the ground instinctively then pulled my wand out and casting a concussion wave hex knocking them all of their feet. I started conjuring large metal spikes then banishing them through the shoulders of the men but someone managed to hit the floor next to me with an explosion hex sending me stumbling.

I quickly righted myself and hit the man in the chest with a overpowered banisher blasting him across the room in to the wall behind him, and had to pull out my sword to block the swing grandfather took at my exposed back. We battled with our blades for several moments before I wandlessy stunned him then cast an area stunning spell taking out the remaining 5 people.

I then disillusioned myself and silenced my body, along with scent removal charms before slowly sneaking out of the castle, having to cut the throats of several men when they were in my way. Slightly more than an hour later when I was right in front of the front gates an alarm went off, they must have found one of the bodies or the battle scene in the room before. I quickly tried to sprint through the gates but they slammed shut before I could escape.

I considered blasting a hole in the fortress wall but grandfather would be upset if I put a hole in his impenetrable fortress. So I quickly rushed back up through the old castle until I reached the roof and used my air elemental abilities to literally fly off the castle walls into the distance. I then apparated back to potter manor and went to have a shower to clean the blood and muck of myself after that ordeal.

After I was showered I went back into my bedroom only to find Isabella lying naked in my bed with a sexy grin on her face. "Come on harry, it's been several months since you fucked me baby, come on!" said Isabella as she rolled over and started wagging her gorgeous ass and pussy at me.

I quickly dropped the towel I had been wearing and walked up behind her, running my hands over her body before gently rubbing her tits. She moaned loudly when I started rolling and pinching her nipples in between my fingers, then slid my hand down her belly and started rubbing her pussy.

She started grinding her ass back against my now hard cock causing us both to moan so I slowly started fingering her tight pussy with one finger before gently adding another and building up pace. Soon she was moaning loudly and reached an orgasm.

"Lie on you back harry it's your turn now" said Bella.

I did as she asked and she crawled up my body before taking my 10 inch cock in her mouth slowly swirling her tongue around the tip making me moan loudly. She continued swirling her tongue as she began bobbing her head up and down my length slowly until she had 6 inches of my cock in her mouth.

I was shocked when she relaxed her throat muscles and took my entire length in her throat, but the pleasure I was in drove the thought from my mind. Soon I came in her mouth and watched her pull away from my cock only to open her mouth and show me my load sitting on her tongue before she visibly swallowed it.

I pulled her up to my chest and after a wandless cleaning charm kissed her passionately. I positioned my cock at her sopping wet entrance and she slowly sank down on my member bringing out large moans of delight from both of us. When she was fully sheathed on my cock I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth while grasping her hips and gently bouncing her on my member.

Neither of us noticed my little brother was in my walk in closet watching us, until he let out a little squeak when Bella was fully on my cock. We both shot apart and I threw a wandless stunner at him knocking him out.

Bella quickly put on one of my shirts from my open trunk, and I put on a pair of pants. I quickly opened the closet door only to see my little brother lying on the ground. I quickly woke him up and said "charlus! What the hell are you doing in there you little pervert, you better hope Bella doesn't want to take revenge on you for ruining our evening" I said, making him go very pale and stammer out "I'm sorry! I wanted to talk to you when you got home but you got straight in the shower then I heard someone coming into your room so I hid in your closet, I didn't mean to see you two..."

"fine charlus I believe you but next time don't come into my room, wait outside and knock on the door if you want to speak to me" I said to him, trying to hide my frustration at being interrupted shagging my betrothed.

"Yes big brother!" he said before running out of the room. I quickly hit the door with several powerful wards then grabbed Bella around the waist and threw her back onto my bed.

I banished the clothing we had thrown on and entered her again making her moan loudly, several minutes of rapid thrusting and we orgasmed together.

"Oh god Hadrian I love you, but if your brother ever interrupts us again I'm going to kill him. Atleast you have your priorities straight, shag your girl first then deal with your brother" said Isabella.

I smiled down at my betrothed just as Rowena and morgana flashed in with Gabriella and Galadriel. The all stripped naked and jumped into the bed with me, I just grinned at them knowing I was in for a long night.

The next morning I was woken up by Rowena falling off the bed and shrieking loudly when a creepy looking house elf popped into the room. The elf was quickly stunned bound and portkeyed into the manor dungeons by the wards, much to my amusement. The elf must have belonged to a family the potters have been in major conflict with before for the wards to react so violently to its presence.

The girls and I quickly got dressed for the day and walked down to breakfast, charlus kept blushing bright red every time he glanced at Isabella until she got annoyed with him and hit him with a stinging hex. Father just looked amused then asked "he saw you welcome harry home didn't he Isabella?"

"Yes the little pervert was hiding in harrys closet watching us, we only knew he was there because he made a noise, if he ever try's to watch again he will regret it" said Isabella while smiling evilly at charlus.

"Father the wards have collected a house elf this morning when it popped into our bedroom, I'm assuming it is in an elf proof cell in the dungeons. It looked really creepy so I'm making a guess it belongs to the blacks, most of them seem to have an odd fascination with things that are better left alone" I said.

"Yes, the elf might have been kreacher, he was only very young the last time I saw him, but he was always a very odd elf. He is more of a pureblood fanatic then my niece walburga is" said dorea.

"We should go see what he wants, I don't want Pollux accusing us of murdering his house elf" said Julius.

The group finished breakfast and went down to the dungeon only to hear the high pitched screaming of a house elf. They all rushed down the stairs further into the dungeons only to see the house elf being thrown around the cell after it tried to blast its way out and the wards retaliated.

The elf froze when it saw us, and then bowed to mother, father, Isabella and myself before saying "lords and ladies potter and Evans I have been sent to invite you to a summer ball in honour of Orion black being accepted into Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry"

I sighed, how did they find out about me being Lord Evans? Unless it is just the house elf knowing of my title and not informing its master. "We accept the invitation to attend the summer ball, where is it being held and what date is it?" asked mother, as she was a black she was expected along with her family to attend events like this.

"The ball will be held at the black manor in wales on the 12th august starting at 7pm in the evening my lady" said the elf.

"Thank you kreacher you may leave now" said mother.

"you would think that they would have realised that every magical human that is slightly more powerful than a squib gets accepted into Hogwarts every year, we should announce Hadrian's graduation from Kanoha there to show them a real prodigy of magic" said Julius.

"oh yes father I really want to be swamped with a bunch of unwashed and inbred purebloods challenging me to duels and tests to try and prove they are better than me, and the first time one of them dies I'd be in Azkaban before I could say fuck" I said with a slight grin on my face.

"Maybe not the best idea then?" said Julius with a sheepish grin on his face.

"father just try and behave when we are there, I do not want to duel any lords because you insulted them and you are too drunk to do it yourself" I said, mocking him slightly because he started a fight several years ago during a Christmas party and was too drunk to walk straight so I had to duel lord Parkinson, the inbred idiot. I cast 3 stunners and the idiot didn't even move he just stood there and tried to shield from them, using a shield that only takes one hit.

"Alright enough of that, what do you have planned for today harry?" asked mother.

"I was going to go to the castle and check up on my labs to see if my experiments are finished, the elves should have completed all of the instructions by now and I will have a prototype for a philosopher's stone" I said.

Mother and father just looked at me in shock, they had no idea I was advance enough with alchemy to create a philosopher's stone. "What do you mean prototype?" asked father.

"Currently it should only produce the elixir of life, I'm not going to include the gold feature, but I'm going to try and change the elixir of life so that it changes the body to the best physical, mental and magical state it can reach when it is drunk, and it should de-age someone to their physical peak age" I said.

My parents and the others just looked at me in shock again so I grinned at them, kissed my girls goodbye and apparated to Evans castle. I quickly went to the dungeons were my labs are and checked on my experiments and discovered the stones had become what I had described the finished product to be, and I already had 20 of them made! I was ecstatic. I picked up 2 of them then took them back to potter manor and told the group what had happened, and gave one of the stones to my parents. When they tried to protest I told them I had another 18 back at the castle, and this one in my hand was for grandfather.

I asked Rowena to go get grandfather, and as she is a light phoenix the fire travel will irritate him severely due to all of the dark magic he uses. Two minutes later he was standing in front of me cursing loudly in German until I stuffed the stone I had created into his mouth. The others stood there in shock as he literally dropped years from his body rapidly until a 21 year old gellert Grindelwald stood in front of us.

"What are you all staring at? And what was that stone you put in my mouth? It creates the most delicious liquid. Seriously what are you staring at?" asked grandfather.

I conjured a full body mirror in front of him and said "that was a modified philosopher's stone, and it just changed you intro the peak physical, mental and magical state grandfather"

He was staring into the mirror in shock, he was young again! Then his grandson's words hit him. The lad had made a modified philosopher's stone and it had de-aged him by 40 years.

The group besides me weren't expecting him to start cackling madly, but as I had spent so much time with him I knew he only did this when he was really happy. He started dancing around the room until the girls giggling got his attention and he rapidly straightened up then smiled widely and hugged me.

"Thank you Hadrian, you have no ideas what this means to an old man" said grandfather.

I smirked at him and said "your welcome grandfather, I have several other things I am designing that you may like later"

After that I spent the rest of the summer with my girls, doing experiments or helping Isabella fill up the castles library with books on every type of magic from novice to mastery level. We had made many trips to the Japanese marketplace, I had made a magical translator for my family to wear around their necks so they could speak and understand every known language, and we had bought a lot of things for the castle like suits of armour, tapestries, furniture and other things needed.

On the 12th of august my parents, charlus, Isabella and myself got ready to leave for the ball being hosted at black manor. I knew many of the pureblood heirs would try to challenge me for Isabella's hand in marriage, but the contract was sealed by our bonding so it is impossible to break. She looked beautiful in a dark blue dress and her hair had been curled slightly at the ends. I was wearing acromantula dress robes in black, with silver and red trim.

We portkeyed into the entrance hall of the manor only to see someone else doing it at the same time on the other side of the hall and fall over, before they could get up another group portkeyed on top of them. I was trying hard not to laugh at the Malfoy's, the ones on the bottom and the macnair's, the ones on the top.

They quickly separated themselves to the giggling of the people in the entrance hall; all of them had foul looks on their faces. There was a small blond boy with them who looked to be about 11 whom I guessed was abraxas Malfoy.

We walked into the ball room where there were chairs and tables set up around the edges of the large room and father led us up near the front of the room where members of the black family were sitting. We took seats near Arcturus black, mother's older brother and probably the nicest black currently alive, besides his son Marcus black.

