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I don't own either Harry Potter or Strike Witches, and to this I say damn!


Chapter Start

Harry awoke the morning after the test and once again felt the weight of someone using him as a pillow.

Which Harry didn't mind at all; He'd gotten used to Lynette climbing into his bed over the last few days, especially after days of exhausting training when Lynette was too tired to bother dragging herself up to her room on the second floor.

But when Harry opened his eyes he found that his senses hadn't been quite right; he actually had two girls using him as a pillow. Now if it had been just Lynette Harry wouldn't have minded at all because he knew how Lynette would react to such a situation, but both Lynette and Hermione? Harry didn't even know where to started thinking about that one.

Deciding that discretion really was the better part of valor; Harry slowly wiggled his out from under and between the two sleeping beauties and crept from the bedroom. Once he had softly shut the door Harry walked as lightly down the hall as his still tried mind would allow. A few moments later Harry had arrived outside the kitchen door and started to reach for the door knob when he heard voices lightly arguing inside, though he couldn't hear the actual words. Harry didn't know what was going on, but he decided that standing there like an idiot wasn't doing him any favors; so Harry worked up his courage and knocked on the door. The voices inside went quiet for a moment before Harry heard Mrs. Bishop grant him entry.

On opening the door Harry found Mrs. Bishop sitting at the table along with Wilma and Adolfine Galland and all three of the seemed to be rather tense at the moment.

"Good morning Harry, how are you feeling?" Mrs. Bishop asked as she stood from her spot at the table and quickly walked over to Harry and started giving him a quick looking over.

"I'm fine Mrs. Bishop just a little tired" Harry as reassuringly as his slightly groggy voice would allow. Mrs. Bishop most have took what he had said as a good sign because she gave Harry a nod, directed him to one of the chairs around the table and headed for the stove to start making the boy something to eat.

As Harry took his seat at the table he finally took the time to actually look at the three women around him. Adolfine the same style of uniform she always did for training and looked slightly annoyed by something. Wilma, on the other hand hadn't changed out of her sleepwear yet which was little more then a heavy white button down shirt and a pair of cotton panties. Luckily for Harry he'd gotten used to seeing girls' not wearing pants or skirts so seeing Wilma's bare legs on display didn't make him noticeably blush. Mrs. Bishop had on a long white nightgown that reached all the way to her ankles and displayed her still excellent figure for a forty something-ish mother of eight.

"So, err, what were you arguing about before I knocked?" Harry asked a few moments after he settled into his seat. For another moment he thought he'd said the wrong thing as the three women in the room seemed to freeze, but then Adolfine's face grew an amused grin and she let out a chuckle.

"Just some recent announcements that we don't like" Adolfine said before her voice grew solemn "In times of war they come quickly and often."

"What did the Neuroi do this time?" Harry asked only for Adolfine and Wilma to break down laughing.

"The Neuroi! When did we say it was the fucking Neuroi?" Wilma said once she got her laughing slightly under control.

"Wilma! Language" Mrs. Bishop snapped from the stove.

"Sorry" Wilma answered not sounding sorry at all "Anyway Harry as much as we wish it was the Neuroi this time its not, it's our own leadership that's going wrong" poor Harry still look confused so Adolfine took over the explanation.

"You see Harry up until now the air defense of Britannia was being lead by Chief Air Marshal Hugo Dowding. Well it was just confirmed this morning that Dowding was being replaced, something about the stress of war getting to him, by a dummbatz named Trevor Maloney" Adolfine spat out Maloney's name like it was the most foul tasting thing ever.

"Maloney's one of the most anti-witch generals in the britannian armed services" Wilma cut back in "he has been for a long time. If he had his way there wouldn't be a single witch in the enter royal air force, even though we're constantly proving that magic is the only reliable way to take a Neuroi down without taking huge losses of both men and equipment" Here Wilma couldn't stop an eye roll of epic proportions "But Noooo! We're just little girls playing soldier and getting in the way of the big strong men" by the end of that sentence Wilma was looking just plain murderous, which Harry thought looked disturbing on the face of someone who was usually very kind.

"He isn't the only witch hater in the Britannian armed forces Harry" Adolfine said as she retook the lead in the conversation "but he is the highest ranked and the most outspoken".

"But if he's so anti-witch how'd he get to be the new Chief Air Marshal? And what will happen to the witch units now?" Harry asked, still slightly confused.

