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Someone, Somewhere.

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Oneshot. Pretty personal, seeing as what's going on in my home right now. Includes a self-insert, don't kill me.

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Someone, Somewhere.

"Mum?" Sadie got in from school that day, to the sight of her mother sat on the sofa, with the family Bichon, Mario, by her side. Her mother's face had fresh tears streaming down, her mother clutching a fully-used tissue. "Mum!"

Sadie sunk down next to her mother, wrapping her arms around the shaking shoulders. "Tell me, why are you crying?"

Her mother said nothing, only handing her concerned daughter the opened letter in her other hand, crying even more from the contents within the letter. Sadie took a deep breath, before reading the letter.

Dear Mrs. Hobbs,

This is very important. You owe us tax credit, from your house, your car, everything. From the calculations of how much each tax you owe, we've totaled it to around £1050. I understand that is a bit much, but you need to pay it by the end of this week, or we may re-possess your home. I'm very sorry for this information.

Yours sincerly,

HMS Revenue and General Service.

Sadie was able to comprehend the information she had read, and she too began crying. She kept telling her sobbing mother it would be okay, but she knew it probably wouldn't. She then did the only thing she could. Sadie rose from her seat, and went up to her brother, Daniel, who was in his room, laughing with his friends, the room smelling of cigarette smoke and alcohol. Sadie took a swallow of the lump in her throat, before knocking as bravely as she could on the bedroom door.

"Yeah?" Her seventeen-year-old brother replied, over the pulsing music from the room.

"Daniel?" Sadie asked, trying to keep her voice from cracking under the tears. "I need to borrow your phone. I have to call Nikki." Nikki was Daniel and Sadie's older sister, and the helping hand for the family if the need arose. Sadie would've called Nikki on her own phone, but it was out of credit at that time.

A few seconds passed, before the phone was quickly passed to Sadie through the small opening of the door, before it quickly slammed again. Sadie took another quick breath, before going back downstairs, while finding her sister's number and hitting call. The dial tone rang, before the 26-year-old woman at the other end of the line replied.

"Hello?" She asked into the line, and Sadie was letting tears fall.

"Nikki, it's me, Sadie. Mum.. really needs you. Like, now. Can you come over as soon as possible?" The child's voice was breaking at the sobs in her throat.

"Yes! I'll be right there, okay? Wait until I get there. I'll be five minutes." Then the line went dead, and Sadie turned the phone back off, before walking back and sitting beside her mother.

"Mum. I called Nik, she'll be over soon okay?" Sadie reassured her mother, rubbing her back as the tears fell from both their eyes. After four minutes, there was a loud knock at the door, and Sadie opened it to see her sister, and quickly let her in, and followed her to the kitchen where the woman sat beside her mother, cuddling her. Nikki motioned for Sadie to leave the room, and Sadie did so, sitting at the top of the stairs while she listened to the conversation taking place.

"Mum, what happened? Why are you crying?" Nikki asked in a concerned voice, before Sadie heard the letter being handed over, and a gasp.

"We don't have that kind of money, and your father sure won't help." Sadie finally heard her mother's voice since the start of this occasion. It sounded tearful and angered, and Sadie couldn't really blame her mother for what she'd said. Her father broke up with her mother when she was quite young, and refused never to help in any bills. Which, with the money that had now in the family income, wouldn't really help with the bill they needed to pay to that company in order to keep the house.

"It'll be okay. I'll get as much money as I can from my work, and give it all to you-" Nikki was cut off during her suggestion.

"No. You need to feed the kids and pay your bills and-"

"You come first!" Nikki protested. "Mum, I really care about you. We'll get this money somehow. I promise you." Sadie couldn't hear any more of this conversation without hysterically crying, so she ran to her room with tears falling. There the girl sat on her bed, or rather curled up in a ball crying. Sadie couldn't stand to see her mother crying like that, it pained her to see it. Sadie looked up at all of the posters on the wall, staring at her with haunting eyes. The crying girl then stood on her bed, screaming hysterically as she tore them from the wall, flinging them onto her bed, before sinking to her knees before the pile.

"I'm sorry." The girl sobbed as she tried to piece her Asking Alexandria poster back together, staring into the eyes of the band she loved so dear. "But, I have to let you go."

"Sadie?" Nikki had heard the screaming, and had come up to see where it came from. The sister saw Sadie crying harder than her mother did, and sat beside her, pulling her into a hug. "Why are you crying?"

"Look around you." Sadie sobbed. "All of my stuff, my playstation, my laptop, my t-shirts with bands on them. All of that cost so much money, and now look what it's doing to us! We might lose the house, so I'm giving back everything that was bought with money we never had." Sadie then continued to collect up everything she loved, but her sister grabbed ahold of her arm, pulling her back down.

"Stop right there." Nikki sternly told the tear-faced girl. "You don't need to get rid of anything. I promised Mum, so I'll promise you. It will all blow over in the end, Daniel has to work, Mum has to work, Ben has to work, I will work, and we'll draw up as much money as possible to pay off this bill. We all just have to try our best and never give in. Promise me, you'll stop crying? Promise me that you believe it will all work out?"

"I-I promise." Sadie nodded.

"Good. Now put those posters back up you!" Nikki ruffled her sister's dirty brown hair and touched the tip of her nose, making the girl laugh a little, before Nikki got up from the bed and went back downstairs, leaving Sadie to peace. As Sadie put her posters back in place, she noticed something different about the broken poster she tried to piece together. Not only was it fixed again, but the lead man, Danny Worsnop, was smiling. Before he wasn't.

"You did this, you made me happy again, didn't you?" Sadie got nothing in return except a wink.

The End.

A/N: The bit with the money, all real. The poster ripping and the winking Danny Worsnop, not real. The letter Mum got didn't say what it did in this oneshot, it was much longer. Of course, I never exactly read it. And, I never called my sister in real life, she was there already. I really don't know what our family is gonna do. I'm really worried, for the first time in ages, I am really worried. I don't want to lose this house, because I grew up here, and being in a new place will just seem weird. Anybunny, make me feel better with a nice rate and review. Oh, and Mysteryxx or whatever, try and find one really bad detail with this, I dare you. You want to make me fucking cry? Go ahead. Just know that I will never leave here, if that's what you're trying to make me do. I've been here a near-good eight months, and I've grown because of this place. So, just try to throw me off this site. I'd like to see you try. You don't have any stories yourself, so what makes you better than me? Sorry for the anger, but if you haven't noticed, I'm going through a rough patch at the minute.
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