The evening was spent dancing for about an hour until the first idiot decided to challenge my right to be with Isabella. "Potter! What makes you think a squib like you is allowed to touch such a beautiful lady, let her go before you get hurt!" said a stupid looking teenager who could only be a flint.

"She is my betrothed fool, so leave now while you still have all of your appendages attached" I said to the idiot. Unfortunately for him he is too thick to take a hint.

"How dare you try and claim a squib is the betrothed to a pureblood witch! I challenge to a duel squib! To the death, the winner takes her hand in marriage" said Brian flint.

"I accept, what are your terms?" I said in an emotionless voice, but in the inside I was seething in rage that this fool thought he could try and touch one of MY girl's.

"If the head of clan black shall allow it, we shall use a duelling room in the manor, to the death, no seconds and winner takes all of the others holding. If I win Isabella will be mine, if you win the clan flint will give all of its wealth and assets to you, do you accept these terms squib?"

"Yes I accept these terms, I want an oath from your head of house that he will comply with your terms if you lose and I shall give you an oath of the same" I said.

The head of clan flint came forward with an arrogant smirk on his face and swore the oath; I only let the viscous grin form on my face after the duel had been accepted by magic, meaning there was no backing out. By the look on flints face he realised something wasn't right here but was too stupid to realise he had just destroyed his clan.

A young half dwarf by the name of filius flitwick, who had recently won the world duelling championship, was going to be judging the match. He called for us to take our positions then shouted "BEGIN!"

Flint pulled his wand out sloppily and fired off a reductor, but I just moved to the side slightly before using my elemental ability to conjure a fist sized ball of condensed white flames in my hand and threw it across the room hitting flint straight in the chest. There was a huge flash of light and an explosion, and when everybody gained their sight back they stared at the 12 foot in diameter, crater in the duelling platform where flint was standing a minute ago.

The stone platform had been reduced to melted slag from the intense heat of the fireball; it had completely incinerated Brian flint. There shocked gazes moved back to me and they realised I hadn't even used a wand, and that I was a fire elemental. The head of clan flint looked furious but his oath compelled him to sign the contract a goblin had somehow placed in front of him in blood transferring all assets, properties and vaults that clan flint owns to me.

Nobody was brave enough to challenge me after the duel, so I spent the rest of the evening dancing with Isabella occasionally talking with a few of the people in the room like filius flitwick who would be doing his charms apprenticeship at Hogwarts for the next 2 years and be the assistant professor. We met up with Isabella's parents who we talked to for several minutes; her father looking at me with a proud look in his eye, knowing that he had chosen a good man to betroth his daughter to.

Abraxas Malfoy had taken to stalking me after he had seen my duel saying I was a "super cool guy" and wanted me to teach him how to do that. I told him when he can cast fiend fyre wandlessly and walk through the flames unscathed I would teach it to him; I just hope nobody is near him when the idiot kills himself trying.

The last 3 weeks before school started again was spent lazing around with the girls, stirring up charlus with horror stories about what happens to first years, and building things in my labs. I had built a broomstick that had a top speed of 312 m/ph. and could go from 0-100 m/ph. in 4 seconds. The enchantments were done in a language I had created while at Kanoha, and it was so complex that unless you are a beast master and a genius, you can't even begin to understand it, and it is magically and physically impossible to crack.

Several other things I had built were extremely powerful golems that could use magic from the earth, but they were very time consuming to build. The good news was that I could order one to build more of them as they don't need sleep or food.

Finally the day for our first trip to Hogwarts arrived and I was sitting at the breakfast table telling charlus he would have to get past the giant squid, and depending on whether you fought it, hugged it, tried to study it, or tried to trick it was how you got sorted into the houses, and why the squid was so ugly, after all he would be ugly too if he had 1000 years of battle scars. Father was sitting on the other side of the table softly snickering at charlus' horrified look.

We finished breakfast then I kicked charlus to make him go get his trunk, and we floo'ed to platform 9 and ¾. When we got there I stepped to the side in time to watch charlus go shooting out of the fireplace and take the legs out from under a really fat man with a walrus moustache. I recognised him when he got back to his feet as Horace slughhorn, the potions professor at Hogwarts and head of slytherin house.

"Oh dear boy! Are you alright? I'm sorry for standing in front of the floo like that but I don't realise just how close I was" said the man.

"It is fine professor, charlus is just a little clumsy coming out of the floo" I told him.

I pulled charlus away from slughhorn before he could say anything else and whispered in his ear "it is a little early to be knocking people off their feet with your potter charm especially the professor's charlus!"

He blushed and asked "was that a professor?"

"Professor Horace slughhorn, potions professor and head of slytherin house" I told him as we walked over to our parents who were waiting with the Greengrass's. The Greengrass's only son Adrian was starting Hogwarts this year with charlus, and Isabella walked over and kissed me when she saw me.

We shared some small talk, as the houses had been allied when the contract between Isabella and me had been sealed so our families were quite friendly with each other. Soon it was 10:30 so we got on the train, the two new first years following Bella and me like lost puppies.

We walked past a compartment with several other first years in it so I opened the door and said "would any of you mind having my little brother, and my betrothed's little brother join you in here?"

"Sure! They can sit in here what is your name by the way?" said a little girl with bright red hair and freckles.

"I am Hadrian Julius potter, this is my betrothed Isabella Marcia greengrass and our little brothers, charlus Lucian potter and Adrian Sebastian greengrass" I said to the group who then introduced themselves as "Minerva McGonagall, Amelia bones, Edward bones, Daedalus diggle and Samuel zabini."

I quickly pushed the two boys into the compartment and locked the door before they could try and follow us again, I had a suspicion charlus had told Adrian what he had seen Bella and I doing at the start of summer and the little pervs wanted to watch again.

We went and found an empty compartment and I sat down on one of the benches, Bella sat in my lap. We just cuddled for several minute until several girls came into the compartment and started staring at our seating arrangements guessed they must be Bella's friends, Maria turpin, Ashley Goldstein, Samantha abbot and jasmine spinet.

"So this is your betrothed Isabella?" asked Maria.

"Yes this is harry, my betrothed, harry these are Maria, Ashley, Samantha and jasmine" said Bella.

We spent the last 15 minutes or so until the train left for Hogwarts talking to each other and getting to know each other slightly. About 5 minutes before the train was due to leave a first year boy came to the compartment door and asked timidly "can I sit here? Everywhere else is full"

"Sure you can sit here, but several compartments down there should be one full of first years if you want to sit with them" said Maria.

"Here is fine thank you, by the way my name is tom riddle, who are you?" said tom.

Something about how the boy was acting was telling me not to trust him, and I sent the message through our bond to Bella. She agreed that there was something wrong with the boy, but we figured that it wasn't their problem.

"My name is Maria, that's Ashley, Samantha, jasmine, Isabella and Hadrian" said Marcia while pointing out the appropriate people. The boy started asking questions about Hogwarts and magic in general, and we eventually discovered he had been dumped in an orphanage when his mother died giving birth to him.

When we reached Hogwarts professor Dumbledore was at the platform waiting for me, as no one had told me what to do when I got to the school. He led me up to the first carriage and we got in together, I could feel the old bastard trying to use legitimancy on me but my occlumancy shields are set up so a probe slides straight off them and it seems to the legimens that they can't find my mind.

When we reached the castle, Dumbledore had made some small talk about the castle and the houses, preaching about how good Gryffindor is compared to the other house subtly. He led me into the great hall and said "you will be the last student sorted as you are a transfer, so please stay at the back of the hall here until you are called."

I moved against the wall and cast a powerful notice-me-not charm when he wasn't looking and he turned back around about to say something to me only to notice I was gone from his view. He probably thought I was under an invisibility cloak or something.

As I waited the older students came into the hall and sat at their house tables, Isabella sitting at the ravenclaw table. I was either going to be a raven or a slytherin, but I would prefer to be with my betrothed then a bunch of inbred purebloods.

Soon Dumbledore led the first years into the hall, pulling a small lump of wood out of his pocket before throwing it onto the platform where the sorting hat would normally sit and transfiguring it into a 3 legged stool, but I hit it with a wandless spell to make it melt once it was fully formed. Normally that happens with powerful transfigurations when the caster mind was drifting while casting the spell and you don't have a firm image of the results in mind.

Most of the slytherin table laughed at Dumbledore, but he quickly waved his wand and conjured a stool then vanished the mess from the previous one. He started calling out the first year names to get sorted until he reached:

"Potter, charlus!"

Charlus quickly walked up to the stool and sat down only to sit there for nearly 3 minutes with a slightly strained look on his face leading me to believe he was arguing with the hat. Finally the hat called out "RAVENCLAW"

I clapped along with everyone else even though they couldn't see me and several of the students from the ravenclaw and hufflepuff tables sitting near me were throwing fearful glances at the invisible person clapping. Eventually the first years were sorted and Dumbledore cleared his throat before saying "this year we have a student coming to Hogwarts after completing his training at another school. He shall be entering his sixth year this year, may I be the first to welcome Hadrian potter to Hogwarts!"

As soon as he said my name I dropped the charm and strode up to the sorting hat before putting it on.

"Now what do we have here? Oh my, such talent, such power, and a time traveller to boot! You potters can never make life easy for an old hat can you? You're going to be even more stubborn then your brother. Oh, heir of ravenclaw are you? Well that makes it easy then and 2 founder's heirs in one sorting, riddle for slytherin and potter for ravenclaw...." Rambled the hat before it shouted "RAVENCLAW"

I was mildly surprised that riddle was slytherins heir but now I recognised the feeling I had around him. The ravenclaw family cursed the slytherin line to madness and deformities until muggle blood was introduced into their line, unfortunately the line had been cursed for so long that the madness would eventually overtake riddle, like it has his ancestors. I will have to watch him in the future; we don't need another pureblood fanatic masquerading as a dark lord going around.

I was sitting next to Bella with charlus on my other side when dinner appeared, distracting charlus long enough for me to hit him with a wandless hex which drew a fake moustache and monocle on his face in bright orange paint. The girl sitting across the table from him started giggling at charlus, and he thought he had done something funny without noticing so started giggling too.

Over the course of dinner I hit several people in the hall with spells including transfiguring Dumbledore into an old goat with his beard and glasses the same.

After dinner I went with Bella up to the ravenclaw tower, we were both leading the first years, as Bella was a prefect. She was giving them a quick tour of the school like the library, and some of the classrooms so they would have some landmarks to help them find their way in the school.

Soon we reached the door to the common room were Bella said the password, ‘venomous tantacula'. As she is my betrothed and I am lord ravenclaw she could have just ordered the door to open and it would, along with every other door in the castle. Rowena ravenclaw had placed the original wards so any of her descendants gain some privileges in the castle.