"We don't know" Adolfine admitted "for an appointment like that the approval of the britannian royal family is needed, and they've always been pretty pro-witch" Adolfine admitted with a shrug "and we won't find out what he'll do to the witch squadrons for a few weeks yet, well hopefully it will take him a few weeks to feel dug-in enough to try something" Adolfine said the last bit quietly, almost pray like.

"But who can stop him if he does try something?" Harry asked as he started to get worried about this new change in his and Hermione's situation.

"Prime Minister Churchill or General Eisenhower can be relied on to back the witches up and keep Maloney in check, as long as they get solid proof of any misdeeds first" Wilma said as Mrs. Bishop brought over a plate of pancakes and eggs for Harry. While Harry ate the group fell into an uneasy silence.

Just as Harry was finishing up his breakfast Wilma gave him a sideways look and wrinkled her nose slightly.

"Harry, you need a bath" Wilma said blandly. Harry blanched slightly at this, the last time someone had told him he needed a bath he'd ended up naked in a tube with Lynette. Not that that hadn't ended in a good way for him but he didn't want to think of what might be done to him if it was rowdy Wilma instead of his girlfriend in there with him.

"I'll go see if Lynette has woken up yet then" Harry said as he tried to edge he way out of the room, but to his horror Wilma stood up and caught him by the arm.

"Don't bother, that test you all took yesterday can really take it out of you. I don't expect to see Lynette or Hermione up for several hours still. So I guess you're stuck with me" Wilma said with a sly look on her face. Wilma's face then turned thoughtful as she started to drag Harry from the room.

"Besides you've seen Lynette in the bath and I don't have anything the she doesn't have, excepted for bigger breast" and with that Wilma drug a now glowing Harry into the hall while Adolfine and her mother quietly laughed behind them.


Harry looked at the door to the bathroom like it was the steps to a gallows, and he thought that that was a pretty good analogy of what taking a bath with Wilma Bishop was going to do to his relationship with her sister Lynette.

Not that Wilma had given him a chance to get a word in edge wise as she first dragged him to his room for a change of clothes (where they confirmed that Lynette and Hermione were indeed sleeping like a pair of dead people), then up to the room that Wilma was using at the moment before come back to the down stairs bathroom where he now stood blushing slightly as Wilma put his and her tags on the hook by the door before dragging him inside and locking the door.

"Strip" Wilma commanded as she pushed Harry towards one of cubicles along the wall. Harry did as he was told and figured he could use the same strategy that he used to keep the embarrassment with Lynette to a minimum, so after stripping and wrapping a towel around himself Harry folded up his glasses and left them with his clothes before turning around.

To find Wilma standing a couple feet away, watching him intently, without a towel in sight and her arms crossed in a way the he was sure did interesting things to her breast.

"Harry, why did you leave your glasses off?" Wilma asked blandly "Hermione told me that you're basically blind without your glasses?"

"Um, well you see-uh" Harry started to sputters as he tried to think of an answer.

"Harry how many fingers am I holding up?" Wilma asked, now starting to sound slightly annoyed. Harry over to try to see Wilma's hands only snap his eyes back forwards when he realized that her hands were still crossed under her breast. Wilma sighed and grumbled to herself as she stepped up to Harry's cubicle, where she picked up Harry's glasses and stepped in front of the blushing boy before sliding his glasses back onto his face.

"While I find it cute that you're trying to maintain my dignity and all that Harry, I really don't mind if you look at my body, for two good reasons" Wilma said as she cup Harry's cheeks in her hands and forced him to look her in the face "First off I'm a combat witch that's seen some heavy combat. And as any combat witch who's seen really combat can tell you, there are far more important things in lift then nudity" Here Wilma's eyes clouded over for a moment, probably as past horrors flashed before her mind's eye. Before she gave her head a stern shake and refocused on Harry's own green eyes.

"Harry I've spent the last few years getting up in the morning and going on patrol while in the back of my mind I'm always wondering 'I'm going to come back this time' 'cause I've seen plenty of instances where witches haven't come home, and a couple of times the only reason we've found out what happened to them is because some buddy decided to checkout a foul smell or a flock of crows" Harry was very pale by the of this and had forgotten about the fact that he had a naked girl within arms length.

"Everybody who has seen combat has had to develop some way to deal with the stress. Some try to drink it away, some train until they drop or read fantasy novels. Me, I chose sex, and I'm not the only one" Wilma straightened back up as she said the last bit and did a full body stretch which gave Harry a perfect view of her large breasts and tone, hairless body.

