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Zombie Apocalypse

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Personalised Story for Mia :)

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Mia sat in her room, starting to feel worried. She’d heard several screams from outside but she was too scared to get up and look to check what was making people scream. So instead, she stayed watching Matilda and waited for her two older brothers to come home. They’d said they were going out to buy dinner for the three of them since their parents had gone out for the night. Mia felt more worried when she realised they’d been gone a really long time.

Suddenly she heard the door open and slam shut then frantic footsteps. One pair were heading towards the kitchen, the other were heading towards her room. Mia’s eyes widened and she shrieked as her bedroom door burst open. It was only Mikey though “Mia, come on, we’ve gotta get out of here.” Mikey said, grabbing a backpack and shoving clothes into it “Mia, switch the movie off and put your shoes on.”

“Where are we going?” Mia asked, switching off the TV and standing up “Mikey, you look scared.”

“We’re in a hurry, I don’t have time to explain.” Mikey sighed, grabbing her shoes and throwing them at her “Put them on please.”

“Okay.” Mia muttered, sitting back down and pulling them on. She looked back up at her brother who was looking around the room, wondering if they needed to take anything else “Mikey, what’s going on? Please tell me.”

“I’ll tell you on the way. Come on.” Mikey grabbed her hand, pulled her to her feet and took her downstairs.

Gerard was chucking tins of food into another bag “Mikes, fill those bottles up with water.” Gerard said, gesturing towards the four large bottles “Shove them in your backpack.”

“Okay.” Mikey replied, starting to fill them up.

“Guys, what’s going on?” Mia moaned, tears filling her eyes “Where are we going? Why are we leaving now? Mom and Dad told us to stay home.”

“I know they did. But we’re gonna go and join up with them, okay Mia?” Gerard said, not looking at her.

“But why?” Mia asked loudly.

Both brothers ignored her and continued packing until both bags were full. Then Gerard went into the garage and returned holding a gun in one hand and an axe in the other. He handed the axe to Mikey and put the gun in his jeans pocket, poking out at the top so he could grab it at any moment. They pulled the bags onto their backs and Gerard lifted up Mia. Then they left the house “Aren’t you gonna lock the front door?” Mia asked, noticing that neither of the boys bothered to.

“No… Mia, look. I don’t think we’re gonna be coming back here for a long time.” Gerard told her patiently “Do you think I should call Mom and Dad?”

“Yeah. To see if they’re okay.” Mikey said, biting his lip worriedly “But do it as we’re walking.”

“Where are we going?” Mia whined.

“Shush Mia, we need to be quiet now.” Gerard told her, putting his phone to his ear. It rang several times before going to answering phone. He tried them again five more times before realising they weren’t going to answer “They’re not answering.”

“What do you thinks happened to them?” Mikey asked worriedly.

“Nothing.” Gerard said, narrowing his eyes at Mikey and gesturing at Mia subtly with his head “Nothing will have happened to them. But I think… We shouldn’t head to the city.”

“Why not?”

“You’ve seen The Walking Dead Mikes. That’s where the hordes are.” Gerard thought about it “We need to go somewhere safe until this all blows over.”

“Until this all ‘blows over’?” Mikey asked with a snort “Do you seriously think this is just going to ‘blow over’?”

“Okay, fine, we need to get somewhere safe until we’ve decided what to do.” Gerard sighed “Come on, I think I know where we should go.”

“Guys, please tell me what’s going on?” Mia begged “Please? You’re really scaring me.”

The boys started to walk and Mikey started telling Mia, knowing that she’d find out soon enough anyway “Mia… There’s this umm… It’s like a deadly disease going around. It drives people insane and they start to want to eat other people. And then the person they’ve bitten gets the disease. So it’s not safe for us to just stay at home.”

“You mean like… Zombies?” Mia asked, remembering that Gerard had mentioned ‘The Walking Dead’. She knew what it was about and had watched one episode with her older brothers but it had given her nightmares that night so her parents had banned her from watching it “… But you said zombies don’t exist. You promised me!”

“Yeah, well, they didn’t exist. But now I guess they do.” Gerard said patiently “So we need to get out of here and find somewhere safe to stay until our parents come and find us.”

“But what if they come looking for us at the house and we’re not there?” Mia started sobbing “They could get eaten!”

“Don’t say that.” Mikey told her “Look, let’s walk in silence for a bit. If the zombies hear us then we’re doomed.”

After four hours of continued walking, Gerard and Mikey had to stop for a break. They were walking through a field. They thought it’d be safer to head to the countryside because there’d be less zombies there to handle “I need some water.” Gerard complained so Mikey pulled out a bottle and they shared three quarters of the bottle between them “Do you think we should have some of the food or save it all until later?”

“We should have some. Who knows how much longer we’ll be walking for? We need some strength.” Mikey told him.

Gerard produced a can opener and opened a tin for each of them. He handed out the three spoons he’d remembered to pack and they started eating “Are we gonna be okay?” Mia asked “Where’s everyone else?”

“I don’t know. I guess everyone else kind of did what they thought was best for them and their families.”

Mia thought about it “Are we doing what’s right?”

“I think so.” Mikey said but he didn’t look convinced “Are you okay Mia? You need to eat that food.”

Mia nodded and carried on eating before asking “Will Mommy and Daddy be okay?”

“Of course they will.” Gerard said but he didn’t look convinced either “Stop worrying about it Mia. Let me and Mikey worry about it.”

Mia nodded but of course she couldn’t stop worrying about it. It was the only thing on her mind.

After walking for another two hours they finally found a small cottage “The lights are on inside.” Gerard said, yawning “We’re exhausted. We’re going to have to beg for shelter just for the night.”

“Good idea.” Mikey said, who was too tired to continue walking. He followed his brother and little sister up the path to the front door.