We told the students to wait in the common room in the morning and we would lead them to breakfast and their classes for the first few days until they knew where all of the rooms are. After we had finished Bella led me up into the prefect rooms where I would be sharing a room with her.

Over the next two years my time at Hogwarts was quite boring, one of the few highlights was my wedding to Bella on the 4th august 1942, when we had returned to Hogwarts for our 7th year as Mr and Mrs Potter, there were more than a few jealous glares being thrown at both of us. Drusilla Umbridge even tried to use a love potion on me, but the notion was quickly crushed by Bella challenging her to a duel and the foolish girl's gutted corpse hanging from the wall of the duelling room they used.

I noticed Dumbledore kept throwing worried glances at me and Bella, and more than once the fool tried to use legitimancy on us until I used it back on him and left him unconscious in the middle of the Halloween feast. At the end of the year Bella and I passed our Newts with outstanding's in every subject and we moved into Evans castle.

We are currently trying to decide what to do with our lives, and I blatantly refuse to announce my title of Lord Evans. I had decided I wanted to do some curse breaking in Egypt, I had a feeling I would discover something interesting there. I signed on for an excavation team through gringotts, and I am bringing my girls with me to the site. We are trying to locate a temple to the Egyptian god Osiris; there have been rumours of a gate from ancient texts that can open portals to other worlds is buried there.

We were going to portkey into Cairo, then meet up with the head of the expedition. I had my sword in a smaller form attached to my back as it is still a commonly used weapon in Egypt, with several handguns and knives on my body, the girls wearing something similar, with a normal trunk full of more powerful weapons like machine guns, rifles and shotguns. There had been nasty rumours of desert tribes attacking excavation sites near where we are going over the last few years.

We met up with the excavation team which was being led by archaeologist Professor Paul Langford, with his daughter Catherine. We were going to be travelling by train until we reached near the site; transport has been arranged in the form of camels and a few jeeps. While on the train the girls and I talked to Catherine about the expedition, and found out the god Osiris was supposedly entombed under our dig site, and a relic that can supposedly take you to another world was buried nearby.

When we had finally reached the campsite we set up our gear for the night and went to sleep. I could feel something that was very powerful buried under the sand, and it seemed to radiate magical energy. I'd say it would probably measure about 400 on the power scale. Most wizards and witches only measured about 100-200, someone like grandfather or Dumbledore might measure about 350-500. Merlin was rumored to measure 1200 on the scale, while myself and my bonded measure in at 63894, and I am the most powerful being in the universe.

The next morning we began digging, while I subtly leading them down to the power source I could feel. It took us 3 weeks to dig far enough down to reach the power source and we were amazed to find a giant ring made of a metal the dwarves call inuelyyum, it is so rare that there is only a handful of pieces on the entire planet, but this ring which had about 25 feet diameter was made up of it entirely. Next to the ring was a pedestal with symbols on it, like buttons, the pedestal hard a slot in it and I assumed it was for a power source or something similar, while the ring was interesting, it was assumed by the rest of the excavation that it was what we had been looking for.

After we had checked the room thoroughly the items started getting packed up to get shipped off to America to be studied. The girls and I picked up several items to take with us as souvenirs; I picked up a jar that had the Egyptian glyphs for containment and punishment on it. There was something alive in the container so I was going to take it back to England and research it. There was another container the exact same but whatever in it had died when the seal on the container had broken but I picked it up anyway, the jars weren't being sealed by magic and technology from the era wouldn't be able to contain whatever was in the jar for 3000 years and keep it alive.

After all the findings had been packed up we went and collected our payments from Langford, we got 5% of the profits among ourselves, and from the look of some of that stuff we are talking about atleast 200,000 pounds. We portkeyed back to Evans castle soon after and I immediately started doing test on the thing in the jar. After a few days I discovered it could speak after I had let it out of the jar and it had tried to jump into my neck, a wandless cruciatus had dissuaded it immediately though. It spoke in a language that was very similar to parseltongue, and it was claiming to be the god Osiris. Wondering what the fuck was going on I talked to it.

"What are you?" I asked.

"I am Osiris! Mighty god fool human, bow down before me or suffer an eternity in hell!" said Osiris in an arrogantly superior tone.

"Grr, what species are you, where did you come from, are there more of you?" I asked while hitting it with small doses of the cruciatus.

The snake shut up then explained in a superior tone that he is a Goa'uld; they can take hosts of sentient species, and their really advanced technology. He then demanded I give him my body, so I reintroduced him to pain therapy. Eventually the stupid thing told me it needed a special tank built with an electrical current running through it or it would die.

Over several weeks I got it to explain it culture to me, along with telling me about a small transport that he had hidden in Egypt in case it was ever needed. I portkeyed to Egypt and followed the goa'uld's instructions and found the ship, activating it and flying it back to Evans castle parking it in a hangar I had built for planes. Eventually I and the girls got a basic understanding of the science behind the ship, but it would be very difficult to reverse engineer any of it with the muggles current level of technology.

But it was enough for me to decide to start a muggle company called Evans-potter industries, and would have the company create and manufacture everything from new medicine to cars. I hired a large group of squibs and made them sign blood oaths to never betray the company, always follow an order given by their boss (only harry and his bonded can give orders) or try to harm it or its owner in anyway (selling company secrets, stopping them from using any knowledge gained from their employment to either build something without permission or start their own company), then had them buy large amounts of land and hire people. Less than 2 years after the company opened it was one of the largest companies in the world, with nearly 750,000 employees. I had given 10%shares of the company to my parents and grandfather each so they would never have to worry about money again.

Then the shit hit the fan with the muggles world war, Hitler was killed and less than a month later grandfather had been challenged to a duel by Dumbledore. I knew Dumbledore had the elder wand, the supposedly unbeatable wand so grandfather would most likely end up in nurmengard; well it would seem like that to everyone except us. As soon as he was left alone hidden parsel wards I had placed would switch him with a clone then portkey him to Evans castle.

The duel would take place on October 31st 1945; I was going to watch while invisible, as I didn't trust Dumbledore not to just kill grandfather afterwards.

I was waiting at the area the duel was agreed to occur, grandfather standing on one side waiting for Dumbledore; I was off to the side watching. There were several other people watching under disillusionment charms and invisibility cloaks. When dumbles arrived he strode forward arrogantly, the black wood of the elder wand shining in his hand. ‘Hehe deal with this you old fool' I thought as I burnt the core out on his wand, leaving it as little more than a shiny stick. Dumbledore went to use the wand to cast a sonorous charm but all it did was catch on fire much to my and grandfathers amusement. He was staring at the elder wand in shock as it burned like a candle until he dropped it and pulled out his own wand.

The next thing the crowd knew was spells flying back and forth, Dumbledore had been hit with a permanent debilitating curse that slows ones movement speed by 30% unless the caster or a more powerful wizard casts the counter, as dumbles and grandfather are the same power level and dumbles is arrogant enough to think they are the most powerful he will most likely be stuck with the curse for the rest of his life.

Grandfather was slightly injured aswell, having taken a cutting curse to the lower leg it reduced his mobility but he was still going strong until Dumbledore pulled out a muggle pistol and shot grandfather in the stomach taken him down. I quickly replaced him with a clone before Dumbledore could get too close, the clone an exact replica of grandfather, it even had fake copies of some of his memories and personality while it would register having the exact same magical core as gellert Grindelwald, even though it can't actually cast magic itself. I smirked as Dumbledore started gloating to the clone then portkeyed them to nurmengard.

I apparated back to the castle and went to the infirmary where grandfather was being treated by the castles healers. I gave him a cup of elixir which he drunk down quickly and it healed him instantly.

"Did albus fall for the trick?" asked grandfather.

"Yes he didn't even notice your image flicker for a moment while I replaced you with the clone; he's probably ranting at it in nurmengard right now. Arrogant fool" I said.

"I love how you burnt out the core on the elder wand, the look on his face when he walked up then tried to use it was hilarious, it was so hard not to burst out laughing at him" said grandfather.

"What are you going to do now grandfather?" I asked.

"I don't know, I wonder what albus would do if he got a teachers application from me to teach at Hogwarts?" asked grandfather.

"He would probably have an aneurism" I said with a smirk on my face.

"Ha-ha, I'm tempted to try now... no I was going to try my hand at wand crafting actually, it was something I learned in my youth, and I would like to continue the trade" Said grandfather.

"Hmm, I have been thinking about building a completely magical village nearby, as diagon alley is a shit hole to put it nicely, and we would need a wand crafter. Would you be willing to make custom wands for a higher price?" I asked.

"Yes I would, but if you're going to build a town on your lands you will have to claim your lordship in the wizenmagot, or the ministry will try and take over running the town" said grandfather.

"Ah, now I want to help renovate diagon..." I said. I truly didn't want to have to deal with the wizenmagot, as I was the lord of a thought dead line I will be hounded by purebloods trying to trick me, and create alliances that might sound good on paper but are more of a liability when you're actually in need of help than anything.

"Hadrian you will have to claim your lordship sooner or later, it is better to get it over with now, especially if you announce the town to be built to encourage prosperity after the ‘defeat of dark lord Grindelwald' it will put you in good public lighting. Besides diagon alley really is a mess, having a place where the higher quality shops can be separated from low quality shops, and you can control what is being sold in terms of dark arts books and items. Oh! And you can charge a tax for anyone doing business on your lands, offer gringotts an exception and they might even build a new branch here!" said grandfather excitedly.

"Okay you have me sold but we are going to have to change your looks a bit otherwise dumbles will recognise you from when you were younger, or you can claim to be a muggle born who was taught the craft by a man who found you as a child or something..." I said.

"I like the lost child plan, it will allow me to freak Dumbledore out whenever I see him" said grandfather before laughing madly.

"I'll go into the wizenmagot next week and announce my lordship, what are you going to do about the Grindelwald estate? The ministry is going to try and seize your vaults" I said.

"it's all taken care off, as soon as my defeat was announced the goblins ‘confiscated' my vaults and for a small fee put all of the money under the name of Herman Belton" said grandfather.

"okay I will go to gringotts tomorrow and organise with them to send the proof of my claim to the ministry for the next wizenmagot meeting and I will claim my lordship, then I will organise to have the town built and business and residents to move in after signing a contract to trade fairly, no discrimination and other rubbish like that in the town" I said.

"Very good Hadrian, now let an old man sleep, it is getting late" said grandfather.