"Yep, if you've had a good day then good sex at the end of it will keep it going. And if you've had a bad day then some good sex with someone you care about will hopefully make you feel a bit better" Wilma then took Harry's hand and led him over to the tub and started it filling. Harry soon found himself in the glorious warm water, naked and seated on Wilma's equally naked lap while she started working a soapy rag acrossed his back. After a few moments of thinking over what Wilma had said (while enjoying the back massage she was give him) Harry worked up the nerve to speak.

"So what was the second?" Harry asked.


"You said you had two good reasons for not caring that I was seeing you naked, what was the second?" Wilma paused for a moment before being overcome with an intense wave of giggles before she adopted a thinking face as she returned to scrubbing Harry's back.

"It's kind of hard to explain it without sounding like a total pervert Harry, but I'll try" Wilma said before pulling out the most serious face she could manage in their current situation.

"Harry the body and magic are closely intertwined, probably more so then people want to admit or even realize. If some happens to your body, your magic is effected as well" Wilma paused to take a breath and seem to steel herself before continuing "As a boy you probably don't really notice it that much but one of the biggest things that can throw someone's magic off in the changes in hormone levels that come with puberty."

For a moment Harry just sat quietly before asking a question about the previous paragraph.

"What's 'Puberty'?" Harry heard a thump behind him and turned slightly to see Wilma light beating the back of her head angst the rim of the tub.

"Puberty is what we that point in time when a child's body starts getting ready to have kids, its one of the major mile stones of growing up" Wilma said as she sat back up "When kids go through this stage in life their body's get flooded with chemicals that start making changes to everything from how we look to how we act and even how we think, and it's the last one that can mess with your magic cause magic is heavily influenced by how we think and our state of mind"

"Okay? But how does this relate to you being okay with me seeing you naked?" Harry asked, still obviously confused.

"Because puberty affects girls more then boys Harry, A boy's hormone levels settle down fairly fast while a girls constantly changes from day to day. It's even worst for witches because magic exaggerates the changes. Add combat into that and you can probably tell just how much it can mess with witches" for Harry this did explain a few things, like how about once a month Hermione could become a right terror or that time last month when Lynette became slightly less forgiving with her siblings antics.

"Now I don't know how witches deal with it in your world, but witches around here have found that sex is a good way to keep their mood swings in check" Wilma continued as Harry's Face suddenly started to burn "Most witches that serve on the frontlines usually have at least one lover with whom they regularly have sex or sexual activities. Well at least until their magic fades at around nineteen to twenty; by then the urge for sex fades away to, slightly."

"Not that that was interesting and all Wilma," Harry started as he tried to control his epic blush; though Wilma didn't help when she leaned forward to give him a hug and pressed his head into the valley between her large breast "but why are you doing all this?"

"Besides the entertainment value?" Wilma tried to ask innocently, which got a blushing glare from Harry "Two reasons many; one is that if you get assigned to a combat unit it's a forgone conclusion that your going to get an eye full at some point so you need to have an idea of what might be happening and why."

Wilma paused for a moment as she tried to order her thoughts before continuing.

"The second reason is that you're a Boy with magic; something very rare in this world. I think there's only about a dozen or so wizards in the whole world right now, and only one or two of them are strong enough to start the magic engine let alone fly or fight. If I remember my history correctly the last wizard that could use magic on the same level as the stronger witches was one of the founders of the Miyafugi family, and that was several hundred years ago." Harry slumped a little against Wilma as he heard he would once again be famous, whether he liked it or not. And apparently Wilma wasn't done adding to his misery yet.

"I wouldn't be surprised if once your existence gets out that witches from around the world are going to try to catch your interest; either for themselves or on orders from the country they serve, especially if you have a powerful magical skill like Hermione has."

"Great! Bloody Fucking Spectacular!" Harry grumbled loudly as he slumped even lower in the tub. Behind him Wilma gave Harry a supportive smile as she wrapped him in a tight hug.

"Don't worry about it too much Harry your still a bit of a military secret right now; and I don't want to think about what Lynette would do to any of the witches that tried to steal you away from her. So just forget about it for now and focus on washing my back" Harry nodded as that made sense and turned around to start working on Wilma's back.

"And I wont say no if you want to ravish- I mean wash my chest as well" Wilma continued in a cheeky voice.



Chapter End

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