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Quick Note...

by Hozzie 3 reviews

Don't worry I'll delete this tomorrow but a note for people who read my stories and are waiting for the auditioned fic?:)

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Hello! :)

So basically I still have every intention of writing the story and hopefully I'll start soon but my best friends Becca + Jess have asked me to write them a story for their birthdays. Now their birthdays aren't until October but the story involves 6 different worlds (Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Marvel etc.) and it's pretty complicated to write (especially since I haven't started watching Game of Thrones yet?) and I want it to be relatively long... So far I have 9 A5 pages for the Supernatural section and I still think it's not very good.

Anyway, I'll try and get the first chapter for the auditioned fic up on Wednesday night? But don't expect an update everyday like I did before ;/ I'm also going through some family issues right now (remember the note I posted just before Christmas about my brother? Well yeah, he just got out of prison...)

So yeah, I hope no one's mad that I can't update or anything...?

Love Hozzie
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