"You have the body and mind of a 21 year old grandfather, your just a wimp" I said before running out of the infirmary where the healers where making grandfather sleep for the night to make sure he is fine. I didn't bother hiding my conversation from them as they are under oaths never to reveal anything they discover in the castle without my permission or betray their lord as are every human who works for him or lives on his lands.

Over the next week I prepared to announce to the world that I am Lord Evans, and to take my family seat on the wizenmagot. When the day finally came I was slightly nervous at going in front of the body of people who control magical Britain, hoping that I don't make a fool of myself.

I floo'ed to the ministry in formal wizenmagot robes and took the lift down to the meeting room, I walked in with the rest of the crowd not drawing any attention to myself until I sat down in the Evans seat. Everyone stopped and stared at me waiting for the chair to throw me across the room like it has for every other person to sit in it for 1500 years including albus Dumbledore, but it flashed and accepted me as its rightful occupant.

That brought muttering to the hall, but it was quickly silenced by Tiberius Odgen, the chief warlock walking into the room and taking his seat.

"Today I wish to welcome lord Hadrian Evans-potter to the wizenmagot meeting, and welcome his prestigious family back into this body. Today we will start the meeting with several announcements, Lord Evans-potter would you like to do your announcement first?"

"Thank you, I wish to announce to this body that after the dark lords defeat I wish to build a completely magical town on my lands for magical beings to live and work in. I wish to promote prosperity among the magical beings after this terrible war, any and all people are welcome to enquire about the town if you would contact the goblin nation, they will pass on your enquiries to myself" I said in a silky voice making everyone in the room hang on my words, and gained me loud applause for my idea of helping the magical population recover after the war.

Dumbledore was glaring angrily at me, as for the last week everyone had been putting him in the spotlight for ending the war, and now I had stolen it with plans to help the magical community recover from the war. I have a feeling Dumbledore is not all there in the head, and will do something really stupid in the future.

After the meeting had finished and I had given several speeches on why some of the pieces of bigoted legislation and laws shouldn't be passed as they will hinder the growth and recovery of our nation. I probably scored points with the werewolves and goblins by getting the new laws restricting them further thrown out.

Several pureblood fanatics like the head of clan black were throwing me dirty looks at the end of the meeting but I just shrugged them off, they are fools and will be the downfall of the wizarding world if things are not changed.

After the meeting I was in the spotlight both in the wizenmagot and media giving interviews and getting shops to move from their shabby stores on diagon alley into my new town I still hadn't named. Soon the town had 15,000 occupants, and as the town was on the edge of my property, all of the actual homes and businesses were off my original land and on land I had bought specifically for the town. The town could grow until it had 150,000 inhabitants before I would have to see about more land so everything was fine, and I was charging 4% trade tax on all purchases made in the town for its upkeep, and maintenance.

Grandfather's wand store had soon become labelled as the best place for wands in the world and he had to take on several apprentices that would later work in the store with him to keep up with the demand for custom wands. The reason they were in such high demand was because they made spells more powerful, and used less of the casters magic. I had him go over my staff and make some upgrades and he added a few more cores after we did the test again and it said for the staff to be fully complete I need to add several powerful items like powdered arch demon horn.

I had even gotten the dwarves to open up several shops along with the goblins building a gringotts branch the town was rapidly becoming the centre of the magical world. The ministry even wanted to move their building to the town to make it easier on the magical people to access it, and turn diagon alley into a travel centre with only the basic necessity stores like clothing stores.

But then the shit hit the fan again, as in January of 1946 people were getting petrified at Hogwarts, and the teachers were doing nothing to fix the problem. Charlus had already been pulled out of Hogwarts along with many other students after two weeks of the teachers ignoring the problem. Charlus was now being taught by me, father, grandfather and my mates what he would need to know to pass his owls, and as it was 1 on 1 teaching he rapidly went through the curriculum until he could pass his newts by the end of the school year.

About 3 weeks before the end of the Hogwarts 45-46 school year a muggleborn student was killed by whatever had been petrifying the students. I was in the wizenmagot the next day lobbying that the school be closed down until the threat had been dealt with, as it should have been when the first attack happened. The only reason it stayed open was because Dumbledore kept saying everything was fine and the issue was being dealt with, and he was still attempting to keep Hogwarts open now which was destroying his support bases quicker than fiend fyre.

The school was ordered closed by the wizenmagot until it was deemed safe by the ICW for students to return. I volunteered to lead a party of curse breakers into the castle to see if they could locate whatever was attacking the students. Dumbledore's protests were now being ignored as he was basically telling them he was condoning the attacks on the muggleborn.

The next day I led a group of goblin, dwarven and human curse breakers into Hogwarts, it took us less than an hour to locate a heavily warded hidden entrance on the second floor in the bath room where the girl was killed. It was warded by parsel magic so I quickly undid the wards before activating the enchantments on the hole in the floor to make a stairway. When we reached the bottom we saw a huge snakeskin. I was staring at it and hissed "basilisk!"

"Damn thing must be over 50 feet long from this skin and we have no idea how long it has been down here for" said one of the goblins.

"This is most likely the entrance to the fabled chamber of secrets built by Salazar slytherin himself, and the basilisk is his pet" I said.

"Do you want to get back up to deal with this? Or go kill it now before it can escape. Basilisks are very intelligent and if it flees it could destroy hogsmeade in a matter of minutes" said a dwarf.

"I'll deal with this" I said before pulling out my sword and wand and walking further into the chamber. I saw a large metal door with snakes carved into it and hissed "open" at it. The large door opened so I stepped through only to see a large cavern with statues of snakes everywhere and a huge statue of Salazar slytherin on the other side of the chamber. I closed the door behind me before resizing my staff and summoning the basilisk through the statue of slytherin killing it instantly. I cast a spell to render it down into usable parts and placed them in my expanded trunk, making sure to get a good view so I could take a photo of the full basilisk in my pensive later.

I then turned around and opened the door to the chamber to see all of the curse breakers trying to open the door, but they all paused in shock when they saw what was left of the dead basilisk and the destroyed back wall.

"What the hell did you do to it?" asked one of the humans in awe.

"I summoned it through the wall, it died from its skull being crushed and I rendered it down into useable parts. But the statue of slytherin is ruined and from where the chamber is sitting I would say it is a support beam for the castle above so we will need to check it for stability before anyone comes back" I explained to the group.

Over the next few weeks while the school was being repaired, I was being heralded as the basilisk slayer in the newspaper, and I was given any books and artefacts found in slytherins chambers because I killed the monster within. One of the items I got was a journal that belonged to one T.M.Riddle. I had a feeling the little bastard had been using the basilisk to try and ‘cleanse' the castle from the impure and lost control of it, or is already going insane from the family curse. I will have to watch him to make sure he doesn't gain too much power, but the boy will most likely have most of the slytherins following him like lost puppies if they know he is a parselmouth.

Dippet had been fired for not performing his duties as headmaster and protecting the school, Dumbledore as deputy was made headmaster, but unknown to him he was being watched heavily by the ministry and board of governors. I was still gaining supporters in the wizenmagot and good public image from my actions to help after the war and to save Hogwarts, then by offering to pay for the entire castle to be refurbished and repaired of any damage gained me more support from the public. The money wasn't even noticed as I was making several thousand galleons a day atleast just from the trading tax in the town let alone my own company in the muggle world which was raking in several hundred million pounds every year.

4 years later

It was now the time for the minister of magic to be elected and I was being asked by everyone to run for minister, not only would I be the youngest minister of magic by atleast 20 years ever, I would be the first competent minister in 150 years. I was seriously considering running for the position, especially because I could improve the ministry to be able to deal with another dark lord if they ever popped up.

I gave my decision to the public in a press conference the next day.

"thank you everyone for coming today, I would just like to say after all of the public support I have received over the last month, and urgings to run for minister I have decided to run. I leave it in the hands of the good people of magical Britain to choose the best candidate, I just hope that If am chosen that I will be able to bring this nation back to the pinnacle of the magical world it used to be in ages past instead of ministers and their staff looking out for their own interests instead of the interests of the people, the interests of the nation!" I said while trying to hide a smirk. These people were too easy to manipulate, even though I am running for the people, this is just a stepping stone for my plans in the future.

The loud cheers from the crowd rattled the windows in the shops on the sides of the main street of magicis city. I know it is only magic city in Latin but the people named the town not me, but it was fitting.

The new ministry building, a large building done in welcoming colours was at the north end of the main street with the new magical hospital at the south end. The city had expanded to 75,000 inhabitants from all over the world, and the massively powerful non-violence wards and anti-theft wards made this a very happy and safe place for honest workers.

The election would be held in 2 months' time, so I had some time to gain some more support and get used to the idea of having an actual job, instead of tinkering in my labs. Over the next few months I will be doing speeches about what my aim as minister will be, along with what I will focus the ministry on accomplishing during my tenure as minister.

I had also expanded my company Evans&potter industries to a world-wide market and we have made several break throughs with science and medicine. We are now the largest and best technology and medical company in the world. The company had become the highest quality manufacturers of everything, including cars, clothes, alcohol, technology, and the newest division of the company: weapons.

I always carried one of the companies latest model pistols on me, they are extremely accurate and can switch between semi auto and automatic fire with a clip of 25 miniature bullets made with a special gun powder so they are just as deadly as normal bullets.

I have been keeping an eye on riddle with the help of Rowena and morgana, and the little bastard is making horcruxes. Every time he makes one Rowena cries tears onto the object and it banishes the dark soul from the object. So far we have destroyed the diary we found in the chamber after scanning it for dark magic, the resurrection stone from the deathly hallows, and we believe he is looking for slytherins locket and hufflepuff cup.

Riddle will most likely become a dark lord in the future, but he doesn't understand he is but a pawn in the game that I, father and grandfather are playing with the world. When he comes back as a dark lord the potter and Evans families will be at the front of the fight against him, we shall let him cause terror for a while then we will crush him. The public shall see us as saviours, even more so than they did Dumbledore after he ‘defeated' Grindelwald as we are actively building good public opinion of us.

The votes had just finished being counted for the new minister of magic; I could see the happy glint in Tiberius' eye. "Ladies and gentlemen! The new minster of magic is Hadrian Evans-potter! Come up on stage Hadrian."

I smiled at the crowd to hide the large smirk on my lips, the people had landslide for the ‘revolutionary genius' to be minister, for me to take them out of the dark ages and enlighten them, so I shall and I will take them kicking and screaming if I have to.

