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Harry wasn't the real freak in the family(??I can't write a summary for every chapter!!???)

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I wish I could write non-OC stories. More people would probably read this stuff at least. Oh well. If anyone gets a good slash idea without OC 's and not Ron/Harry that they can't be bothered to write, please give me a call? Please?

Disclaimer: I own lotsa stuff, but this ain't one of 'em.


3 years later (they're 4)

The young raven-haired child yawned into his hand as he ran the opposite one through the garden in a semblance of work. It was his job to weed the gardens today, but there didn't appear to be anything left to pull up. Not that that would get him out of work or anything, but it was a nice change of pace. Only two hours in the summer sun and he could go inside at any given moment.

He turned his silver eyes to the kitchen window and could just barely see his brother's mop of hair bobbing about as he prepared sandwiches for Dudley and his friend. Couldn't say he envied him. That was his job yesterday and it was a tad more than a chore to keep the ravenous pig satiated. He liked to consider himself as the best and only true family that his brother had, and he would do just about anything for him, but he had to draw the line at stepping between him and the fat swine that was known as Dudley. At least when there was food involved.

He sighed as he heard a loud shout from the house and a muffled squeak. "Yard work done." he murmured, wiping his tiny hands off on his threadbare jeans. It looked like it was time to go save his little brother again.

He sprinted to the house and situated himself between Dudley, his friend, and his little brother. It was ironic really that he called him that. The both of them were small for their age but his green-eyed counterpart still held a good three inches over him. And when you were the size they were, 3 inches was a big deal. Deep down he had a feeling that they didn't even look much like the other. Beyond being pale, overly thin and raven-haired, they had little to no similarities. At least appearance wise.

"Wadder you doin' inside, Freak?" asked Dudley as Peter Polkiss snickered behind him. One had to wonder if the rat-like child noticed that his 'leader' sounded like piglet. "Yer 'posed at be doin' the garden like Mum said. I'll tell!"

"Just finished." he chirped in his appropriately cute voice, though he made sure to sound confidant. "Now leave him 'lone! Go eat a bowl of chicken grease, or are you too hungry for nibbles?"

Dudley's face turned bright pink and he brought up his fist, shaking it in a surprisingly accurate portrayal of his father when he was angry. "You cant talk at me 'z like that, Freak! Yer just a Freak! Dad says!"

"And you're a fat piggy! The doctor says!" he stuck out his tongue, just for good measure.

Dudley's face turned puce at being face-to-face with the absolute most horrid insult a four year old could possibly offer. "I'M TELLING!" he shouted, before waddling out of the room, Polkiss at his heels.

His green-eyed twin looked at him in horror. "You're going to get into trouble!" he whimpered, clutching a dish towel to his chest with shaky hands. "You're gonna get yelled at! Why'd you do that?!"

The grey-eyed boy shrugged nonchalantly, sticking his hands into his pockets, fiddling with the holes at the bottom. "You didn't wanna get squashed didja? 'Cuz last time he picked a fight with you, you fainted cuz he pushed out all the air in your belly with his butt."

He shot him a dirty look. "Quit talking 'bout that!" he hissed. "He might do it again!"

"I don't think so. Lucky it was in the gardens, though. You started making hissing noises and a snake went up Dudley's leg." he smirked. "Snake must've thought you were his big-big-big-big brother!"

The momentarily good atmosphere of the room was abruptly torn to shreds as their Horse Faced Aunt Petunia (yes, all capitals. It's her title ;P) stormed into the room, practically seething with fury. "BOY! FREAK!" she screeched, making them want, but not dare, to put their hands over their ears. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO DUDDYKINS!?!?"

Freak, as he was so unfortunately called, blinked. Though overreacting was her prerogative, this seemed just a tad much. "I...... stuck my tongue out? It's not like it hurt him."

"LIAR!" she spat, flexing her fingers like she was doing her best not to strangle him. "I know what you did you sorry little ingrate! How dare you put your disgusting, freakish little hands on MY SON!?!?"

Freak glanced at his hands. "There not dirty, Aunt Petunia. It's too dry this summer. It's all dust."

"DON'T YOU GET SMART WITH MY YOU ABOMINATION!!! I know what you are and DON'T YOU THINK that you're going to scare me into letting you act like a little smart-ass in my home! My home which, MIGHT I REMIND YOU, I so graciously let you and you're horrible little sibling invade?! I feed you and clothe you and put a roof over your head and WHAT DO I GET!!!???"

"But! Aunt Petunia, Dudley was picking on Boy again! I couldn't just let him!"


"No!" Freak couldn't help it. Cunning he may be, but he was still four, and four year olds don't have much in the way of common sense. "He's the one who lies! Dudley is! All me and Boy ever do is try t make you happy! He never gets off of his fat butt and does anything, maybe if he did he'd not look like a beached whale so much- -"

His silver eyes opened wide as a loud crack sounded through the kitchen. For a moment everything was still, as if time had suddenly stopped. In a trance, he brought a tiny hand to his burning cheek. Aunt Petunia..... Had slapped him.

If anything, Petunia looked even more surprised than any of the children. She despised the burden of raising her freak-of-a-sister's children, especially the little one. She'd read the letter left with him and she wasn't stupid. This boy was even less of a human than his mother had been and it had been everything she could do to convince Vernon not to kill him or send him off to be dissected by scientists. The only reason the boys were as intact as they were was the fear that they would fly into a blind rage and kill them all. Harry, Boy, could very well turn into a dog like that horrid man she'd met during Christmas all those years ago, and Stray (a filthy Freaks name if ever there was one) would go mad and tear them to pieces with his teeth.

Petunia felt a shudder run up her back and she looked up from the red mark she had left on his cheeks and into his silvery orbs. Instead of the blind rage or madness she had feared seeing for the past three years, she saw that they looked scared, confused and frightened. She carefully turned her gaze his brother. This child also lacked the anger that should have been there. Confusion and concern shone like torches.

Feeling a huge weight lift from her shoulders, Petunia straightened and smirked sadistically. "Freak..... Boy...." she said in a falsely pleasant voice that a deaf person could have seen through. "Go to your cupboard..... You are both to stay there until I tell you otherwise.... Do you understand?"

They both nodded fearfully, pressing against each other for comfort. With the pitter-pattering of feet that held an innocence that she felt no abnormal or inhuman creature deserved to posses, they disappeared from sight.

Dudley looked up at his mother, looking only a bit weary. "Mummy?"

Petunia's face broke into a wide, insane smile. "Don't worry Diddydums." she said, placing a hand on top of his blonde head. "Mummy hears a new door opening for this family. Things are going to change from here on out."


Maybe I'm being a bit... well.... Cruel. But if you think about it, the only thing out of character is the fact that Stray is still alive. They wanted to drown Harry for being a wizard, a human who does magic. Stray is half wizard, half Incubus. Not only do few people not know what they are, they're 'evil spirits that feed off of women's purity by indulging in forced sexual acts'. Do not try and tell me Petunia would like him.

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