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Society Is A Joke

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Wow, society is just one big joke, and one big choke.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-29 - 350 words

Society Is A Joke

The girl wears band tops,
skinny jeans and converse-clad,
with stretched ears galore,
piercings showing on ears and nose.
She is considered an Emo.

The boy wears black,
no other colour on his body,
with metallic jewelery, the lot.
He is considered a Goth.

What the hell is up with society these days?
Can't we all be respected for who we want to be,
and not be who anyone else tells us to be?

Lyrics involivng scars and deep emotion are bad,
whereas lyrics with hoe and swag are inspiring?
I really have no thought to how this is,
seems to me like people are fucked up in the head.

Musical artists with piercings and tattoos are dangerous,
yet the likes of the pop genre these days, the pokemon wannabes,
are actually inspiring and safe?
Are you kidding me right now with this society order?

To me, society is one big joke,
and one big choke,
just swallowing up people day by day,
fucking up their way of life,
letting those who go against society,
get all the blame.
So let me say one thing to you,
you fat-ass prestigious cunts,
yeah, you on your high horses,
shitting on us all.
Society is a joke.

A/N: Wow. That just poured outta me.

This is all I'm posting for now, as I have my appointment to try and get a "confidential" therapist. Note: If you split therapist into two words it says "the rapist." I just noticed that. Anybuddy, I'll be posting a lot more later tonight, I'll just leave you guys to, ya know, rate this and review this. Also, I've noticed my latest installment of The Origami Killer Returns has been left unreviewed and unrated, so I'll leave you to read, rate and review that too. I'll inform you guys on all the deets (Oh god why am I all swaggy what is this world coming to?) of my appointment when I get back. Because, you crazy bunch are my second family. You are. Feel proud. Peace and Cookies! -waves to you- XO Sadie
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