"Thank you everyone who voted for me, I can hardly believe you all have such high trusts in me. It is a humbling moment I assure you, to be standing here in front of all of you with the weight of this lands future now on my shoulders, but I shall wear it with pride so I may make the future brighter for everyone. Starting tomorrow morning I shall be going through every ministry department and making sure we have only the best people doing jobs, only the most honest and caring in charge of our country's present and future. Good evening everybody and I hope you have picked well by voting me in as minister" I said to the large crowd to get loud roars of approval back in response.

I can see Dumbledore standing off on the side of the room with a calculative look in his eyes, but the old fool doesn't know who he is dealing with. He may play his games but he is no better off in this world then riddle, an unknowing pawn to be moved and sacrificed so the king, his queen and his knights may rule.

The next several years were spent cleaning out the ministry, making it more efficient, we even managed to get the budget so well organised that we had extra money to refurbish the fountain in the lobby to appear as a council of equal races, something I hope to implement in the future.

Then the rumours of a young man calling himself lord voldemort began appearing in foreign press, the murders, disapearances and the uprising of dark creatures. The fool boy riddle was trying to start a war without purpose, and now we must prepare.

"Good evening everyone, I am here to speak to you about the rumours of a new dark lord rising in Eastern Europe. I know it is quite soon after Grindelwald fell but we must be prepared for war if it comes to it again. I will not allow this country to fall because we did not believe the rumours; we will hold strong, increase auror training and amount of recruits, along with hit wizards training. I wish to form teams of 12 men who will be trained as a new Special Tactics and Assault Group or S.T.A.G for short, of the DMLE, to hit them enemy hard then retreat before the enemy can retaliate. I know this might seem extreme but Grindelwald took over most of Europe with poorly trained troops. I wish to assign master auror moody as the training sergeant for the auror recruits; the man is a powerful dueller and one of the few who has met Grindelwald in battle and come back alive." I said to the large group of people in my private conference room, there was all the heads of departments, chief aurors, hit wizards, unspeakables and several wizenmagot members.

"Does anyone have any problems with my outline?" I asked.

Everyone in the room nodded to what I was saying, the last war had taken too many lives of innocents because they were unprepared for the war, so they would take the threat of a new dark lord extremely seriously.

Riddle wouldn't know what hit him if he ever attacked Britain, he would be expecting poorly trained aurors, and not battle hardened soldiers. "Thank you everyone, if you have any more suggestions for our preparation, please leave it written down in detail with my secretary" I added.

"Minister! May I speak to you for a moment?" said abraxas Malfoy.

"Mr Malfoy what can I do for you this evening?" I asked looking at the man wondering how he managed to sneak into my conference room.

"I wish to speak to you about the new measures being taken, I have it on good authority that it is just rumours being made by some of Grindelwald's supporters still at large, and they are trying to make us paranoid about an attack. I believe instead of wasting all of the money on aurors we won't need we should invest more in getting ministry control over magicis city, I have a donation here to help along the way" said abraxas Malfoy.

I couldn't believe how stupid this guy is, he is trying to bribe the owner of magicis city AND the minister of magic to do something illegal in a very obvious way, and he is also an obvious supporter of riddle as he is trying to stop us implementing the new auror scheme.

"master auror moody arrest this man for being an idiot, attempting to bribe the minister of magic, attempting to steal land and property from an ancient and noble lord and for being a supporter of a known dark lord" I said calmly when I noticed moody under an invisibility cloak.

"Yes sir!" yelled moody before he stunned and bound Malfoy and hauled him to the holding cells for interrogation. The man was stupid enough to try and bribe moody when he woke up and was promptly stunned again while another count of attempting to bribe a ministry official was added to his charge list.

They gave him truth serum and he told them all about riddle being the heir of slytherin and killing the girl at Hogwarts with the basilisk, killing his muggle father and insane uncle along with several other people while trying to gain relics of the founders. About his plans to rid the world of muggles, muggle borns and half-bloods so only purebloods were left and his obsession with immortality even going so far as to split his soul.

There was an immediate execution order placed on out tom marvalo riddle a.k.a lord voldemort for multiple counts of murder and using the darkest magic known to man in splitting his soul. I ordered he be kissed by dementers then both the dementers and his body put through the veil in the DOM. I had a feeling it would be years before riddle was actually caught but it will make him paranoid about everything, and that will make him sloppy.

It was now 1959, and I have been serving as minister for 10 years already. I just got great news from my mates though; it seems I've finally gotten them pregnant; the bad news is that ALL of them are pregnant. The wizarding world knows about my mates, as it is common for powerful wizards to have multiple wives because their magic amps up their sex drive by several magnitudes above normal persons. I'm going to be in for a rough 9 months, and their all due at the same time aswell, middle of March of 1960.

There all girls aswell, Bella is having twin girls, Gabriella is having one baby, Rowena and morgana say they're both pregnant with triplets and Galadriel is only having one baby but I can already guess what she will look like, Her mother's clone with my eyes. I get the odd feeling I should name her Lilith morgana Evans potter, but I will deal with that in 9 months.

Charlus has recently gotten married to a pretty muggle born witch name dawn venins, she has blond hair and bright blue eyes that sparkle mischievously, and she is pregnant aswell. Charlus is already planning on calling the baby James Hadrian potter, even if it is a girl. I managed to talk him out of that as if it is a girl he might scar the poor child for life.

I'm glad when magicis city was being built I got them to build proper roads, as I'm currently driving through the city in my newest car a 1959 model mercedes-benz roadster. It was something I enjoyed doing just to relax sometimes and to see how well the city is developing. I will need to build on more land soon though the city is currently supporting 145000 people and it is starting to get cramped, but luckily there is several hundred kilometres of free land off on the other side of the city I haven't let anyone build on. It's my plan to use it when the city has reached its limits so I will have to begin construction soon.

I'm going to build a branch of Evans&potter industries in the new section of the city, I have recently got muggle technology to work around magic and I think the people might enjoy televisions and muggle radios. The magical branches of the company will sell muggle items along with things like new racing brooms, enchanted items and other things that are difficult to come by normally like bulk potions but I will be implementing a new legislation within the ministry to purchase the more powerful enchanted items, or bulk potions people will be required to get the appropriate permits from the ministry to make sure people don't abuse the service.

13th march 1960

I'm in the castle medical wing with all of ladies; Isabella is on the bed about to give birth to her twin daughters. I was really excited about being a father, and the magical world were excited aswell after almost literally elevating the Evans and potter families to royalty. Father had become the chief warlock of the wizenmagot, beating Dumbledore after I gave a speech on how Dumbledore may have defeated Grindelwald but that does not make him a good leader, just a good and sly warrior. Dumbledore had also been trying to get his people into high positions in the ministry like chief of aurors, members of the ministerial staff, and other departments but most of them were incompetent at best.

He tried to run for the British representative in the ICW position but I rail-roaded him right into a wall with that one and got Bella's father into the position. The feeling that Dumbledore would try something stupid started getting stronger the closer it came time for the girls to give birth, so I had given all of my girls powerful portkey necklaces that can blast through wards any other person could put up.

1 month later

I had barely gotten any sleep over the last month, because as soon as one baby started crying it set the others off. The babies were Monica and Michelle Evans-potter from Bella, Elizabeth Evans-potter from Gabriella, Lilith morgana Evans potter from Galadriel, Jessica, jasmine and Marie Evans-potter from Rowena, Alicia, Katherine and Ashley Evans-potter from morgana.

Dumbledore had been requesting to see the children but I had told him no, they are not a public attraction. We have sent photos of them to the daily prophet aswell as witch weekly magazine, something that has only started in the last few years.

11 years later, 1st September 1971

The girls are starting Hogwarts today, unfortunately Dumbledore is still the headmaster but I gave him a warning that if he tries anything I will have him in Azkaban before he can say anything. He has always been shifty around the girls and I seriously do not trust the man, grandfather even offered to ‘break out' of nurmengard and Avada him for me.

The girls had necklaces that will warn them if there are any potions in their drinks or food and will negate any compulsion charms or mind control spells that hit them. I wear one aswell only it will tell me if they are in danger as an added bonus. I made it compulsory to wear such a necklace if you work in the ministry or government, and many other people are buying them from Evans&potter industries.

The quiditch world cup is being sponsored by us next year so it will happen in magicis city; I built a huge stadium for performance's and sporting events. The city had rapidly grow over the last 10 years until it has over 600,000 inhabitants, many people working for my company or the local shops who buy supplies from my company. They don't realise it but they are completely dependent on my family for their food, clothes and other items. We don't make them ourselves but we supply over 75% of the raw materials and if we ever cut them off the economy would crash.

I had done a lot over my 20 years so far as minister of magic, many treaties' with the other nations, and magical races. I implemented my scheme for the council of races, then the change in the wizenmagot so people are voted onto it by the public, people who will do well for the community instead of hereditary seats. Most of the purebloods who opposed the scheme were banned from shopping the magicis city by the shop owners to make them give in which was quite amusing but the pubs enjoyed the business of feeding every pureblood during meal times because food stores wouldn't sell them anything, and they are too stupid to go to a muggle food store.

Now the wizenmagot has a leader for each race on the council and 10 council members in total for each race, they meet every 2 weeks to discuss new laws, revoking old laws, and how to make the world a better place.

We just entered the platform for the train and were bombarded with people saying hello to me, and children talking to the girls. I'm a bit worried that some children will only want to know my daughters because they are the minister's daughters, chief warlock's granddaughters, and the nieces of the head of the DMLE. Charlus had been promoted recently after an issue with some of voldemorts followers that caused a few casualties for the ‘death eaters' as riddle named his followers. One of the casualties was Lucius Malfoy, the only son of abraxas Malfoy, he was only 17 when he got hit in the back with a killing curse from his father when the fool panicked and didn't look where he was aiming.

Charlus was near the train with his wife and their son James Harrison potter, changed slightly after I convinced him not to name his child after me. They waved us over so we quickly made our way to them.

"Hello girls are you excited to be starting Hogwarts this year?" asked dawn.

"Yes auntie! Were really excited" said lily.

"I hope you lot don't give you teachers too much trouble with pranks, especially after your father gave you that map girls" said dawn, causing all of the girls to smile innocently, the perfect image of innocent little angels.

"Hey, I am going to be the prank king at Hogwarts, Not them!" said James loudly causing all 10 girls to turn around and cast wandless spells at him. It's hard to explain what he now is exactly besides a bright blue singing moose which is farting lightning every few minutes.

I burst out laughing at James as did charlus and the girls for a few moments, before I waved my hand and removed all the charms on him. The girls all had several of my abilities so far like wandless magic, shape shifting and instant healing, but if they bond with me they will gain the same abilities, power and affinities as I have.

