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When You Can't Sleep At Night

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There's a good reason for it

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When You Can't Sleep At Night

Have you ever experienced that feeling, when your body is tired, aching for sleep? Your bones begging, back aching, mind running at full force, ignoring the cries, the pleads that come from your muscles?
Well you must have, for everyone goes through a night; where you lay, staring blankly into the nothing. Dreams escape you, thoughts begin to jumble, while you just lay still.

Most say, its natural. Everyone goes through it and nothing really can help.

"Just lay down and close your eyes, you'll fall asleep in no time" They tell you, as they won't admit to the truth, they refuse to. They won't face it, they won't even acknowledge it, let alone explain to you; the real reason why your mind is running at full force in the dead of night.

Your mind isn't betraying you, ridding you of the sleep you so desperately desire. No. It's protecting you, keeping itself active enough to react if need be, against....them.

They have no name, they have no figure; they are merely the bumps and creaks you hear in the night.
Due to their lack of form, they can't be real can they?

Yes, yes they can.

They, at a lack of a better name. Aren't exactly evil; unless they feel your presence is valuable enough to them, that they should try and steal it, right from your fingertips.

They lurk around you while you sleep, only bugging you when they have the desire to feed. Their feeding ritual, leaving the poor victims mind fully awake, allowing the body to rest.
Some though, are stricken more than others.

Those with poor enough luck to encounter an upset thing, are left in a state of fear, a state casually known as "sleep paralysis". The state where the victim's mind is wide awake, they can hear, see, and feel everything around them; except the part of their mind that controls the movements of their body is still. Held down, and unable to move nor make a sound. Leaving the victim feeling paralyzed.

Now, the next time you are unable to sleep at night; pray to whoever may be listening, that they are in a giving mood; a caring mood. Pray to whoever you like, that they don't find you valuable enough to take over. To drag down with them.

I've suffered (and still occasionally do) through slight sleep paralysis (Scary shit I may tell you) and various nightmares.
Well, now to go to sleep; night guys
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