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Love Is Like..

by MCR-99 11 reviews

Angsty Poem on the death sentence that is love.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-31 - 325 words

Love Is Like..

Love is like a jail cell,
cold, and dark,
with no light at the end of the tunnel,
no where to run.
You're trapped in a cramped space,
no air to shout and scream,
no space to have your own true freedom,
nobody to keep you safe,
as your lover tears your heart out,
and shoves you out the door.

Love is like a knife,
sharp and weaponising,
able to kill you in a split second,
or kill those around you.
You've got no where to be safe,
as the knife hangs over your body,
slowly ripping the skin off your bones,
and laying beside your rotting organs.

I dislike love with an almighty passion,
I don't get why people like it,
why do they need someone to comment on how they look?
why do they need someone to hold at night?
To me, love is like a prison sentence,
you're in it for life, no bail or parole,
you're trapped in a jar, slowly closing in on you,
as your last scream fades from your lips as you turn to pulp.

I don't fucking need love to be happy.
I don't see myself ever in that sort of feeling,
I feel it, yet I bury it deep down,
so no one knows that this zombie feels something.
Love is just another word for cheater,
it'll happen to all of us.
So, you'd better get the fuck out now,
before your heart gets ripped out in front of you,
so you can see for yourself,
the monster your lover truly is, and always was.
You'd come crawling back to me, pleading for forgivness,
and all I will say is,
I told you so.

A/N: Yeah. Some love is good, but I just don't see myself ever in love. It's not in my nature, or my mind, to ever feel love. Rate this down if you like, I just don't care anymore.
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