James just grumbled for a few minutes before quickly saying goodbye to his parents and getting on the train. The girls hugged me and their mother's goodbye before following James onto the train, probably to tease him, but he is a prankster at heart so he will try and get revenge on them, and fail miserably.

Just then I saw Orion black come onto the platform with his wife, who is also his second cousin, and their children Sirius Orion black, and his younger brother regulus. By the look of glee of Sirius's face I'm guessing he is starting Hogwarts this year, so I cast a small compulsion on him to join James in his compartment for the journey to school. We went back to the castle for the night and I returned to work the next morning, my plans for the ministry are almost complete.

Dumbledore had been a right pain in the ass since he had defeated Grindelwald, as he had a small following of people and they are always singing his praises and inflating his ego so every few months he pops into the ministry and tried to tell me how I should be doing my job. Eventually he got so bad with it I told him if he shows up again without an appointment and a valid reason for the appointment I will have him arrested for harassment.

I think Dumbledore is starting to realise that he is only a school headmaster to the world, and only his few followers care what he has to say about everything. He is still arrogant though he hides it well, and apparently he has been going to visit his ‘old friend' Grindelwald to rant at the clone in the cell which has taken the habit of laughing at him and mocking him every chance it gets.

October 31st 1981

A prophecy had been made 2 years ago about a child born at the end of July capable of killing voldemort, but as the seer that gave the prophecy had never shown any signs of the gift before that night, nobody besides Dumbledore and voldemort took it seriously.

About two hours ago I was alerted to voldemorts plans to attack James and his wife because they fit the part speaking about the parents of his supposed defeater in the prophecy. Voldemort had apparated to James and his wife Helen potter nee abbot in their small house in godrics hollow, As soon as he entered the wards around the property I appaparated in and AK'ed him in the back, killing him instantly.

Apparently the little worm Pettigrew that had taken to following James, Sirius and Remus around in Hogwarts had joined the death eaters, and had told the dark lord where James lived after following him home from work one night. I quickly sent my patronus, a phoenix, to the auror department and alerted them to the death of riddle, and that peter Pettigrew had committed treason against his country by joining a known terrorist organisation.

"Uncle harry?" called out James voice from the house.

"Don't worry I just got rid of the neighbourhood dark lord, he was coming to visit you this evening. Your little stalker Pettigrew found out where you lived and thought it would be a good idea to sic the dark lord on you, the aurors should be here soon to verify riddles death, you might want to upgrade your wards aswell as they didn't slow this incompetent idiot down in the slightest" I said and watched in amusement as he steadily got paler and paler until he looked like a ghost.

"R-right uncle, I'll get right on the wards problem. What's going to happen to Pettigrew?" James stammered.

"He will be questioned then executed for treason against Britain, as all British citizens who are deatheaters will be. This country shall not put up with people like them thinking they are better than the rest of us because they are purebloods or wealthy, and thus allowed to murder and rape people that they deem ‘lower' than them" I said.

Just then several pops of apparition were heard and mad eye moody called out "lord Evans, is that the body of the target?"

"Aye mad eye, that's voldemort, downed him with a killing curse. I recommend after verifying the body to send it through the veil, the bastard was playing with some very nasty soul magic and might still be alive in some manner, but the veil will drag his soul to the dead even if it is split" I told the aurors who gave me a grateful look and mad eye said, "thanks lord Evans, you know this will be all over the papers in the morning right?"

"of course, minister fudge will be using this to try and make himself more popular, I heard that's he still goes red in the face every time someone compares him to me" I said with a smirk making mad eye laugh loudly.

"alright lads, bag the body and report back to DMLE headquarters for debriefing, we have the witness's account and now we just need to verify the body and were good for the night" called mad eye before apparating away, presumably to start lodging the paperwork and organise for the body to be I.D'.

8 months later

We just had a breakthrough with the old Goa'uld ship in the hangar, and have cracked nearly all of the technology on the ship. I have already ordered all of our computer, security, weapons and various other divisions of Evans&potter industries to start designing new products only for company use using this technology, our discovery being safe from other companies and government agencies as all employment contracts are magically binding saying that no company secrets can be disclosed to non-employees, or employees without proper authorisation, and all company buildings have been warded personally by either myself or one of my bonded which now includes all of my daughters.

I opened a new division of the company, the space division and ordered them to design rockets and ships capable of lifting satellites and parts of space stations into orbit for the former, and travelling to other planets in a reasonable amount of time for the latter. Many researchers were assigned to learn all they can about the technology, and then improve it to the best of their ability's.

The space division would be relatively public in their actions, like satellites and spaces stations but I plan to keep our work on interplanetary craft a secret for as long as possible, as governments worldwide will try to demand the technology from us.

From the results I have seen so far the scientist will have a lot to show from the research and experiments in 10 years, they have already massively reduced the technology's power consumption while keeping it working at its peak proficiency. Apparently Goa'uld never heard of improving technology, as from what I have seen most of their tech, while advanced, is rather crudely designed.

One of the best creations from their technology was a replicator capable to creating anything and everything as long as it can scan some of the substance beforehand, and it can even replicate magical items exactly with all of their properties perfectly intact and powered.

So far we have the replicators building parts for machines to be assembled by construction bots, like have them replicate a car engine in perfect working condition, and different serial numbers being stamped onto them after being made so it's less obvious that their exact copies of each other.

One of the major issues with replicators is that if there is a fault in the original, all the copies will have the fault aswell so I am having multiple scanners go over all the items tagged for duplication regularly to find any faults so we can remove them.

I have several replicators being used by myself and the girls, copying vast amounts of magical items and placing them in shrunken trunks around our necks, like basilisk venom, re'em blood, and parts of a nundu as there are supposedly only 6 of the beasts left on the planet, and their parts can sell for literally millions of galleons.

We are collecting all of the magical items we can as a lot of the really rare items like basilisk venom are getting harder and harder to find as many of the creatures have been hunted to extinction for their parts.

2 years later

Today Evans&potter industries officially launch its first satellite into orbit, and we have decided to name it Zeus 01. The satellite will be used to transmit phone calls, internet, television and many other things all across the planet, and later on it will be our relay to other satellite's we are planning to place all over the galaxy when we get a working fleet of ships. The satellite can also scan the planet and surrounding system with its powerful sensors, along with powerful cameras to record anything interesting that it is ordered to look for.

Currently our ship designs have been massively upgraded from the Goa'uld technology, and from what I could glean from Osiris Goa'uld are very arrogant and will have made very little progress in the technology over the last 5000 years since he has been imprisoned along with the cloaking tech Osiris claims to have created if there is a fight between us we will likely win, if not we will atleast know in what areas we need to improve our ships. I made sure that there is many powerful ion cannons all over then planet capable of taking down a Goa'uld ha'tac in one shot, just in case they ever decide to return to earth to see what is happening with the ‘Tau'ri', all of the massive anti-ship turrets are under powerful concealing wards to stop everyone from seeing them along with any ships from sensing them with their scanners, but I am not sure as to how well they will hold up against a race like the asgard.

3 years later

Over the last 3 years our space technology has been improved vastly, and we are now ready to launch our first full sized ship based on our own designs. The ship is 32 km long and 12km wide, standing at nearly 6km tall. The ship can support a full crew of 400,000 people, including bridge crew, engineers, and pilots for the star fighters and other roles such as cooking, along with the colonists. This first ship will be the Evans-potter family's first step into the galaxy.

The ship is being sent to a nearby solar system with 4 liveable planets, where the ship is to colonize the worlds, and prepare for more ships to come within the year.

Another interesting occurrence is that Dumbledore has finally snapped in my opinion, and has hired a man named Severus snape to teach at Hogwarts. I personally dislike the man as he stalked my daughters when they at Hogwarts, and took them hitting him with an exploding hex to the balls to make him stop. Luckily when Dumbledore tried to have them arrested they presented a large amount of evidence via memories and a pensive of how many times that had caught him following them and the many warnings he had received.

James thinks it has something to do with how snape hates our family after the exploding hex incident, and James son is due to start Hogwarts in 4 years' time. I just told him to teach Michael how to cast an exploding hex and tell him to remove the rest of snape's manhood if the situation warrants it.

(an. People are going to ask about the star gates, but I'll just say that Osiris is not telling and harry was so excited about the ship the odd ring they found at the dig site has slipped his mind but it will come up later in the story, mwauhahahaha lol)

4 years later

(an. Anyone wondering about why no one seems to notice or care that people in their older years look like they are only 21 all of them except for harry and his girls and Herman wear glamour charms to hide their young age)

It is currently the 12th of august 1991, Herman's birthday. We are at a small restaurant in London celebrating his 110th birthday, though were keeping that quiet to the muggles as Herman looks like he is 21.

After we had sung Herman happy birthday the guest began speaking amongst themselves, the guest including the entire Evans-potter family, the potter family and the greengrass family, meaning Bella's parents, Adrian and his wife and their 11 year old daughter daphne.

"So Michael, daphne, are you excited about going to Hogwarts?" asked Bella.

"Yes, auntie Bella, I'm really excited, I hope I get into ravenclaw. How about you mikey?" asked daphne, while giggling at the face Michael pulled at the nickname.

What they didn't notice was a family of 3 sitting on the next table listening to the conversation about Hogwarts, or the 11 year old girl looking like she was trying to refrain from interrogating them about Hogwarts.

"Daphne! Don't call me that! Anyway I'm going to be a Gryffindor like dad, not a nerd like you and be sorted into ravenclaw" said Michael loudly, causing James to give him a big smile and charlus to say "there is nothing wrong with being a ravenclaw, I was sorted into ravenclaw just like your grandmother and mother were"

Michael just looked sheepish and said "sorry, dads been drilling getting sorted into Gryffindor into my head so I can annoy professor snape the most"

I just smirked at the conversation before saying "if you can prank professor Dumbledore by the end of the year I will give you the latest model racing broom the guys at the lab come up with for your birthday"

"Harry! Don't encourage him, besides after what the girls put him through he will be wary of everyone related to a potter" said dawn.

Bella smirked and said "I don't blame him, harry had pranked him before he was sorted by making the chair he conjured for the sorting dissolve in front of the great hall, then turned the old goat into a goat"

Everyone laughed a bit at that. While the bushy headed girl had a constipated look on her face at the next table after mocking a man her books say is the greatest wizard in the world. (Books are always biased by the writer, even if it's barely noticeable, they just can't help adding their own thoughts to things sometimes, unless it's a science textbook or something like that.)

The girl slowly got up and said to the group "excuse me but I couldn't help but overhear you talking about Hogwarts, and your opinions on professor Dumbledore, why do you speak so badly of such a great man?"

