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Chapter 3.5

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The end of chapter 3. finally.

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Though i know the beast, uh, Luna said to stay in my room i couldn't help myself. Peeking out into the hall, i slipped out of my assigned bedroom and went upstairs. I's heard her leave earlier and figured i'd been given a chance opportunity. What secrets could be hidden in her room? If she even sleeps in a room..
Unsuprisingly, i was met with another long hall of doors. Instead of looking through each one, i went straight to the last set of mahogany doors and inspected it. The door knob was missing and even though the wood looked heavy, when i pushed on it it slid open easily.
The room inside was a complete mess. Clothes thrown everywhere, dresses ripped and torn on the bed, claws marks gouged into the floor, but the only thing intact was a mirror directly to my left.
"Why only this?" i muttered as i walk over to it. I brushed my fingers along it's frame then moved on to examine the dresses. They were made of fine silk and velvet, fit for a princess. "Has she murdered women in here?" i gasped in shock.
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