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I'm Sorry For Letting You Down.

by MCR-99 7 reviews

Another poem for Ari, because I feel like I have to do this.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2013-07-27 - 238 words

I'm Sorry For Letting You Down.

Hey, baby,
I know you waited,
For me to pick you up from school.
I'm sorry I never did.

Hey, baby,
I know you hated,
When I hit you and made you cry.
I'm sorry I never stopped.

Hey, baby,
I know I shouted,
And kept you out of other's reach.
I'm sorry for that.

Hey, baby,
I know you wanted that puppy for christmas,
And, I said puppies were too much work and I hated them.
I'm sorry I ruined your christmas.

Hey, baby,
I made your life a living hell,
I know that I did,
And, I'm so very sorry.

Hey, baby,
I know you killed yourself,
Because I was a fucked-up person.
I'm sorry for letting you down.

A/N: This is the fucking apology Ari's Dad should've made to her a long fucking time ago. I just read through both the poems she wrote, and I gotta say, that I feel like fucking punching someone. How can that one little girl be treated like that?! Children need love and care, not torture and neglect. I am so very sorry to Miles, Ari's mother, Ryan, AJ, anyone who was ever extremely close to Ari, and, I swear to God, your Dad, Miles, he needs justice, because you can't treat a kid like that and get away with it. Oh, and the title came from Someone, Somewhere by Asking Alexandria.
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