"What makes you think that albus Dumbledore is a great man, miss..?" said Julius. He also discreetly put up a ward to hide their discussion as he had a feeling it would get quite heated.

"Granger, Hermione Granger. It says so it greatest wizards of the 19th century (Dumbledore was born somewhere around 1880), and it claims he is the most powerful wizard in the world" said hermione.

Julius snorted in amusement and said "that book hasn't been updated in 90 years, he may have been regarded as a powerful wizard back then but all he is now is an old man losing his edge. I'm surprised they even let him keep his job at Hogwarts after the mess in '46 with the petrification's and that muggleborn girl getting killed"

Hermione paled at the last piece of information and stammered out "what death?"

"Hmm? Oh some crazy bastard set a basilisk lose in the school, and Dumbledore kept telling the wizenmagot that everything was fine, mind you he was only deputy headmaster at the time but his actions still lead to the death of a student, the basilisk is a giant snake that can kill people who look into its eyes, or if the I contact is indirect, like a reflection it turns them to stone. Anyway most of the purebloods pulled their kids out of Hogwarts when the first attack happened, but some half-bloods and the muggleborns couldn't leave without their parents' permission, and nobody seemed fit to inform them of the attacks until after the school year had ended. When it was found out that a student was killed the entire school was closed down indefinitely until the best had been killed, in which harry over then led the search party into the castle and slew the basilisk. Dumbledore has been on thin ice ever since with his position as headmaster, only the fact that he defeated Grindelwald saved him from Azkaban, and even then it ruined his reputation in the political ring" Explained Julius.

"He really let students get attacked!? And he is still employed there, let alone the headmaster!?" said hermione's father angrily after hearing the story.

"And what do you mean harry killed the basilisk that was 46 years ago and he looks barely 21!" said Mrs Granger.

"Well to the first question, he has been under watch ever since from the board of governors and random students get interviewed at the end of every year to make sure he is not doing something he shouldn't. The second question is more difficult to answer... have you ever heard of a philosopher's stone?" said harry.

"You mean a stone that can make the elixir of life and make lead into gold?" said hermione.

"yes I have something similar except it returns the drinker of the elixir to their peak physical, magical and mental age, the blond man over there is 110 years old today" said harry to the gobsmacked looks of the grangers.

"Harry, you do realize that we never did see what effect the stone would have on muggles" said Galadriel with a gleam in her eyes.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" said harry with the same gleam in his eyes.

"W-wait just am-minute here! We aren't your lab rats" said Mr Granger nervously.

"Oh don't worry, those two are always coming up with new things, and I seriously doubt it would harm you" said Rowena.

"Rowena! The stone could potentially supercharge a muggles magical core and make them capable of casting spells!" said Galadriel with a huge grin.

"Though it would probably de-age them into 11 year old bodies, because that's when a magical core fully stabilises" added harry.

"But I'm sure someone would be willing to go through puberty again for the ability to cast magic" continued Galadriel, with excited gleam in her eyes growing.

"This is an unbelievable opportunity to drastically increase the magical population!" said harry.

"Hey! Slow down you two, you don't even know if it will work!" said charlus.

"Even if it doesn't we have to basis to create something that will!" said Galadriel.

Sigh. "These two will not this this drop until they have it perfected" said Bella.

"Are you going to make everyone magical?" asked a curious Mrs Granger.

"HELL NO!" both yelled.

"Why not?" she asked.

"do you really want someone like Hitler to become magical, even if the man's dead, there's always a chance someone like him will try to rule the world with that power" the grangers paled at the realization of what could happen.

"Why do you always do this on my birthday?" asked Herman.

Julius snorted and said "half the time your down in the labs with them, the only reason your store even runs is because of your apprentices selling the wands you make, and you only ever make the custom wands"

"You're just jealous I have a job" said Herman with a smirk.

"I'm the head of the human section of the British council, and you're saying I don't have a job?" deadpanned Julius.

"British council?" asked Mr Granger.

"When harry was the minister of magic, he changed the wizenmagot into the council of races. The races are human, dwarf, goblin, elf, werewolf, vampire, centaur and the other sentient species on the British Isles, each hold a seat to vote on new laws and regulations on the magical community, along with revoking and changing old laws. I'm the head of the human council, and was head of the wizenmagot until it was disbanded in '73 completely. Anyway each council member has 10 members under them that either heads sub councils or reviews the information and writes up proposals for new laws. Most sub councils are either in charge of a certain area, like the sub council that manages the day to day things at the ministry, the human minister of magic is the head of that sub council but answers to me, or are organizing events like the quiditch world cup to be held in magicis city in 3 years" explained Julius.

"Wow, I never realised that the magical community was so complex, from what I've seen it's still stuck in the Middle Ages" said Mr Granger.

"What gave you that idea? magicis city is at the peak of technological and magical evolution, the only place that I can think of that could possibly be like that is what's left of diagon alley, and its only still there because it's a piece of magical heritage, and has been the main shopping district in Brittan for 1200 years before magicis city was constructed. Only the bare necessities, like generic wands that give barely 1/5th power of a normal wand, a book store and clothing store." said Julius, while the other talked in the back ground, mainly with hermione talking to daphne and Michael about Hogwarts, and mrs granger talking to the ladies about Hogwarts curriculum.

"What!!" yelled Mr Granger getting the groups attention back on him and Julius.

"What do you mean diagon alley only sells the bare nescettites, snape told us that all the rest was supplied by Hogwarts but it is recommended hermione has her own supplies before disappearing with a loud crack" said Mr granger angrily.

"Snape you say? Greasy bastard, he always hated going to magicis city after the exploding hex incident, but this is going too far, to deliberately sabotage a student's first year at Hogwarts before they even get there is unforgivable" ranted Julius.

"hey dad, why don't you pass some legislation with the council about teacher qualifications at magical schools, ALL magical schools that if not met requires the teacher in question to retire, or clean up their act fast" said charlus.

Julius smirks and said "good idea, that would really improve the level of education at Hogwarts, how about atleast a master's degree in the subject they teach, along with tests for personality and teaching ability"

"Well there goes snape, Trelawney, binns and filch" said James.

"Filch isn't a teacher James" said Julius.

"He's still a staff member, and all members of staff must be checked after all, the school is full of the next generation of students" said James with a smug look on his face.

"You know Dumbledore is going to try and fight this, don't you?" I said.

"He has no power to stop the council from passing the new laws, after all he is just a school headmaster" said Julius.

"Anyway the council has been looking into doing something like this soon anyway ill just request we move the schedule up because of new revelations, but I wonder why no one has complained about snape before. From what I know of him, he is a cruel and vicious thing" I said.

"Thing?" said hermione curiously.

Lily got an evil gleam in her eye and led hermione away a bit and began whispering in her making her blush slightly before nodding vigorously.

"We should be going it is getting late" said Mrs Granger.

"Wait a second, take this" said lily before handing them a rope and saying, "this is a portkey that will activate tomorrow morning at 10 am, it will take you to the main street of magicis city, and if you want to speak to us we live in the castle to the east of the city"

"You live in a castle?" asked hermione.

"Yeah, it's the ancestral seat of the lord of the Evans family, it's about 6 times the size of Hogwarts" said lily nonchalantly.

"6 times the size of Hogwarts? In Hogwarts a history it says that at some points since the school opened it could hold 1000 students at maximum capacity" said hermione.

"I spent 20 million galleons having the castle rebuilt, I better hope it is bigger and better than Hogwarts" I said.

"20 MILLION!" yelled Mr Granger in shock.

"I own the largest company in the world and make nearly 5 trillion pounds annually, that's just the amount that goes to my personal bank account, and I'm the lord of the largest magical settlement in the world, with a 4% income tax on everything sold in the city which is like 1 million galleons a day in profit" I said in an amused tone as they realised just how insanely wealthy we are.

"hahahaha, everyone I know that earns over 350,000 pounds a year is a rich snob, and now the richest person in the world is probably less of a snob then I am hahahahaha" laughed Mr granger loudly.

"Well that was an interesting reaction" said Bella.

"Anyway we really should be going" said Mrs Granger.

Next morning

The next day the grangers entered magicis city via portkey and were amazed by the size of the huge city, and went and collected all of hermione's supplies from the stores.

When they entered the wand store they were surprised to see Herman and I standing there, pointing swords at each other.

"Come on harry! Show me what you've got!" yelled Herman.

"As you wish" I said

As soon as I said that I launched myself forward at him, aiming my sword to cut him in half diagonally from shoulder to hip.

He quickly brought his sword up and blocked the strike before retaliating.

Everyone in the store just stood there watching the two men try to kill each other, both of them flying through complex manoeuvres, and doing a lot of damage to the store.

Eventually I knocked the sword out of Herman's hands, causing it to fly off to the side and get stuck in the wall.

"Ha-ha, you're getting rusty Herman, normally you put up more of a challenge" I said in a taunting manner.

"Bah! Your just getting better at using your sword" said Herman.

They were brought out of the post battle taunting, by several people clapping.

"That was great!" said hermione, while she looked at the sword in my hand.

"Heh, that was nothing but we would have destroyed my shop had we gone all out" said Herman.

"And you would have still lost" I said with a grin at him.

"Anyway I suppose you came here to buy a proper wand?" asked Herman as he went behind the counter and began stacking several wand boxes back onto the shelves.

"You own this shop?" asked Mr Granger.

"Yes, this is the best wand store in the world! I only make custom wands, my apprentices make the standard wands on the shelves" said Herman.

"What's the difference between a custom and standard wand?" asked hermione.

"Custom wands have a much higher connection to their wielder than a standard wand normally, they are also much more powerfully traditionally, with the rare exception of a rather weak wizard buying a custom wand and it not being much more powerful than a standard wand" lectured Herman.

"There are also staffs for the extremely powerful wizard, but as far as I know only 2 people have ever been able to successfully wield one without having their magical core completely drained. The more powerful the staff, the more power it takes to use it, and the more it amplifies the magic sent into it. The first recorded wielder of a staff was merlin himself, but his staff only held two cores, and that would drain someone like Dumbledore to even pickup. The most powerful magical focus to ever exist was a staff made up of over 15 cores, and its wielder is literally a god amongst men while wielding it" continued Herman to the awe of the ones listening.

"The wielder of the staff I mentioned is not going to be revealed for his own privacy but I will mention he is an extremely capable wizard, with or without a focus for his magic" finished Herman before he smiled and said to the grangers, "would you like a custom wand made or standard wand tested for?"

Hermione looked at her parents with a silent question before they both nodded yes.

"Sir, I would like to have a custom wand made" said hermione nervously.

