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Master Of The Night

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When you hear the wind whisper the ghostly name, you know the Master Of The Night shall soon arrive.

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Master Of The Night

The wind whispers the ghostly name, faint hallows of the famous male, who stalks the town for a late new victim to crush deeply under his bony hands, as he sends their burning soul straight to the devil, so he can torture them once more. Everyone fears this man in question, never knowing the man behind the mask; the charade. All they know of him is he is the Master Of The Night.

This man is merely a tortured soul, sent from the depths of the burning Hell to devour anyone in his way, even if they never dared cross him. He is a cold, stone-hard killer, causing havoc and chaos throughout many towns and villages, slashing the skin off of many female sex-toys, watching with a cheshire-cat grin as the blood pours from their once full-of-life bodies, now laying in the debris and ash that was once themselves.

"Please sir," They'd beg, utter fear in their glassing eyes. "Spare me, do. I am just earning my way through this ghastly world, enough to live full, with a roof over my head and a warm bed for my body. Dear sir, I have done nothing wrong, can't you see? These breasts that bare my chest, they make my pay, I'm merely a puppet to their string. Spare me, sir, please do!" Yet, the Master never graced towards the woman of that profession, merely slitting their throat, and burning their naked bodies to a blackened crisp.

No one has ever caught the Master, he hides himself well. In a small little shack on the harbour of towns, or on the outskirts of the village. He hides all the evidence, dusting all his prints and marks, as if he, or anyone, couldn't have commited such a horrific offence. He then awaits the morning, before striding from the town, with a clean slate to his chilling name, and no one ever suspects of the gruelling murders he had committed in their once safe haven.

So, whenever you hear the wind whistle the ghastly name, and watch as crows caw at the shadow slowly approaching your town, you'd better believe that the Master Of The Night is coming for your prostitiutes, and will make it seem as if he was never there. You'd better believe the Master Of The Night is arriving sooner than you'd least expect it. Who knows, you may be his next victim.

A/N: This was basically inspired by the work of the great Edgar Allen Poe, possibly one of the greatest horror writers in the late 1800s. Second probably being Stephen King, who wrote such books as Carrie and The Shining. I have only ever heard one Edgar Allen Poe piece, called The Raven. Might I say, it was chilling. Also giving me inspiration was Jack the Ripper, the most gruesome serial killers yet to be unmasked.

I don't know, I'm greatly intrigued by horror stories like Heart Shaped Box and books like that. I have yet to read Carrie or The Shining or any of those books. I am also liking such horror films like Red Eye (to you it may not be a horror, but it kind of is one to me.) and Dorian Gray (fucking made me scream.), and classic horror characters as Frankenstein and Dracula. Even The Woman In Black, yet that film didn't exactly frighten me in any way it should.

I feel I ramble a whole lot, so I'll just leave this with the simple Rate and Review. I shall also start with the next part to Trusting. Expect that soon! XO Sadie
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