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Chapter nine

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Things are getting stranger in the little coastal town...

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Gerard sighed as he walked into the apartment and hung up his jacket, leaning forward to see down the hall into the open plan living room, smiling when he saw Frank there. The younger man was drawing in a sketchbook Gerard had bought for him, the item rarely out of Frank’s hands. The merman found that he enjoyed drawing with pens and pencils much more than he enjoyed painting and he was determined to practice lots and become a good artist like Gerard.

A week had passed since the men had shared their first real kiss and in that time they had grown a lot closer. Frank had slept in Gerard’s bed every night, sometimes just kissing him before he fell asleep and sometimes doing more. Gerard had managed to restrain himself enough to not initiate sex with Frank, but the desire to do was growing stronger with every day.

“I’m making a drink Frankie, you want one?” Gerard called down the hall, already walking to the kitchen. Frank gave a soft hum back, something in the affirmative. Gerard smirked and rolled his eyes, filling the kettle with water and letting it boil as he gathered two mugs and filled one with coffee and placed a teabag in the other. Even though he kept insisting on sipping Gerard’s in the hopes he would change his mind, Frank still didn’t like coffee; the knowledge that most people practically relied on it though made him want to enjoy it, for the sake of being normal.

Gerard was much more aware of Frank’s desire to be normal now. Now that he was certain he wasn’t human he was picking up on the subtle things he had previously missed. The way Frank would clarify the meaning of things. The way he would ask if people did this or that, whether it was common for them to do certain things or not. It was becoming increasingly clear to Gerard that Frank was trying to learn about being a human so that he could imitate being one. At first this had worried Gerard, but now he found it adorable. Frank was trying so hard, and yet every small slip up he made just made Gerard want to kiss him and hug him tight.

Once the drinks were made Gerard carried them into the living room and sat down beside Frank, handing him his mug and smiling as Frank put down his sketchbook to take it.

“Thanks Gee… How did the selling go?” He asked brightly, smiling as he blew over the hot liquid in his cup and sipped delicately at it.

“Pretty good. I’m keeping my displays in the couple shops they’re in, and I’m going to start arranging a gallery soon I think now that I’m getting a piece done every couple days.” Gerard sank back into the couch with a sigh of delight, resting his feet on the coffee table in front of him as he drank his coffee. Work was picking up again and for a change he wasn’t scrimping and saving just to get by. Frank was a good influence on him it seemed, all he wanted to do was paint around Frank and hear his never ending praise.

Gerard’s nautical themed paintings were also surprisingly popular. Being by the sea most local artists were painting ships and sea scenes, but Gerard supposed his fantasy elements were what made his work more popular. He had never imagined people would be eager to buy mermaid paintings, but it would appear they were.

“I’m hoping word will start spreading about my work.” Gerard smiled, resting a hand on Frank’s knee, idly stroking with his fingertips. “I’m already selling a lot more than I ever have, and I really think a showcase of my work is what I need right now.”

“Sounds good.” Frank nodded, smiling. He knew what showcasing the art meant; Gerard talked so much about being an artist that Frank knew most of the terms by now. He loved listening to Gerard talk about his work, his passion for it was always so clear and Frank treasured that part of him.

“Mm, I think so.” Gerard nodded his agreement, idly turning to look at the TV which had been left on the same channel all day. Frank had just kept it on as background noise, he hadn’t even noticed what was showing. “So have you just been drawing all then?” Gerard asked softly, though the question fell flat as he realised what was being shown on the screen.

Frank answered that yes, he had been drawing all day, and was just picking up his sketchbook again to show Gerard his new pieces when he realised the older man wasn’t listening to him anymore and he followed his gaze to the TV. It didn’t take long for Frank’s attention to get sneered too and he slowly put down his cup of tea before he dropped it.

“-the fifth sailor in seven days to go missing.” The news was playing on the TV, the local presenter stood in front of the harbour wall as she had been doing a lot that week.

“Mr Darm’s disappearance has followed the same pattern as the previous five: His boat was found drifting without anyone on board, but this time Mr Darm did not leave the harbour alone. Unlike the other missing sailors Mr Darm had his two adult sons and his friend Mr Grey with him. The four men had arranged a fishing trip and according to all who knew them they were excited for a weekend on the boat.

