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Vince/Nikki Smut

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vince gets tied up yay

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Vince’s eyes fluttered open, only to see darkness. He could feel cloth brush against his eyelashes as he blinked, and he realized he was blindfolded. Vince moved his hand to take it off, only to find that both of his hands were fastened to the headboard above him. He immediately resisted them, his hands writhing against the cold restraints. The bed shifted with someone else’s weight, and Vince stopped moving when he felt a hand on his leg.

"Who’s that?" He asked, his voice trembling slightly. “Calm down," the stranger murmured, his breath hot against Vince’s neck, sending chills down his spine. Vince heard that the voice was definitely a man’s, but he wasn’t sure who. “Who are you?" He demanded again, his voice rising slightly. “You know who it is," the man said, and Vince recognized the voice quickly. “Nikki?" He asked timidly, and he felt the bassist’s hands run along his sides. “You got it," he said, his voice thick with lust. “Well what the fuck are you doing? Let me go," he spat, and Nikki chuckled softly, nibbling at Vince’s neck. “I don’t think you want me to," he murmured, tracing his hand along the blond’s jawline. Vince swallowed hard, not bothering to deny it. He couldn’t really protest anyways, because his wants were being revealed elsewhere. “Thought so," Nikki said hotly, trailing kisses down Vince’s stomach, to the waistline of his pants. Nikki looked up at Vince, seeing him biting his lip. Nikki tugged the singer’s jeans off, throwing them on the ground beside the bed.

"You wanna tell me to stop now?" He purred, his hands toying with the hem of Vince’s boxers. Vince shook his head, and Nikki smirked. “What was that?" He teased. “Don’t stop," (god that sounds awful omf) Vince murmured, and Nikki grinned. With that, he pulled off Vince’s boxers, followed by the rest of his own clothing.

Vince gasped when he felt the bassist’s mouth on him. Overwhelmed with this sudden hit of pleasure, he let out a loud yelp, while moving his body to reach Nikki more. But instead of going on, Nikki just gave it one deep suck before he pulled away completely. Gasping for air, Vince writhed against the handcuffs, desperately wanting to grab a fistful of his hair and force his head back down on his length. “Oh, you liked that?” Nikki taunted. Vince could hear in his voice that he was probably smirking. “You fucker. Suck it!” Vince hissed. “Are you forgetting that I’m in charge?" Nikki smirked, and Vince sighed. “Please?" He said softly. He felt Nikki’s lips around his length again, and he breathed in sharply. The darkness made everything feel more intense, less anticipated, which Vince enjoyed. He moaned loudly when he felt himself coming, but Nikki pulled back, as expected.

Vince tried to catch his breath, listening to Nikki’s movements, trying desperately to hear what he was going to do next. He felt Nikki’s lips on his again, and he kissed him back frantically, unable to give anything else. He felt Nikki’s hand move down towards his ass, and Vince cried out when he pushed two fingers into him.

“F…Fuck, Nikki,” Vince managed to get out between gasps. He raised his foot to give him better access. Nikki’s face constantly loomed over Vince’s, and he kissed Nikki as often as he could find his mouth. Nikki’s fingers moved in and out of Vince roughly, and Vince adjusted his hips to make him find the right spot, but he seemed to miss it purposely, which was enough to drive Vince mad. “Nikki… Please," Vince was practically begging him, whimpering under his touches, causing Nikki to pull his fingers back and thrust his length inside. Vince moaned loudly, his pants getting faster and more uneven as Nikki moved quickly. Vince could barely think about what was going on when he felt his cum spreading over his stomach. He saw gaudy colors clouding his vision, and Nikki grasped onto his hips. Beneath the euphoria, all Vince really wanted was to be able to throw his arms around Nikki and look into his eyes. He wouldn’t feel so exposed or vulnerable if he could.

Their bodies were pressed together, and Vince could feel Nikki’s heart race against his chest. “Nikki, untie me. Please," Vince pleaded quietly, knowing he wouldn’t give in at this point, but still hoping. “Why?" he asked between his gasps, pushing his hips forward and thrusting deeper into Vince. Vince groaned loudly and wrapped his legs around Nikki’s hips, meeting him with every thrust he made. Nikki held Vince tighter and told him how wonderful he felt, how much he wanted this, wanted him to come again. Vince just nodded and he moved faster. His length was rubbing against Nikki’s stomach and this, together with his words, brought him over the edge again. Vince yelped out his name and raised his hips to feel Nikki as deep inside of him as possible.

Vince’s body still convulsed against the elder man’s, when Nikki stopped. Vince heard a clicking above his head and felt the restraints give. He realized his hands were free, and he nearly ripped the blindfold off of himself in angst. He looked up at Nikki, and his jaw nearly dropped. His face was familiar, but the sight of Nikki on him and his eyes searching his was unfamiliar. Vince reached his arms around Nikki’s neck and brought his lips to his own, kissing him roughly. Nikki started to move again, and Vince bit his lip to suppress his moans. Vince’s hands traced along Nikki’s lithe silhouette, watching how their skin contrasted against each other’s. Nikki buried his head into the slope of the blond’s shoulder, and Vince made Nikki face him."Look at me," he commanded softly, and he could see Nikki struggle to keep his eyes open, as he was coming. Vince groaned when he felt the bassist spill into him, and he felt Nikki’s movements slow. Their chests heaved against each other’s, and after he caught his breath, Nikki laid beside Vince. Vince nestled into his chest, and in a few minutes, they both fell asleep.
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