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Chapter 3.2

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Her question shattered the calm feeling i'd been slowly growing. I decided against telling the truth. As usual.
"Of course" i lied and focused on controlling my hunger. I knew i'd hunt later, but my stomach was growing impatient. Not a good thing, when a human is sitting across the table from a man eating monster. Yes, i'll admit it. I still eat humans. My murderous body wont accept any other kind of meat. I always have to be caareful when choosing who my prey will be and how i'll catch them..Honestly, i hold off on eating until i'm nearly to weak from hunger to move. If i ate every time i grew hungry, i'd regret taking so many human lives. Humans are a last resort. I normally try and eat grass and flowers like dogs do sometimes, or i'll choke down some sort of animal. I wonder how this guest of mine would react if she knew what i eat.
"Really? Wow. How did learn how to talk? And how did you find this castle?" she gushed and i was happily suprised to know that she still wanted to know more.
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