“The police are now treating all disappearances of the past week as suspicious and a dive team are now scouring the area for bodies. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the police.”

Gerard picked up the remote and turned off the TV before the number for the police could show, his face considerably paler. The whole town was shaken by these disappearances and now that more than one person had disappeared from one boat Gerard could imagine that many people would be too afraid to go sailing.

“Can you believe this?” He whispered softly, putting the remote back down and biting his lip as he looked at Frank. “How can people just be disappearing… it’s so strange.”

Frank nodded his agreement but couldn’t bring himself to say anything. After the first couple of disappearances he had begun to feel suspicious over the cause, but now there was no doubt in his mind that sailors were being snatched by the Siren’s. He suddenly felt sick and his head was swimming, his skin turning an ashen grey.

Deep down Frank knew that if he was in the ocean this wouldn’t have bothered him. Siren’s had been drowning sailors ever since man had invented boats, but seeing it from a human perspective was much more terrifying than being a merman.

In the sea merpeople just did their best to keep away from Sirens. They were considered dangerous creatures and would kill a merman just as readily as a human; but no merperson worried themselves with what the Sirens were doing to humans. Just like humans didn’t worry about animals hunting, to merpeople it was just considered a fact of nature that Sirens killed sailors.

Now though things weren’t that simple for Frank. He couldn’t just ignore what the Sirens were doing. He could see only too clearly how the disappearances were frightening Gerard. He had heard the stories of how people in the town were slowly growing more concerned, some people too afraid to go out in their boats. All sorts of rumours and conspiracy theories were surrounding the disappearances, most of them bizarre imaginings to do with the government. So far Gerard hadn’t mentioned that anyone suspected a Siren, in fact the closest rumour to a sea creature being behind this had been ‘some crazy notion’ (as Gerard had put it) that something like a giant squid was behind this.

Frank didn’t know if anyone would come to realise the truth. He knew that humans didn’t believe in things like mermaid’s or Sirens anymore but surely someone, sooner or later, would start to wonder… And even if they didn’t Frank couldn’t just live with what was happening. He was frightened just like the humans were, and being on land and seeing everything from that perspective was showing him just how abnormal and terrifying the disappearances were. If things continued on this scale Frank couldn’t imagine how things might end.

“Frankie?” Gerard raised his eyebrows as Frank jumped and looked at him with wide eyes, his skin a strange colour and his face the picture of terror. He looked genuinely ill and Gerard bit his lip as he slid closer to him and gently lay an arm around his waist. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Frank nodded, replying too quickly for Gerard’s liking. “Just… A little shaken I guess. Its scary stuff.” Frank tried to force a smile, tried to look like he wasn’t being so greatly affected but he could tell it was obvious. He was horrified by what was going on and he felt almost guilty for it. He was the only one who knew the truth about what was happening and he couldn’t help but feel like it was his duty to tell someone.

Gerard bit his lip as he looked at Frank, frowning slightly as he moved to take hold of his hands instead, gently stroking his palms with his thumbs. “Frank… You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He whispered, wondering why he was so afraid. Of course the disappearances were frightening, but Gerard didn’t think there was any reason why they should be affecting Frank so deeply.

“I’m fine I just…” Frank stopped, unable to think of a way to finish his sentence. He was just what? Fighting with trying to hide the truth? Disgusted that a creature similar to himself was the cause of so many deaths in such a short space of time? Terrified that Gerard was going to find about what he was?

“I just can’t believe so many people have gone missing that’s all.”

Gerard quirked an eyebrow, his face sceptical. He was starting to wonder if there was another reason why Frank was so pale, if maybe he knew something about what was happening. The sailors that had gone missing had simply disappeared without a trace. Was it so crazy to wonder if something had taken them? Something that could hide them where no one would find them? Something like aliens…

“Frankie…” Gerard softened his voice, speaking quietly as he held Frank’s hands and looked at him with soft eyes. “Do you… know something about what’s going on?”

