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Time For Tea

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This is some creepy shit.

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A sweet little girl, Lily was. She holds out a faded pink teapot to her guests to offer them more tea. She tips the spout into each matching cup for her friends to enjoy. They didn't want to have a tea party at first, but they joined her eventually. However she expected her dolls to have better manners.

She does not like that they slump at the table and do not sit up properly. They also keep spilling liquids on her lovely, floral carpet which she scolds them for. Her guests do not compliment the pretty white ribbon she put in her blonde hair for the occassion. But through all of this, Lily is just happy that they are at her tea party and are enjoying themselves.

Lily's dolls make too much mess. Her pretty white dress is a state. The china cups and saucers are cracked all over. The lace tablecloth has been torn. Lily doesn't seem to care anymore though. She takes her own cup and sips at it. Looking up, she frowns at one of her dolls. "Silly, silly," she mutters as she walks around to the doll in question, a young, dark haired boy, and lifts his head off the table, allowing him to slump back on his old, wooden chair.

You see Lily's tea party had quite the twist. You may recall earlier that I said nobody wanted to join her at first, but you see the struggle wasn't convnincing them to have tea. The trouble was having to drag each person to the table, without spilling too much blood. Her guests bled all over poor Lily's pretty dress. Now it's a crimson red, but Lily quite likes it that way.

Mummy doll's fingers have fallen onto the biscuit plate. Daddy doll's head is nearly coming off his neck. Brother doll's limbs are taking up too much room on the floor. Sister doll can't lean back in her chair with the knife still in her back.

Lily smiled at her favorite little dolls. She wipes her stained hands on the already blood covered tablecloth. After nibbling on a cookie and her own cup has been drained of the warm, red liquid, Lily raises up the teapot. "More anybody?" She chirps.

A/N Fuck knows what's going on in my head right now.
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