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You Look Like Bad News, I Gotta Have You

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All About Bad Boys. If you're offended easily by sarcastic humor, then please dont read this. If you write stories with a "bad boy" in them, you probably shouldn't read this, because you'll get off...

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I just want to start off by saying that this is a sort of rant. I dont normally write rants (this is my first one) but i found a healthy dose of inspiration.

I was browsing stories on a site, specifically i was looking in the "Werewolf" section, and i found a common theme..bad boys. I dont see the point in writing stories about a "bad boy". The boys in those kinds of stories aren't bad. They wear leather jackets, black clothes, have a bad attitude, ride motorcycles, make all the girls swoon, and do atleast one dastardly deed in the whole story. Which can be anything from spraying graffiti on the side of the school building to not showing up to class. Those things DO NOT make a bad boy. You're making a semi-hot, mean, and ignorant boy. If not showing up to class makes a boy sexy, i'm afraid for my generation. A bad boy does bad things. A bad does one or more of the following: experiment with drugs (not weed, i mean meth or heroine or bath salts), steal, or go to jail;no bad boy in most stories has done that.
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