Frank’s already wide, terrified eyes grew even wider at that, his lips parting as he stared at Gerard in horror. Immediately he tried to tug his hands out of Gerard’s but the artist held on tight, refusing to let him go as Frank whimpered and shook his head frantically.

“N – No! No of course not! Why would I know anything Gerard, I’m not even from this town.”

“Exactly.” Gerard hissed, his eyes boring into Frank’s as he implored him to tell him the truth. “Where are you from Frankie? Why haven’t you told me yet, what are you hiding?” He asked softly, trying to pull Frank gently closer to him but the merman continued trying to pull away.

“I – I’m not hiding anything.” He insisted, tears stinging in his eyes as he began to panic. Gerard couldn’t know the truth, he just couldn’t… He would never believe it. He would shun Frank, he’d think he was crazy… Or he would blame him for the lives that had been lost. “Gerard please, you’re being crazy, I don’t know anything.”

“No!” Gerard suddenly snapped, scowling as he tightened his grip. “Don’t call me crazy! I’m not crazy!”

Frank raised his eyebrows in surprise, staring at Gerard in shock at the way he had risen his voice, talking like a desperate man and Frank realised he had hit a nerve. He stopped trying to pull away as he softened, looking sadly at the artist. Did Gerard think people would think him mad? What was it he believed that would make him worry for his sanity?

“I didn’t mean it.” Frank whispered softly, managing to break one hand out of Gerard’s and gently touch his cheek. “I know you’re not crazy.”
Gerard sighed and nodded, closing his eyes as he leant into Frank’s touch. “I just… I want to know who you are Frank.” He whispered softly, opening his eyes again to gaze softly at him. “I want to know where you’re from. I know you’re not from here, I just… I just want the truth.”
Frank bit his lip and sighed, his heart racing and his chest tightening as if it had been caught in an iron vice. He didn’t know what to say, didn’t even know what to feel. Did he want Gerard to know the truth? His instincts told him no; made him feel that letting Gerard know who he was would be the worst thing he could possibly do. He had been trying so hard not to let Gerard find out the truth about him, could he really just put all that aside and tell him?

“Gerard…” Frank whispered, gazing into the older man’s warm brown eyes and feeling his heart twist. “I… I can’t tell you…” He breathed, leaning slowly closer, pulled in by his desire for the artist. “You wouldn’t believe me.”

Gerard’s breath hitched in his throat, his hand tightening around Frank’s though he tried not to get his hopes up. Frank would probably still back out and not tell him, but this was the closest he had got to getting the truth out of the younger man and he couldn’t help but want it more desperately than ever before. He needed to know who Frank was… Needed to know why the disappearances were bothering him so much.

“Frankie I promise you, whatever you tell me I’ll believe it.” Gerard whispered, keeping his voice soft and understanding, not wanting to do anything that might spook Frank into not telling him. “To be honest I… I think I already know where you come from.” He added ever so quietly, blushing at the admission though he didn’t move his gaze from Frank’s.

The merman looked startled for a moment, surprised to hear that Gerard had been coming up with theories about him and his heart missed a beat. Could it be possible that Gerard had already guessed what he was? He had made it clear that he knew Frank wasn’t normal, and had hinted that he didn’t think him even human but Frank hadn’t allowed himself to consider that Gerard had managed to guess the truth.

“I… You do?” Frank tried to sound casual and not let his horror show through as he stared at Gerard. “What do you think?” He asked quietly, hoping he sounded mildly interested and wasn’t making it obvious that he felt as though his heart was about to cave in.

Gerard hesitated in his answering, biting his lip as he looked at Frank and slowly laced their fingers. He could tell, despite Frank’s attempts to look calm that the younger man was panicking and he wasn’t sure whether he should tell him what he believed. He wasn’t sure whether it would be better if he was right or wrong. He only knew that he had to say something before Frank passed out or had a panic attack or something.

“Well I…” Gerard paused, passing his tongue along his lower lip and trying to think of a gentle way of saying it. He didn’t want to just bluntly state that he thought Frank was an alien, but he couldn’t think of any other way of saying it. “I… I kinda guessed that you’re not from… ya know… this world.” Gerard blushed deeply, feeling utterly ridiculous. He almost gave in and said it was nothing, but the look of guilt and horror that crossed over Frank’s features gave him more conviction and he carried on.