"Okay then! Take this" said Herman before handing her the same magical focus tester he had used on harry over 60 years previously.

Hermione grabbed the silver wand shaped object before it melted into a beautiful black wand with vine like designs carved into it, and the attached parchment reading:


Elder wood


Thestral tail hair

Willingly given Unicorn's blood

Wielders blood

Herman and I were surprised that her wand was practically an improved version of the elder wand, as it would now hold the affinity for all magic's not just dark.

"This will be an extremely powerful wand, one of my best works" said Herman giddily.

"What do you mean?" asked hermione.

"I don't suppose your books had the legend of the deathly hallows in them do they?" I said.

"I never heard of them" she said.

"okay here's the basics of the story, hundreds of years ago 3 brothers tricked death and gained 3 items of immense power, a stone that could summon the spirits of the dead, a cloak that could hide oneself from death himself, and a wand, a wand said to the most powerful wand to ever exist, made from elder wood, and the tail hair of the first Thestral, a wand that is said to make its wielder unbeatable" I explained.

"you wand will be similar but instead of only being aligned to dark magic, particularly necromancy, via the Thestral hair, it will be aligned to all light magic via willingly given unicorn blood, and your own blood to make sure only you can wield it to its full potential" finished Herman.

"This will be the most powerful wand I have ever created, and it shall have no rival for its power!" said Herman excitedly.

"What about the original elder wand?" asked Hermione curiously.

It was destroyed by albus Dumbledore when he tried to use it for the first time, he burnt the core out of it in his last battle with Grindelwald, I witnessed it burn to ash on the floor myself" I said.

"There is only one surviving artefact from the original hallows, the cloak. The others were destroyed by greedy men trying to use their power without understanding how such artefacts are used" I finished.

"How do you know the cloak survived?" asked a curious Mrs Granger.

"It has been a family heirloom since its original wielder entered deaths embrace" I said just as Herman came over and asked "miss granger I will need you to cut your palm and pour the blood into the white bowl on the counter, harry will heal your hand afterwards so there is no scarring."

Hermione did as he said before I lightly ran my finger over the palm of her hand, casting a wandless healing spell. The grangers gasped as they saw the wound on her palm close immediately without even a mark to show it had been there previously.

"That was amazing!" said Mrs Granger.

"magical healing is extremely powerful, with the right tools we can even regrow limbs, though the ingredient's for it are very rare as it needs phoenix tears, and there is only 3 phoenix's in the world that I know of" I said.

"Amazing, we are dentists ourselves" said Mr granger.

"you know, there aren't really any dentists in the magical world, most people only take a healing potion when they get a tooth ache, and a lot of the pureblood families have no idea how important it is to look after ones teeth" I said.

"Really? Even people capable of magic should have good dental care" said Mrs Granger.

"Eh, when their teeth fall out they usually just go to magicis city hospital and get a doctor to regrow them" said Herman distractedly.

"You can regrow teeth?" said Mr Granger in surprise.

"Magical healing can heal nearly anything with the right application" I said.

"Ah ha! My masterpiece is completed!" Herman suddenly yelled.

He quickly handed the wand to hermione and the group watched as black and silver sparks shot out of the tip into the air.

"Oh my!" said Mrs Granger.

"Here, try this spell, the wand movements are swish and flick and the incantation is wingardium leviosa" I said and watched her practice the wand movements for a few moments before incanting the spell causing a heavy workbench to levitate off the ground.

"Well atleast we can say you will be quite a powerful witch when you're older" said Herman.

"Why?" hermione questioned.

"Usually that is the first spell taught to first years in charms, only they are told to levitate a feather, not a 300 pound work bench on their first try" I said with amusement. She blushed under the praise, while her parents smiled at her proudly.

"Well if you want a small tour of the city, I'm free for the next several hours, and I invite you to have lunch with my family and I at Evans castle" I said.

Just then an overly fat red-headed women followed by 5 children barged the grangers out of the way and began saying "we would be honoured to have lunch with you mi-"

"Weasley, I wasn't speaking to you, so shut up. I have no time for peasants to interrupt my day" I said before waving my wand and banishing them to the low quality district.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I invite you to join me for a small tour of the city then retire to Evans castle for lunch" I said, again.

"We would be honoured to join you for the day Hadrian" said Mr Granger.

"Good! Let us be off before those damn Weasley's find me again, I'm getting very close to putting getting a restraining order placed on that woman" I said with some exasperation.

"Does she do things like this often?" asked Mrs Granger.

"the weasley family are notoriously known for being ‘blood traitors' to the pureblood magical society, as they once sold several family's they were related to out to muggles during the era of witch hunts and burnings, but were caught when one of the family's they tried to betray caught onto the scheme and informed the wizenmagot, long story short the weasley family was stripped of all titles, money and were banned from holding a high up position in the ministry for 800 years due to their betrayal of their magical blood, therefor the term blood traitor was coined by lord Wulfric potter in the year 1698" I explained.

"While a good description of history what relevance does that have to the question?" asked Mr Granger.

"the family they attempted to betray was the potter clan that they were distantly related to and would have had a minor claim on the potter estate, including the family fortune, as my brother is the current head of the potter clan she tries to get close to me so she can ‘convince' me to get my brother to forgive the weasley clan, therefore removing there punishment. I honestly have nothing against Arthur, the current head of the weasley clan, but molly his wife, the women from before is a power hungry whore to put it nicely" I said.

"That was enlightening, before I heard you use the term pureblood, care to explain?" asked Mrs Granger.

"hmm before I start you have to understand that these ideologies have been prevalent amongst the magical society for over a thousand years, and while they are changing some people still believe in the old ways. Basically there are 5 terms that are used to describe humans in magical society, first off there are muggles, non-magical folk like yourselves, who until recently have been looked down upon as if they were animals rolling in the mud" I said.

"secondly there are muggle borns, magical beings born to non-magical beings, they too were looked down upon until recently, when the old pureblood traditions about leadership were thrown out and the council of races was implemented"

"thirdly there are squibs, non magicals born to magicals, they are actually quite magically powerful but for varying reasons cant access their magic, or it is so uncontrollable they're magic seals itself permanently only a minority of squibs have so little magic that they can't cast spells, the majority can only cast spells until about a 3rd or 4th year level, but due to the pureblood ideals have been banned from attending a magical school until I started the magicis academy for special needs, which caters to squibs and older people wanting to either relearn subjects or expand their repertoire of spells"

"Fourth there are half-bloods, people either born to a pureblood and a muggleborn or muggle, they generally are accepted by the purebloods due to the fact one of their parents is likely from an old family that can cause problems to them if they outright discriminate against half-bloods"

"And lastly, there are purebloods, magical beings born from two magical parents with several generations of purely magical blood of each side of the family. They were considered the nobility of magical Britain, and therefore had a large amount of control over the wizenmagot, there power went to their head unfortunately which led to the situation where I had to step in and completely rearrange the way the ministry of magic was operated when I first took office. That is a basic explanation of the 5 main groups magicals use to describe human beings" I said.

"What kind of discrimination are we talking here?" asked Mr granger concerned for his daughter.

"I put it simply by comparing racism against African Americans in the 1950's over in America, but it's mostly only the pureblood-supremists, there are only several families who openly support such rubbish, who still discriminate against what they call ‘lesser' beings. Doing so against a person can be considered harassment atleast, so it is only the more stupid purebloods who insult muggles borns, muggles and squibs openly" I explained.

"Due to the council of races being the ruling body of magical Britain, they have a lot of laws in place to stop bigots from harassing innocents who happen to be born differently to them. To outright verbally or physically assault a member of magical Britain is a jailable offense, that is why a lot of the family's that believe in pureblood supremacy tend to ignore everyone they would otherwise discriminate against"

"derogatory terms like the word ‘mudblood' which was used to describe muggleborns and muggles by said bigots is a finable offence, as is any other like term used for other species. On the other hand if I went up to a werewolf and called him fuzzy or something similar, while could be considered insulting, is still a broad term and can't be punished for it. it took a lot of work to get the laws were they were strict enough to stop outright bigotry, but loose enough that a person couldn't be fined for saying something like my example before" I said.

"wow, I'm glad it is only a very small minority of the population who still follows those beliefs, I can't imagine what it would be like if the majority of leaders in the wizarding world were such bigots" said Mrs granger.

"Anyway, do you need to get anything else for hermione's supplies?" I asked.

"We need to pick up her robes from the store, but after that we will be finished" said Mr granger.

I sneered for a moment before saying "I personally dislike robes; they get in the way while spell casting, and are an inconvenience for potions, Herbology, and any other hands on class. The magicis city academy of magic has made robes optional for most classes and banned them for practical lessons"

"Magicis city academy of magic?" asked hermione.

"I started the academy in 1948, as the city had been expanding rapidly and Hogwarts was the only magical school in Britain. At the time Hogwarts couldn't take any more students so I opened the academy, it takes 97% of magical Britain's magical children every year, while Hogwarts takes the other 150 or so first years. You didn't receive a letter from the academy because you had received one from Hogwarts, something albus Dumbledore managed to get placed in the wizenmagot before it was disbanded, even if Hogwarts has been giving a subpar education for the 30 years or so" I said.

"What if hermione rejects her application to Hogwarts, couldn't you send her an application for the academy?" asked Mr Granger.

"like I said before there was a lot of bigotry in the magical world before I helped clean a lot of it up but there are still several bigoted laws in place that the council haven't got around to reviewing yet, the legal system was a complete mess from when the wizenmagot would pass laws that contradicted each other, or had no real purpose but were written in such a way that it takes several weeks to review over all the documentation to make sure the council haven't missed anything that could cause problems later. One such law is that if a muggleborn rejects there Hogwarts application they will have their memories of the magical world erased and magic sealed, it hasn't been revoked because it was placed as a precaution to keep the statute of secrecy in effect." I explained.

"Though hopefully by this time next year all of the remaining laws that have not been reviewed will have been dealt with, and hermione will be able to transfer to the academy if she wants to. Anyway let us continue" I said.

We went and picked up hermione's robes from the store, then I gave them a small tour of major points in the city like the shopping districts, hospital, library, portkey station and ministry building.

I made a portkey to Evans castle entry hall and said " here grab this" to the grangers. As soon as we were all holding it I activated it and we were launched the 10 miles or so to Evans castle. When we landed, Isabella was waiting for us to arrive, having been warned about our guests through our bond.

"welcome to Evans castle, if you would follow me, I will show you the dining room" said Isabella as I walked through the doors and up the stairs with Bella, as the grangers followed.

We entered the dining room where all of my mates were wating for us, along with...

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