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Black Dog

by JustAGhost 2 reviews

The symbol of melancholy.

Category: Horror - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Horror - Published: 2013-07-30 - 614 words

You wake up and feel the person you love is curled up by your side. Their soft, gentle breathing creates a warm spot on your bare skin where their lips are but inches away from. Laying on your bed, the pair of you are only a tangle of limbs and sheets but to you this single moment is absolute bliss. Holding them close to you makes you feel strong and able to do anything for that one important person.
But in the corner that black dog growls lowly. This creature looks upon you and your lover, snarling. It knows that you feel at your best when you are with them. So the black dog will take it upon itself to change that.

Another snide remark too far. Your lover is appalled at the idea of you using such cruel words to hurt them. They cannot fathom the changes that you have underwent in the recent period of time. The torn up expression on their face causes you to realise how your actions have affected this beautiul human. They accept your apology and fold themselves up into your arms.
Peering over their shoulder, you spy the black dog and the triumphant glint in it's dark eyes. The cracks are beginning to show in your life. The black dog is beginning to tear you apart.

The yelling is becoming too much for your throat. The booze you drank earlier intensifies the pain causing your voice to shrink. The one you love is in tears, their shrieks echoing through the empty apartment. The alcohol and rage becomes too much for you to handle. The hand designed to hold theirs was suddenly raised and ready to strike. The blow turned the room silent and yor lover stared at you, wide eyed in disbelief. They run out of the front door. You don't try to stop them because you know it's pointless.
All the while the black dog is grumbling to itself. You notice that with every problem, every argument, every bad thing to happen to you, the dog grows in size. It is close to towering over you. The dog roars in what you can only call satisfaction. As it knows it has nearly got you beat.

They're gone. That perfect person you thought you could spend the rest of your life with is gone and with good reason with the way you treated them. With your hands gripping either side of the bathroom sink, you glare at the monster in the mirror that you have let yourself become. A tortured being filled with hatred and misery. A bottle of pills on the shelf suddenly seems so inviting. The bottle of vodka lying on the floor is there to assist the pills. The perfect combinaion to end the suffering you and the person whose life you ruined had to go through. You swallow as many of those white tablets as you can with gulpss of foul tasting alcohol.
In the mirror you can see the familiar dark furred figure looming behind you. As your legs give way and you stumble backwards into the bath tub, you realise that you have allowed it to win. Your demon has won. Eyelids grow heavy and the world slows down. But just before you reach the sweet release you have been craving for your loved one bursts into the bathroom. Tear streamed eyes, red nose and dropped jaw. They scream at the sight of you. They collapse by your side and shake you until you look at them properly. You give them a little smile before your head slumps back and your body is no longer moving. The black dog has won.
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