“You’re not are you?” He whispered, his heart missing a beat as he leant closer to Frank, feeling almost dizzy at the thought that he might actually be right. “You… Are you an alien?”

“Am I a what?” Frank’s eyebrows rose in surprise, a small tinge of relief spreading inside him as he realised Gerard hadn’t guessed the truth after all; although Frank had no idea what an alien was.

At first Gerard thought Frank was just trying to pretend he didn’t know what he was talking about, but he soon realised that the look of confusion on his face was genuine and he sat back in surprise. Disappointment washed over him and he sighed as he shook his head.

“An alien… you know, from outer space?” He asked, Frank still looking bemused and Gerard groaned, running a hand through his hair. “God I’m sorry… I’m an idiot. Aliens don’t exist, I should have known it was stupid.” Gerard’s cheeks were flaming red and he had the sudden urge to leave and hide somewhere for a thousand years. Poor Frank looked bewildered, utterly confused by what Gerard had said, though he did crack a small smile.

“I’m not an alien… whatever that is.” He chuckled, touching Gerard’s knee when he saw how flustered he looked. “But since you’re so certain you can believe in things that supposedly don’t exist then…” Frank hesitated, his heart racing as he realised he was actually going to say it. He wasn’t even sure why he was going to; he knew that he shouldn’t, it would be better for everyone if he just kept his mouth shut and yet seeing Gerard so embarrassed and upset made his mouth just develop a life of his own.

“I’m a merman.” Frank’s stomach lurched as he said it, but accompanying the sickening feeling was also a profound sense of relief. He suddenly slumped, relaxing as he exhaled long and slow, his head swimming with the force of how good it felt to say that. He suddenly understand the phrase about a weight being lifted off his shoulders and he smiled uncertainly, waiting for Gerard to say something.

Gerard quirked an eyebrow at Frank, trying to judge whether he was making fun of him or not. At first he assumed it was just a joke, a way to tease him for believing in something as ridiculous as aliens; or a way of playing on his new found fascination with the sea and mermaids. Yet when he looked at Frank’s earnest face his heart began to trip in its rhythm and he felt a strange knotting sensation in his stomach. Even as he began to shake his head and try to convince himself it wasn’t possible, his body was already accepting the truth of Frank’s words.

“A merman… Really?” He smirked, shaking his head and sighing. “Good one Frankie.”

“Huh?” Frank frowned in confusion as Gerard got to his feet, the older man simply laughing off his statement as if it was nothing but Frank could see that he was trembling. “Gerard it’s true.” He sighed, getting to his own feet though he kept still as Gerard started to pace the living room.

“Look, this really isn’t the time for jokes.” Gerard sighed, not even looking at Frank as he walked back and forth, wringing his hands. “I’m obsessed with mermaids, I get it, but you don’t have to make fun of me for it.”

“What!?” Frank felt a stab of pain in his chest, as if Gerard had attacked him and he scowled at the older man. “I’m not making fun of you.” He snapped, tears rising in his eyes and he stamped his foot so that Gerard would look at him. “Damn it Gerard, it was really hard for me to tell you that, and you just blankly refuse to even consider it to be true?” He demanded, surprised by the well of hurt and anger that was rising inside him.

“I’ve been keeping it a secret ever since I met you, and it hasn’t been easy ya know!? I should have returned back to the sea as soon as I realised I was on land. I shouldn’t have let you take care of me, but I did. And if I don’t get back into the ocean on time I’ll never be able to return but I’ve been staying here because of how much I like you, and now I trust you with the truth you just throw it back at me? Make me feel… Make me feel like I’m /crazy/.”

Frank deliberately brought up his sanity, realising it was a tender subject for Gerard and the effect was immediate. The artist turned to face him with a surprised, wounded look on his face which slowly turned to one of shame and guilt. He bit his lip as he looked at Frank, staring in shock at the tears glistening in his honey eyes.

“I know humans don’t believe in merpeople anymore, but if you can believe I’m an alien then why is me being a merman so hard to accept?” Frank guessed that believing in aliens was a similar concept. Gerard had made it sound as though it was something humans didn’t usually believe and he scowled deeply as he stared defiantly at the older man.

