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Pete just wants to know why Patrick keeps sniffing him.

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this is really dumb bye.

Four weeks into Warped Tour and Pete Wentz was on the brink of murdering the lead singer of his band. If he heard his boyfriend sniff him one more time, he just might snap.

He felt a warmth crawl in beside him in his bunk and heard a deep inhale that had come to follow him no matter where he went. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed tiredly as he had been doing every night of this tour so far. The sound of another sniff came from his collarbone region.

Oh yeah, he'd snapped.

"Patrick, what're you doing?"

He knew what Patrick's answer was going to be before he even asked, "What? I can't just be with my boyfriend?"

Another sigh flowed from Pete's lips, slightly more frustrated than the last, "Of course you can Lunchbox, but that's not what I mean and you know it. What's with you lately? The sniffing and stuff?"

A few minutes passed in silence before Pete poked Patrick's shoulder pressing for an answer. He refused to simply take the "I just want to be around you, boo." excuse from his boyfriend and letting it go, as he had been doing.

"It's just-" he took another whiff. "I don't know what it is, Pete, it's weird. Every since this tour started you just- I don't know. You just smell so good."

His singer looked up with from where he had his head buried into the crook of Pete's neck, his green eyes wide with awe.

Pete was surprised at finally getting a straight answer after all these weeks of asking. He squinted as the shock wore off and the answer actually set in.

"That's why you've been following me around like this," Pete gave a little laugh, "Because of how I smell?"

He chuckled when Patrick meekly nodded his head.

"You know, this Axe cologne stuff is supposed to attract hot girls in daisy dukes but," he paused to peck Patrick's blushing cheek. "I think cute singers in trucker caps are just as good."

"Actually, nope you're not just as good." He wrapped his arms around the strawberry blonde boy laying beside him and whispered gently in his ear, "You're better."
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