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Tackling The Mascot

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Because we all want to tackle the mascot every once in a while..

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Tackling The Mascot

"Gee, you sure you wanna do this?" Frank asked, as his shoulder-length, black haired friend jumped about on his toes.

"That fucker took my fuckin' lunch money." Gerard was rearing to jump onto that mascot and pin him down, like a frog on a dissection table. "And I'm fuckin' getting it back."

"That was three weeks ago, Gerard." Mikey, Gerard's overly-nerdy little brother, rolled his eyes. "Let's it go. Fuck, I'll even buy you a lunch."

"No, Mikes." Gerard wasn't taking a back-down, not today. "That bitch is gonna get what he deserves."

"You're high, Gee." Frank laughed a little. "This is stupid."

"You're fucking gay, Frankie-boy." Gerard shot a comeback.

"So are you." Frank took the comeback and spat it back out like a spicy tuna tamale.

"Um, guys?" Ray, the puffy haired, sensible guy, spoke up. "This is getting fucking awkward."

"Right." Gerard blushed. "Sorry, Princess Fro-Fro."

"Hey!" Ray protested. "No one calls me a princess, or a fro-fro."

"You have a fro, and you act like fucking royalty." Frank put two-and-two together. "Therefore, you are a Princess Fro-Fro."

"OHH SNAP." Gerard the sassy diva snapped his fingers in a Z formation, before getting back to his winning streak.

"On three, ready?" Gerard did the countdown. "One..."

"Two.." Frank counted two.

"Three!" Gerard sped toward the mascot at top speed, completely missing the target.

"Bad luck, Gee." Frank commented, and Gerard gave him the finger.

"I'd like to see you try, Short-Ass!" Gerard shouted back to him.

"You're on, Diva!" Frank then took his run-up, jumping straight over the mascot's head.

"Ha-Ha, Fucker! You missed!" Gerard laughed in triumph.

"So did you!" Frank shot back.

"I'm drunk, what do you expect?" Gerard smirked. "C'mon, Ray, it's your turn!"

"O-Okay..." Ray then sped toward the target, tackling him from the side, before whistling for Mikey to join the party.

"For Narnia!!" Mikey sped for the head of the mascot, with a huge smile on his face.

"Narnia?" Both Frank and Ray raised an eyebrow at the battle cry.

"Fucking Narnia?" Gerard gaped at his little brother's remark.

"Whatever!" Mikey jumped onto the mascot, shoving the head in the dirt with laughter. The gang of weird-yet-comical friends stayed put for a few seconds, before the four of them got up, dusted themselves off, and walked off as if it'd never happened.

Momentarily, the mascot himself jumped up, dusted off the costume and removed the giant mascot head, revealing a very pissed off ninth-grader.

"That's it!" The mascot screamed. "I quit!"

And, that's why you should never tackle a mascot.
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