Gerard knocked three times at the door and after waiting for about two minutes someone finally answered reluctantly. It was an old woman who looked rather worried “Look, what do you want?” The woman asked “I’ll phone the police if you try anything.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Gerard re-assured her though he was certain the police wouldn’t answer even if she attempted to call them “We’ve been walking for hours now and we’re exhausted. We just need somewhere to sleep for the night. We’ll leave first thing in the morning, we promise.”

The old woman raised her eye-brows “What’s in it for me? Where are you kids headed anyway? And where are your parents?”

“… Do you really not know what’s been happening?” Gerard asked “There’s a deadly disease spreading throughout the cities. We’re just trying to reach a safe point. Your house seems a safe place but we obviously know that we can’t stay here that long-“

“You got that right.” The woman said, looking alarmed “I don’t trust you kids. Get out of here.”

“Please!” Mia cried, suddenly bursting into tears “I’m tired and I miss my parents and I just want to go to sleep. Please!

The woman bit her lip then sighed “Look, come inside and we can talk for a minute. Then I’ll make a decision.”

The boys nodded and the three of them went inside “So what are your names?” The woman asked.

“Um I’m Gerard, this is my younger brother Mikey and my little sister Mia.” Gerard told her “What’s yours?”

“Maureen.” She told him, gesturing at them to take a seat at her kitchen table “Would you kids like a drink? Coffee, tea, hot chocolate?”

“Umm hot chocolate would be great thank you.” Gerard said even though he really just wanted to get Mikey and Mia to bed. Maureen started clattering around, boiling the kettle and getting mugs “Look, I can understand you not wanting to trust us. If the roles were reversed we’d be hesitant too. But we promise we won’t cause any trouble. We just want to sleep, wake up and then leave.”

Maureen didn’t say anything, just poured water into the cups with hot chocolate powder inside. She handed out the cups and smiled at Mia “So then… Where are your parents?”

“I don’t know.” Mia told her “They said they were going out for the night. I think they went to the city somewhere. But I don’t know.”

“Oh, okay. Is there no way you can get in contact with them?”

“You think we haven’t tried?” Gerard asked, laughing slightly “They’re not answering their phones. So we’ve umm… We’ve kind of assumed the worst.”

“What’s the worst?” Mia asked but no one answered.

“Your poor things.” Maureen said, softening up “Unfortunately I don’t have three beds. I do have a spare room with only one bed though.”

“It’s fine. Mikey and Mia can share the bed and I’ll sleep on the floor. Thank you so much.”

Maureen took them upstairs and showed them into the spare room “… Look I’m sorry but I can only help you out so much. You’re gonna… You’re gonna have to leave in the morning.”

“Don’t worry, we understand.” Gerard told her with a smile “Thank you for letting us sleep here anyway.”

“Well… I’ll let you stay for breakfast of course. I wouldn’t want you kids going out on an empty stomach.” Maureen smiled “I’d better let you sleep now. The little one looks like she’s going to pass out. Good night.”

“Good night. Thank you so much.” Gerard said. Mikey and Mia were so exhausted they were past talking.

Mikey got into bed and Gerard tucked Mia in next to him. She’d already fallen asleep. Gerard smiled and kissed her forehead then laid down on the floor and fell asleep.

“Gee! GEE! Wake up!” Mia yelled, jumping on top of him “Mo says we have to come down because breakfast is ready.”

“Who’s Mo?” Gerard mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“Maureen. She said I can call her Mo.” Mia smiled “Come on, get up, she’s making pancakes!”

“Okay, okay, can I have a hug first please?” Gerard asked. Mia giggled and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. He hugged her back and kissed her cheek “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Mia whispered “I guess. Are you?”

“Yeah.” Gerard lied “We’re gonna be okay, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I do.” Mia smiled at him.

“Good. Now come on, let’s go get these pancakes.” Gerard grinned and the two of them went downstairs.

After they’d finished, they had to leave. They said goodbye to Maureen and carried on walking “Do you have any idea where we’re going to go?” Mikey asked.

“Nope.” Gerard suddenly stopped walking “Shit, do you hear that?”

Mikey and Mia stopped too “What is that?” Mia asked, hearing a low, snuffling kind of noise.

Gerard took a couple more steps forward and then saw what was making the noise. There were seven zombies standing just in front of them “Oh crap…” Gerard whispered “Mikey… Mia… We need to get out of here… But quietl-“

He never got the chance to finish his sentence because Mia started screaming at the sight of the zombies. The zombies heard her screaming and turned towards them. Gerard pulled the gun out of his pocket but he was panicking and didn’t have very good aim. Mikey started whacking the axe, trying to hack the zombie’s heads off but he didn’t want to get too close to them in case they bit him. Mia just continued shrieking even though Gerard begged her to stop. But she was scared and had no idea what else to do.

“Look!” Mikey suddenly yelled “It’s a helicopter!”

Gerard and Mia looked up “Help!” Gerard cried, still trying to shoot the zombies “Help us!”

The helicopter lowered to the ground near them and two familiar figures jumped out of the helicopters, shooting the zombies dead expertly and smiled at the three siblings “Mom! Dad!” Mia cried, running towards them “I knew you were okay!”

“Of course we were okay.” Their Mom said, lifting Mia up “It took forever to activate the GPS in Gerard’s phone though. Once we knew where you were, we came straight here. Now get inside before more zombies show up. We’ll explain everything.”

The three of them jumped into the helicopter and it took off. Gerard pulled Mia onto his lap and Mia smiled. She knew they’d be okay now.

[A/N] – I’m sorry it’s crap but it’s like 2.04AM and I’m tired but not tired at the same time and either way I hope you liked it Mia!:)
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