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Safe With The Angels

by MCR-99 4 reviews

In memory of Ari, AKA intoyouricyblues. RIP.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2013-07-25 - 188 words

Safe With The Angels

This horrific story,
not for the faint of heart,
will forever leave you reeling,
right from the start.

We've lost someone, everyone,
someone we truely love,
no matter who you are,
someone we prayed for.

This girl, this girl we knew so well,
as friends, forever stuck by glue.
but now she's gone, without a whisper,
and the friendship fades away.

Come on, children,
don't you cry,
I know you're sad,
as am I.

Come on, children,
all will be well,
because now this girl,
is safe with the angels.

A/N: I just discovered the news. Ari, aka intoyouricyblues is.. well.. she died. I never really knew her, but I could understand what was happening, and I kinda feel a little guilty now, with the name of my character in Trusting being Ari... so, I wrote this for her. Ari is now safe with the angels, she's watching over us. All of us. She was a really great author, and will be dearly missed. You may now begin violently sobbing, I'll pass around the tissues and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. XO Sadie
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