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Sixth Sense

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Mat and Valerie are sent out to investigate.

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Chapter Two: Sixth Sense

Dead bodies weren't extraordinary to Mat. Hell, if anything, they were normal, more so than toast and coffee in the morning. Mat was used to studying autopsy results, sent to him by Blake Nixon, the Sydney-born lifeguard-turned-medical examiner. He wasn't, however, used to staring at bras.

"Val, I don't get how you jumped to the conclusion that our killer's a chick from a bra."

"When I went through Victoria's lingerie drawers - oh, for God's sake, don't look at me like that - her bras and panties all had her name embroidered on them. Plus, they were all either black, blue or hot pink - not a bit of purple."

"Yeah, she could've bought a new one." Resting his laced fingers behind his head, Mat nodded at Valerie, expectant look lingering on his face.

"Exactly - there was a black bag in the room. New, too. Okay, you can look at me funny now, I was examining it to see if she had any.. well, toys, to see if we could extract fingerprints, maybe the unsub was the one who delivered it, y'know? Nothing of the sort, but there was a bra - new. Black. With her name embroidered on it."

"Damn." Eyes widened, Mat leant forward, a cheeky grin finding it's way to the man's lips.

"Right?! So, I got Jack to cross-reference Victoria's name with lingerie shops, and we got a hit." Digging a frail hand in her pocket, Valerie fished round for a small scrap of cheap lined paper, triumph evident in her emerald orbs as she unraveled it.

"Sixth Sense, 16 Cork Tree Avenue."


The lady behind the counter ('Hello, my name is REGGIE', the name tag read in neatly printed handwriting proclaimed) looked rather sick when Valerie and Mat flashed their badges. It was a normal reaction - the pair didn't look the part of your regular FBI agents. With Valerie's Pepto-coloured locks and multiple piercings added to the intricate ink that painted Mat's arms in brightly colored swathes, they were easily the scariest duo in the FBI - this was possibly the reason they were always sent out to interrogate together.

"Excuse me, can I ask you a few questions?" Valerie dropped her voice as a bell rang, indicating a new customer had entered the establishment. Reggie nodded feverishly, slender hands smoothing down her hair before she slipped into a back room. Meanwhile, Mat was browsing some of the items sold in the store, eyebrows shooting up into his hairline as he returned to Valerie's side, bemused smirk capturing his lip.

"They've got some kinky stuff in here," he muttered against the shell of Valerie's ear. Shaking her head, Valerie's cheeks flushed slightly pink before she shoved the male slightly, chuckling to herself.

When Reggie reappeared, she was tailed by a woman who you heard before you saw. Bells clinked round her wrists as she moved forward to take control of the front desk. Her name tag read 'AMY' (accompanied by the typical 'Hello, my name is..' constituent). Beckoning the two agents forward, Reggie swallowed uneasily. Darting back into the room, the mousy woman let off a squeak of terror.

Upon hearing the small noise, Mat and Valerie dashed into the small leeway where the woman had taken cover.

"Reggie, look, we just wanna ask a few questions," Mat murmured, eyes searching the smoky darkness. The scent of incense lingered heavily in the air.

"I-is this about M-Miss Victoria?" Still jittery, Reggie emerged from the shadowy depths of the corner, seating herself on a surely uncomfortable lacquered stool.

"You knew her?" Mat crossed his arms, leaning back against a wall.

"She was one of our best customers. Such a lovely woman.. I-I didn't kill her, if that's what you need to know. Don't try telling me she's not dead, I saw it on the news." Visibly shaking, Reggie focused her gaze on the two agents, nipping anxiously at her bottom lip.

"Yeah, it's about her. Did she ever talk to you about her private life?" Taking a seat opposite the twitchy woman, Valerie crossed one leg over the over.

"From time to time, she'd make a comment about her boyfriend when she would try things on." Shrugging lightly, Reggie folded her hands in her lap, trying not to rock back and forth, as she always did when she felt she was going to get into extreme trouble. At the young woman's words, Mat spoke up, interest piqued.

"Do you remember her boyfriend's name? What did she tell you?"

"I-I think his name was Alex. She talked about how long he would be away on business trips, and how she missed him. She missed him terribly when he was away," Reggie sighed, biting down slightly harder on her bottom lip.

"Thank you, Reggie." Nodding profusely at the shop assistant, Mat and Valerie made their way out of the smoky room, out of Sixth Sense, and off Cork Tree Avenue, with information still brewing in their minds.


"You seriously want me to search for men with the name 'Alex'?! Hell, do you know how damn popular that name is? It's my brother's name, for god's sake! I'm gonna find my own goddamn brother on my own goddamn search!" Jack Maddox bellowed into the phone held against his ear, fuming when Mat had asked him to search men with that specific name.

"Cross-reference it with Victoria's name, then, drama queen," Mat chuckled, squashing his phone against his ear with his shoulder as he slid fifteen dollars across the counter, paying for his and Valerie's coffees.

"I hate you, York."

"Love you too, honey." Ending the call, Mat shoved his phone in his pocket before offering Valerie a sheepish smile.

"Jack's being an asshole again."

Valerie could only chuckle before pushing the Tasmanian man towards a table, tracing her finger over the Starbucks logo printed on her styrofoam coffee mug.

Neither party spoke a word, only sipped at their coffees. The two-person silence they had formed was broken when Mat's phone rang - violently so. Groaning, Mat answered it, only to be greeted with a voice that identified as Jack's.

"The guy you're looking for is Alex Alberts. I've got an address, I'm sending it to Val's tablet now, now finish up your date and get the hell to work."

"Wait, how did you know where we are? And it's not a date, smart-ass."

"I'm a technical analyst. It doesn't take much. Plus, you two shouldn't leave your trackers on. Don't tell me it's not a date, I see the way she looks at you."

Hanging up, Mat shook his head.
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