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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3. Frank looks incredulous and slightly pissed, ‘Are you kidding, we barely had enough time for you but Mikey was refusing to leave without his big brother.'

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Once everyone is changed, Korse comes in and begins to lead everyone out, single file, in the order of the holding cells. Not wanting to put the dracs on high alert, Gerard and Ray split again, in the hopes of somehow spotting a way out. Ray is just as determined to leave as Gerard is.

Walking silently in line, Gerard allows himself to worry about Mikey and thinking of an escape plan again. They are on completely different floors, so it doesn’t look like they’d be having a chance run in with each other, everyone seemed to have been placed in separate locations depending on age. All of the stairways seem to be guarded pretty well, and taking an elevator would be as helpful as just telling Korse you’re escaping. The cameras seem to be everywhere, no blind spots, and also running 24/7.

Getting Mikey out safely is looking harder by the second. There’s so much security and so little they know about the building.

Gerard completely zones out and almost walks into the boy in front of him, but there’s no reaction from him at all. They’ve become mindless drones and Gerard worries about what will become of him, his brother and Ray if they stay here much longer.

They all eventually come to a large room with a high ceiling that smells like a hospital - too clean and unnatural. Everything here is so bright and white that it’s blinding, and Gerard has to shield his eyes, already sick of the colour that surrounds him.

Everyone stands in one long line and Gerard can see Ray poking his head out to look at him. Neither of them looks very confident standing in the sea of white.

Gerard long black hair and Rays untamed afro stand out completely, and, looking at everyone else, it’s obvious what’s coming next. BL/ind hates any form of self expression and individuality, so of course a different hairstyle isn’t acceptable.

A door opens from the side of the room and in walk 10 dracs, Korse and a Japanese lady with short, straight, black hair wearing a gray suit who looks just as friendly as the rest of them.

They stand in front of the children, observing and admiring their handiwork, their gazes lingering on Gerard and Ray.

‘Everyone may report back to their rooms except for the residents of holding room 4 and 8. Thank you, please leave now,’ says the woman, completely detached.

Everyone but Gerard and Ray are escorted back to their cells by 8 of the dracs until only Gerard, Ray, Korse, the woman and 2 dracs are left in the room.

‘I am Dr Isoda,’ she says. ‘I am in charge of this facility and you will comply. Tomorrow you will begin your set of pills and your lives will be so much better. You will achieve your full potential, without emotions and attachments getting in the way. Hopefully you will serve Battery City and its inhabitants for many years to come.’

She smiles in a sickly sweet but false way, and neither Ray nor Gerard smile back.

Her smile quickly disappears as she motions for two dracs to come forward and cut Gerard and Rays hair. Which they had both been expecting but still didn’t accept.

Ray manages to bite the hand of his drac before being held still and having his afro shaved completely, looking a lot smaller without it and Gerard bravely defends himself with kicks and punches before also being held down.

They have their pictures taken before being allowed to leave.

As they are escorted back to their holding cells, both Gerard and Ray have miserable looks on their faces. They look exactly like BL/ind intended and there’s nothing unique about their appearance anymore.

Gerard walks back into his cell, scanning the room again, but doubtful he will find anything of use. He can’t even find where the security cameras are.

The floor is as rough as ever and Gerard dreads attempting to sleep on it, but feels so exhausted and drained and defeated that he lies down anyway and ends up falling into a plagued, uneasy slumber.


‘How are you gonna open that?’

‘I’ll figure something out Mikey, trust me for a sec will you?’

‘Okay, but you’ll have to move fast.’

‘I know, I know. I’m here for you though, ya’ know. I could be out of here by now if I hadn’t met you and you didn’t have a brother stuck here.’

‘Yeah, I know. Thanks for saving us though.’

‘We’re not out yet Mikes, don’t thank me- Hey, that must be where they keep everything. I bet we’ll get the keys there.’

The whispering voices, not as quiet as probably intended, wake Gerard from an extremely uncomfortable sleep on the rough ground of his cell. As soon as he hears Mikeys name mentioned, he’s wide awake and straining to see outside the tiny window on his cell door.

‘We don’t even know which one he’s in though.’

‘Well, you know what he looks like, right? We just look through the doors until we see a sleeping Gerard Way, and that’s the one we bust, okay?’


‘Hey, we still have at least 15 minutes until they realise something’s up, that’s plenty.’

‘Yeah, I know. Okay.’

‘You go and find him now, quickly.’

Gerard hears some shuffling and then suddenly, there’s his little brothers face - right outside his door, and he can’t help but smile widely at the sight of him.

Even though it’s barely been a day since they last saw each other, they’re not used to being apart, and all of the worrying and not knowing what’s happened has been driving them both insane.

As soon as Mikey sees his brother, he holds up a finger to his lips, indicating that Gerard needs to stay quiet, and then scampers off.

‘Frank I found him, he’s in number 4.’

‘Yeah okay, I found the key come on.’

Watching from his window, Gerard sees two figures approach his door and the shorter one insert a key and turn it. There’s a clicking sound and a brief moment of anxious silence before he’s freed from his prison facing his rescuers.

He hugs Mikey tightly, telling him again how sorry he is and how it’s all his fault, which Mikey rolls his eyes at but smiles anyway.

To his side, a boy around Mikeys age but a lot shorter, who Gerard assumes is Frank, is standing impatiently. He has beautiful hazel eyes and a wicked look about him. His hair is black but has been shaved like every ones here.

‘I hate to break up this reunion,’ he says, ‘but if we want out in one piece we need to leave pretty soon.’

Mikey pulls away and says, ‘Yeah, okay come on Gee, we need to get out of here.’

‘Yeah let’s-’ suddenly remembering Ray he stops mid sentence.

‘Wait, holding cell 8. There’s a normal guy like us, Ray. We have to help him too.’

Frank looks incredulous and slightly pissed, ‘Are you kidding, we barely had enough time for you but Mikey was refusing to leave without his big brother. We can’t.’

‘We can’t just leave him to become a mindless zombie.’

Frank sighs, knowing they’re just wasting time and so he goes with Gerard to grab the key to holding room 8 and to wake a sleeping Ray.

‘Hey, Ray, Wake up, be quiet though okay?’

‘Gerard? What are you doing? How did you get in here?’

‘No time. Listen, we’re leaving, you coming?’

Ray looks confused but then smiles and is up in a flash.

‘Hell yeah. Let’s get out of here.’

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