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I'll Just Say What You Do To Me

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Cute Jalex oneshot - letter style!!

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I'll Just Say What You Do To Me.

Dear Jack,

I know writing letters is really formal and shit, but dude I have to fucking do this. Why, is completely beyond me. Call it, maybe, the testosterone getting way too into my system, giving me really weird sexual impulses. Ignore that last bit. That wasn't a suggestion, it was an order.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I like you. I know we've been friends since grade three, when Billy James spilt milk all over your Spiderman t-shirt, and I hit him in the face, coincidentally resulting in my name on the naughty board which gave me that hard-guy feeling. Then, you were like 'dude thanks' and you may not have noticed it but I went as red as a tomato, but lied saying it was really hot in the room, even though it was the middle of December.

I'm going off-topic, I know. Anyway, when I say I like you, I mean I basically wanna fuck the shit out of you, anytime and anywhere. I just realised I was gay, dude. I know you are as well, first by you coming straight out and telling me, nearly making me puke back then but not now because we're the same sexual orientation, and secondly because I know how you fucking feel around me. I give you those weird little butterflies in your stomach, not the vomiting ones, the ones that fly around in that stomach of yours.

I'm gonna end this letter soon before I puke all over it, with the lovey-dovey shit. I was wondering weather you and I maybe should start dating? What do you think?

Reply soon, via text because I loathe letters now,

Then, after the letter was finished, 15-year-old Alex Gaskarth quickly slipped the long 'note' into Jack's locker, before hearing Jack's voice from behind him.

"Just fucking kiss me already.." And Alex was happy to oblige.

A/N: FUCKING. JALEX. FLUFF. I got the idea for this after (badly) dancing to Somewhere In Neverland by All Time Low, and that little lightbulb in my head was like "blink-blink motherfucker and write that Jalex oneshot." so this is what ya get. This is probably really shit, isn't it?
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