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Thanks To You Cunts.

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My final thing I will ever write here, because I fucking hate all of you now, I'm not even joking.

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This is the last thing I will ever write here. Ever.

I am going to say the one thing I have been hiding for ages, deep in my fucking core, since I joined this site.

I. Fucking. Hate. You. All.

I am leaving FicWad, because I know you all fucking hate me. I read something about one of my fics, which made me fucking cry. Right now, I am really considering suicide, because you all are just not good at letting shit go, are you? I shouldn't have stopped my suffocation process I was doing last night, it was doing a grand job.

You know, I used to fucking love this place. But, now, it's just a fucking popularity project, ruled by the top-notch writers who I used to look up to, but now just walk around on peoples heads crushing their fucking minds in. I woke up sobbing again this morning, thought you should just know that, because you as my so-called-motherfucking-friends normally care about me.

I'll probably join Wattpad, or Livejournal. Any site that isn't better than this dump.

Just before I go though, I want to say sorry for leaving those people, who are actually nice to me, behind.

- lolhai.
- RedsWolf.
- Lilith_Bones
- (maybe) Obsessive_Fangirl.
- AlexisSCREAM.
- ElectrcFireKitsune.
- BloodyABattoir (I still dunno how you spell it.)

Now, I'll confess all the lies I've told to half of you.

- I don't even like Criminal Minds. The show fucking sucks.
- I really never cared about half of your ships, or the ships you shipped.
- The only ship I ever really loved was Nikki and Becky's ship.
- I only ever wrote any of you guys something because you asked me to. not because I wanted to.
- I don't even like Sum 41, Silverchair, or Anberlin. Or Billy Talent.

There. Got that off my chest.

Maybe I'll see a couple of you on other sites, but I'll only talk to those I actually like.

To finish, here's a poem I've been thinking of whilst writing this:

Her Finger Points At You.

Here you see the silent writer,
penning her first piece,
she hopes it's good,
she hopes to make friends,
she hopes to finally make something of herself,
not knowing with every hill comes a downfall.

Here you see the silent writer,
writing more and more,
pouring out her fucking soul,
onto the blank screen,
never knowing that with every word,
someone stops reading.

On this day, the silent writer,
has finally seen the truth,
that no one ever liked her,
and no one ever would.
It's here you see the silent writer,
drowned in all the hate.

So, I hope you feel sad,
and I hope you feel bad,
for this poor little writer,
who you killed,
you feel glad?
Don't believe me, well then,
I hope you know,
Her finger points to you.

I was that silent writer, who drowned in all of your hate. You should've said you hated me when I first joined here, save yourself the burden of doing it now.

See you in death.

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