“Frankie…” Gerard didn’t know what to say. Deep down he could tell that Frank was being honest and yet to acknowledge it as the truth was too hard. He felt stupid as he stepped forward, whispering an apology and trying not to think how idiotic he would sound if he told Frank he believed him and it turned out to be a lie.

“Listen I… This is really hard for me too.” He finally whispered, touching Frank’s hand gently and flinching when Frank pulled it away. “You’re right though. The alien thing was way more ridiculous than believing in merpeople…” He whispered, using the gender neutral term in the hopes it would make Frank feel better, but the smaller man wouldn’t even look at him, keeping his face turned away and his arms folded.

“Frankie I…” Gerard paused, thinking for a minute before he sighed and stepped close to Frank, resting his hands on his biceps and rubbing gently as he tried to console him. “Do you remember the day we first painted? And I told you when I was a kid I used to believe in mermaids?”

Frank bit his lip, trying to stay mad but he couldn’t help but glance at Gerard out of the corner of his eyes. His face softened slightly as much as he tried to keep scowling and he gave a tiny nod.

“Well… I stopped because my parents found out, and the older I got the more it worried them that I would end up being some kind of mermaid obsessed freak.” Gerard was blushing again, ashamed to reveal the truth but if he couldn’t tell it to Frankie then who could he tell it to. “Eventually they got so worried they sat me down and flatly told me that mermaid’s weren’t real, and that if I wasn’t able to accept that then I would be taken to see a counsellor… a kind of doctor for the mind.” He explained softly, Frank turning to look at him properly, his scowl gone.

“I found it easier to accept you were an alien because you get tons of crazy people who believe in them, but not many who believe in merpeople and… and for me to believe you would be like bringing up a part of me my parents made sure I repressed.” Gerard wasn’t sure if Frank could understand what he was saying, but he carried on regardless. “Me believing that you’re a merman would be painful for me but…” Gerard sighed, feeling nervous and shaky as he quietly whispered, “if you really are a merman it… it would be a dream come true.”

Frank rose his eyebrows and smiled slowly, unable to stop himself from relaxing and silently forgiving Gerard as he unfolded his arms and gently took the older man’s hands.

“Really?” He asked quietly, sighing as he stepped close to Gerard and lay his head against his chest. “I could prove it you know? All I have to do is go back into the sea and I get my tail back…” He whispered quietly, hardly able to believe he was saying all of this and yet it felt so good at the same time. Gerard was so important to him, he cared for him deeply, probably even loved him. The Siren had said he would know if he did, and honestly he couldn’t imagine love feeling any different.

“You could?” Gerard breathed, his eyes growing wide and he looked at Frank with an uncertain smile, still trying to fight with himself as to whether he believed Frank or not. “Would you show me?” He asked quietly, his heart hammering erratically. “I mean, right now? We could just go to the harbour and you could show me right now?” He asked, just to clarify.

Frank laughed quietly and nodded, feeling nervous and uncertain himself yet he smiled weakly. “I guess so… We couldn’t let anyone see though.” He shrugged, biting his lip as he gazed up at Gerard. “Does this mean you believe me?” He asked quietly, able to tell that Gerard wasn’t sure yet but as long as he didn’t completely disbelieve him then Frank was happy. He could prove it to him easily enough.

“I…” Gerard sighed, thinking about it for a moment. “I want to see the proof but I… I don’t think you’re lying.”

Frank pouted slightly, not entirely happy with that answer but it was good enough for him to decide that he would show Gerard his tail. He had already told him so he couldn’t see any reason not to show him, and maybe if Gerard knew the truth things would be easier. He would finally be able to teach Frank about the human world properly by actually understanding why Frank wouldn’t know about certain things. And he would understand too why Frank would have to leave after two months…

“Alright.” He said softly, forcing a smile and tiptoeing up to gently peck Gerard’s lips. “Let’s go then, to the harbour I mean… I’ll show you my tail, and then you’ll believe me.”


