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Great Job

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Gerard waits, though he knows the answer. Implied Waycest. (Again, sucks because it's really early in the morning. I PROMISE, I CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!!)

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I sit in the waiting room, my scraped and bloody body shaking in my mother's arms. I'm terrified, if that wasn't obvious enough.

I am going to wait here until the doctor comes back with the news that I already know. The answer is inside me, twisting my heart and sickening my gut.

The answer is one that I dread. Though the doctor will probably say 'he's dead' I know they'll really be saying, 'nice job motherfucker, you killed your brother.'

I never meant to hurt him. I was just driving him home and spaced out a little. I never meant to end up here. If he even does live, I know he will never love me again. Not the way he did.

I sit for two more hours, shaking and sobbing in my mother's arms, waiting to hear about my Mikey's death. And I fall apart at the hidden message of, 'great job, motherfucker. Mikey is dead. And it's all your goddamn fault.'
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