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Chapter Seven

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The price of

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The whole ride to Paul's office, I was bouncing in the backseat. Mitch looked back at me and laughed. "What?"

He just smiled. I touched the neck of my new guitar and it calmed me slightly. "There is it." Mitch pointed ahead of us. "Every Sunset building is built with the doors facing the West."

I stared at the giant structure. As we pulled into a parking lot, I unbuckled my seat belt, my hand on the door handle. Before the car was even off, I was out of the car, my guitar in my hand.

"Easy there Nicks." Mitch opened his door as mom turned the car off. Her door popped open and I heard the locks click. She looked at me, a huge smile on her face.

She'd pulled out her most beautiful skirt/blouse combo. Her skirt was a knee length black pencil skirt. And, under her coat, she wore a short sleeved button down white blouse over a white cami. Her heels clicked on the concrete of the lot, making me smile.

We walked into the building. The woman behind the desk smiled at us. Mitch smiled back. "Hey, we have an appointment with Paul." She nodded and pushed a button on her desk.

"Mr. Bryant, your four o'clock is here." She said, her voice calm. "Of course." She smiled. "Mr. Bryant asked me to bring you to his office."

We followed her down a long hall and to elevators. "May I take your coats and hats?" She asked softly.

"Sure." We all striped our winter garb. She gasped when mom took off her hat and scarf, exposing her shiny head. I looked at the woman pointedly.

"I-I love your earrings." She covered her ass quickly. The elevator opened into a wide hallway. "This way." She all but ran off of the elevator.

Mom looked at me. I shrugged and followed the woman. She stopped by the last door on the left, waiting for our group. When we were there, she knocked twice and opened the door, waving us ahead of her.

The man hung his phone up and stood to greet us. "Thank you Mel. Leave their things here please." She sat our coats in a chair. "Sit, please!"

We sat in front of his desk. While we discussed my contract, I thought over my conditions. When it was time to say them, I put my hand on the contract. "I only have a few requests." I said. Paul raised his eyebrows. "Nothing crazy. I don't want a unicorn." I smiled.

He laughed. "What are they dear?" He asked, leaning forward. I smiled softly at him.

"First is probably the most obvious. My beautiful mom has cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments. I can't sign this if you can't promise me right now that if anything happens to her and I'm needed here that I'd be able to come back." He stared at me.

"Are you sure you're only fifteen?" He asked softly. I smiled and nodded. "I swear to you right now, Nicole Williams, that will be possible. The others?"

"I want to stay in school. I know that'll be hard once we start touring and all, but until then, I will be at my highschool." He nodded. "And I don't want to move houses. Ours is nearly paid off and is my home."

"No problem!" He laughed. "It's not like we request you to move into a palace. Was that all you were worried about?"

I bit my lip. "That's all you could assure me of on my list." He stood and offered me his hand. I shook it, feeling the thick calluses on his fingers. "You play, don't you?"

His face went red. "Not like you and Mitch, but yeah." He handed me a pen. I signed the contract, my heart starting to race. "Let me walk you to the front." He grinned, shutting the contract away in a drawer.

In the elevator, Paul struck up a conversation with me. "What kind of music do you like? Gotta love what you play."

"I like the Misfits. And Pearl Jam." I smiled at him.

"Imagine the Misfits. Only all girls." I gaped at him. "That's what I want to do with the band you'll be joining. The name hasn't been settled yet, but it'll be edgy and strong." He put his hand on my shoulder.

A thought snapped into my head. I waved him closer to me and whispered in his ear. He gasped. "I love it!" He smiled. As we stepped off of the elevator, he pulled out his phone. "Nickie, welcome to Cherry Blood Love!" he said as the doors shut.

"Huh." Mitch smiled at me. Mom sighed.

"That man is so high strung. All over the place." She pulled her hat over her head.

The ride home, my head was swimming. I felt like I was dreaming.

When we got home, I told mom I was going to walk Mitch to his shop and go see Gee. She didn't seem to care.

On the way to the shop, Mitch and I talked about life on the road and what it would be like if I ever left the US on tour.

"You're gonna miss us. Especially Gerard. But ya know what?" He said as he unlocked the shop door.

"Huh?" I asked, burying my hands in my pockets.

"You'll be even happier when you see us again." He smiled and went into the shop.

I bit my lip, breaking the skin without thinking. I didn't even stop to consider leaving Gee behind while I toured...

The guilt ate at me the whole way to his home. I hope he won't be mad. Or sad...

So craps keep happening and ahh!! But this is here, SOO...

R+R and all that. I should get to sleep. It's really late here.

Hugs and Chocolate,
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