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If Only You Knew

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Exposing the real truth about Ari..

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-27 - 405 words

Okay. So, I just discovered something quite shocking about a certain Aria O'Rourke.

So, at two people now, I shall call them Spyro and Vulpix, for their protection.

Anyway, Spyro basically came out and told me via E-mail that the deceased Aria, or Ari, isn't exactly dead, because she isn't exactly real.

Mia, my old friend, would you like to stand please?

Anywho, Spyro basically said to me that Mia is Ari.

Let's review the evidence given, shall we?

First, Spyro said that she'd deleted something from FicWad, but 'Aria' reviewed it and at the end said 'xo Kitty'. Hmm... ring any bells, Mia? That's how you used to sign off reviews isn't it? I distinctly remember you doing that, as you always reviewed my stuff ending with an 'xo Kitty.'.

Second, when Spyro e-mailed both Mia and Aria, they were almost always online at the same exact time. This may just be a simple coincidence, but, compared to the first bit of evidence I gave, you may start getting a little suspicious.

Third, Mia told Spyro that she felt Aria was okay back in March. Hm.. how could one person feel another person is okay, when they barely even know each other? You can call it Instinct, but I call it something extremely different.

Fourth, Spyro has recently recieved an email from Miles, Aria's greiving brother, sent from an iPod. Anyone who has ever had an e-mail from Mia in the past knows that she always sent things from her iPod. Some of you may think "Oh, he might've gotten one for Christmas" or something like that, but listen to this:

Mia is short for Maria. Take away the M. What does it say, readers?

So, it comes to my conclusion that Mia basically made up this Ari character, along with her brother.

(For the evidence, read the reviews for Jazzy's poem, Sleeping Angel. Miles was on Kitty's account. How could he possibly have her account information? And, her phone number? Surely this girl must know the rules of Online Protection: Never give out personal information. Ash only got my account info because she was my collab author. That is an utterly different story.)

I'm not doing this to be hateful, I would just like to know why Mia did this to us? Why did you do it Mia?

You guys can hate me if you will, but we've had this before, remember?
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