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Those Eyes

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Billie Joe Armstrong relives his love with Mike Dirnt through those blue eyes. (Sorry it sucks, it's 3 am, give me a break)

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He's staring with those bright blue eyes. God I love those eyes. The eyes that gazed into mine that first night. The night I fell in love. Sure, I was having an anxiety attack that night, but I still loved it.

They were also the eyes that filled mine with tears when he tried to explain why I caught him with someone else. Why he wasn't loyal or faithful to me. And how he only loved me.

They were the eyes that engulfed mine that day we said 'I do', and never left mine. That was the day I knew he was telling the truth when he said only me. The day we became one.

They are also the eyes I'm staring at now, though now they're less blue, kind of gray. I want those eyes to meet mine again. Though I know it will never happen, I want those eyes to stare into mine forever.

But those eyes... and the one who posessed them.... are dead now. As am I on the inside.
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