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Slash tries to teach Axl how to play guitar.

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"No, that’s not how you hold it," Slash said, correcting Axl. He was trying to teach Axl how to play the guitar, and it wasn’t going well. “Well, how the hell am I supposed to play an A, then? My fingers aren’t that long, Slash," Axl whined, pouting. Slash smiled. “Just remember fourth string, 2nd finger, 2nd fret," Slash murmured.
Axl did as he said, and strummed the string. “That’s good," Slash said, smiling. Axl looked over to him, and saw that he was already gazing at him. “What?" Axl asked. “Nothing, I just feel proud," Slash smirked. “What, that you could teach someone like me to play?" The guitarist frowned. “What do you mean by ‘someone like me?’" He asked. Axl rolled his eyes. “You know, a fuckup like me." He said, making Slash sigh. “Axl… You aren’t a fuckup, by any means. You’re a brilliant singer, writer, and a good person." He said, and Axl averted his green eyes to the hardwood floor of Slash’s living room.
“Hey, stop that." Slash said, noticing a tear rolling down Axl’s pale face. Slash brushed it away, and tilted Axl’s face up to look at him. “You aren’t. I, and the band, love you. Everyone that meets you loves you, Axl. You don’t realize how much you matter to us." Slash said, his voice breaking on the last part. “Not everyone loves me, not at all. Barely a handful of people. Erin hates me now, Stephanie and I keep fighting, nothing’s right. Steven can’t stand me after we fired him, but what was i supposed to do, Slash? He was tearing himself up," Axl said, crying even more now.
Slash leaned in, and planted a light kiss on the redhead’s lips, hushing him. He pulled back slowly, and Axl looked at him. “Axl, I’m sorry, I-" Axl cut him off, leaning in to kiss him. Slash tried to kiss him harder, but Axl pulled back.
“Slash, let me go my pace. I need to figure this out…" Axl requested, and Slash nodded.
Their lips met again, and Axl ran his hand through Slash’s thick hair, placing the guitar gently on the ground.
Slash picked Axl up, and wrapped his legs around his waist. He carried him into his bedroom and laid him down on the bed. Slash stood over him, mesmerized by the way his copper hair spread out on the white sheets. Slash lay beside him, and pulled Axl into him. They were spooning now, and Slash’s head rested on Axl’s. he wrapped an arm around the smaller man, and chills ran down Axl’s spine when he felt Slash’s hot breath on his neck. Slash nibbled at his ear, and Axl grinned.
In a matter of minutes, they fell asleep.
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