The sun was setting by the time the harbour began to empty of the crowds of people. The disappearances had stirred up such intrigue that people had been hanging around all day, watching the news teams do their reports and mutter over how sad the whole thing was.

Frank and Gerard had been forced to sit outside one of the pubs and just drink as they waited for an opportunity to get to the water without being noticed. They had filled the afternoon with awkward small talk, neither knowing how to act now that the truth hung between them. Gerard just desperately wanted to see some proof, and Frank couldn’t help but worry over what seeing the proof would do to them.

As the crowds dispersed and they finally abandoned their empty glasses to walk to the pier Frank began to panic even more. What if Gerard saw his tail and completely freaked out? What if it made him decide he didn’t want to be around Frank anymore? Or worse… What if it made him treat Frank like some sort of a freak, made him sell him out for research or told someone else about him.

Frank knew that he was putting his entire species at risk, but he had already reached the point of no return. The only way to get out of showing Gerard who he was would be to go into the ocean and swim away from him… To swim back to his own town and never return… But Frank knew that that was impossible. He was bound to Gerard now. Something invisible but perfectly tangible had connected them now Frank had told him the truth and he knew he would be unable to simply leave.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching them the two men slipped beneath the rails of the pier and down on to the band of sand below. Gerard kept silent as he watched Frank remove his clothes, his back to him. Now that they were so close to the water Gerard was feeling nervous too, his heart racing as he tried to comprehend what Frank was about to do.

Gerard still wasn’t sure whether he believed Frank or not. He wanted to, more than anything he wanted to, but he couldn’t find the conviction to really believe that any minute now Frank was going to transform into a half fish being right in front of his very eyes.

Once Frank was naked he sighed and glanced over his shoulder at Gerard, meeting his gaze with an almost sad look. “Promise me something?” He asked quietly, a sense of acceptance and sadness washing over him.

“Anything.” Gerard whispered, his own eyes sad as he saw the sorrow in Franks.

“Don’t freak out on me…” Frank’s words were soft, his face deadly serious. Gerard’s breath hitched in his throat and he nodded automatically, quietly mumbling ‘I promise’ before Frank nodded and turned to step into the water.

Gerard watched with baited breath as the younger man walked slowly forward, wading through the waves as the water came up to his knees, then his waist, right up to his chest before he ducked beneath the surface and disappeared from view.

Automatically Gerard panicked, rushing forward to the water’s edge and looking about frantically for the man he had come to consider his almost-lover. In the few seconds that passed all sorts of crazy notions went through his head. What if Frank had lied to him and had now drowned himself to get out of it? What if he really was a merman and had gone back to wherever he came from? What if whatever had taken the sailors had taken Frank too?

Gerard was just beginning to really believe something terrible had happened when suddenly Frank’s face appeared, barely two feet away from him. Gerard cried out in shock and jumped backwards, his eyes growing wide as Frank looked at him. The merman was resting up on his elbows, his face worried as he shrank back timidly and looked at Gerard nervously. Behind him his tail was curled up out of the shallow water, his caudal fin fanned out and spreading out a good three feet either side.

“I… I… Oh my God… I –”

“You promised not to freak out.” Frank quickly spoke up, biting his lip as he looked anxiously at the artist. “Please don’t panic… If you do I’ll have to go. I can’t risk anyone else seeing me.” He said as gently as he could, Gerard looking as though as he was about to have a nervous breakdown but he stuck true to his word and didn’t make a sound.

For a long moment Gerard couldn’t speak. Before him was the one creature he had been trying all of his life not to believe in. He had always felt a deep love and fascination for the ocean, it was one of the reasons why he had moved here. But he hadn’t thought about mermaids or anything like that since his parents had lectured it out of him as a child. And now… as impossible as it may be… Here was Frank. The most beautiful thing Gerard had ever seen.

“I… Oh my God. I can’t believe this is real…” Gerard finally managed to choke out, stepping forward slowly, walking straight into the water, shoes and all, to get closer to Frank. As it was Frank had come up so that he was only in shallow water, it only coming up to Gerard’s ankles.

“I shouldn’t have told you about me…” Frank said quietly, looking up at Gerard as he kept perfectly still, not wanting to do anything that might frighten the older man. “Humans are not supposed to know about us… but I couldn’t keep it from you any longer.” He sighed, biting his lip as Gerard’s eyes scanned all over him.

Gerard wasn’t surprised to hear that Frank was breaking rules by doing this. He couldn’t stop looking at him though, taking in the sight of his long, black scaled tail and deep red fins. The curve of his spine arched beautifully into the backside of his tail, the two dimples on his lower back still visible. There were slits on his neck that Gerard assumed must be gills, but his human lungs must still function too for his head to be out of the water.

Gerard was speechless as he stood in the water, letting his shoes and socks get soaked as he just stared and stared. Every daydream he’d had as a child; every movie, every story, every painting; none of it compared to what he was seeing now. He had no words to describe how incredibly beautiful Frank looked. His gorgeous face and lightly toned body attached to his shining, boldly coloured tail.

There was nothing sexual about Frank in this form, but it would be wrong to say he was unattractive. In fact, he was more beautiful than ever before. So beautiful in fact it would be wrong to ever look at him as something sexual. There was something inherently pure about this form, something so spectacular, something so perfect about it that to so much as kiss him in a lustful way would destroy it.

Gerard wasn’t sure if he believed in God or not, but in that moment he couldn’t help but think that if God did exist then Frank was certainly one of his creations. Nothing so stunning could be created merely by accident.

Frank watched Gerard carefully for what felt like a lifetime, slowly growing more and more nervous when he didn’t say anything. The look on his face was nothing but shock and Frank couldn’t read any more than that. He couldn’t tell what Gerard was thinking, whether he still liked him or not and that terrified him.

“Gee… Please say something.” He mewled, a lump building in his throat.

“I… Frankie you… You’re beautiful.” Gerard whispered, snapping out of his stunned state and slowly dropping to kneel in the water besides Frank. He hovered his hands above his tail, as if he wanted to touch it but was too afraid too; his eyes were wide, drinking it all in. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful…”

Frank swallowed thickly, not sure what to say. He hadn’t been expecting Gerard to think him beautiful and the words sent shivers of happiness coursing through his very veins. He smiled uncertainly, turning to face Gerard and laying his hands on his knees to lift his torso up towards him. He flicked his caudal fin in the water, grinning when Gerard’s face lit up to see the motion.

“This doesn’t bother you?” He asked quietly, Gerard finally meeting his gaze with a look of horror.

“Bother me? Why would it bother me?” He gasped, grinning as he touched Frank’s hands and watched his tail swishing slowly back and forth. “Frankie I love this… I love /you/.” He sighed, barely realising the impact of his words but Frank only smiled serenely and sighed as he lay his head down on Gerard’s knees.

“Oh Gee…” He purred, an odd feeling building in his chest, as if his heart was swelling double its size. “I love you too.” He whispered, smiling as Gerard lay a hand in his damp hair and stroked slowly.

“I’m so glad you showed me this.” Gerard whispered, moving his gaze back to Frank’s face and smiling softly. “Thank you…”

“Mmm…” Frank smiled himself and purred quietly, nodding his head. “Thank you for being so wonderful about it.” He whispered back, so incredibly happy. He had never imagined that showing a human his true form could ever make him feel like this, but sharing such a huge secret with someone he loved made him feel as though he and Gerard had created an unbreakable bond. It was as if a chain had suddenly reached out linked their hearts together, and now no matter how far apart they were… Even if Frank was in the ocean and Gerard was on land, even if they never saw each other again… the chain could not be broken. And they would always know each other, and always love each other…

Frank smiled serenely as he closed his eyes and just rested against Gerard, idly moving his tail around and letting Gerard watch it with deep fascination.

For hours the two men just stayed in the sea, Frank resting as Gerard looked at him. Gerard felt like he could look at him like this forever… and for now all thoughts of the disappearances left his mind. He couldn’t remember his earlier suspicions that Frank possibly knew something of the matter, and if he did he wouldn’t have asked him, the moment too precious to destroy with talk of something so dark.

Sooner or later the matter would have to be discussed, but there were plenty of things Gerard wanted to do now before he worried about something that in that moment, felt so very far away.
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