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Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

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"They've ruled the school long enough. This is where that ends. No matter what happens, you guys are my best friends. That'll never change" (One-shot with a bunch of music references)

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Skylar, Sean, Cooper, Wesley, Greg, and Jay walked through the empty hallway. The only thing that echoed through the hall was their footsteps. This was an unlikely sight for them, since they were used to a hallway filled with teenagers shoving them and others who weren't in a clique or were in a low one. Normally, a walk like this would be peaceful for them. They'd probably be talking and enjoying this walk, an unlikely one, but, today, this walk was not meant to be pleasant. The only thing that was felt was anxiousness.
Jay's anxiousness.

"I don't understand" The girl pondered aloud "How am I the only nervous one here?".

"Because you're the only girl here" Sean answered. Everyone giggled at the 12th Grader's joke, except for Jay. She was way too nervous to laugh.

"I'm serious!" Jay insisted. "How come you guys aren't nervous? We're in trouble and we're going to the Principal's office! He's practically a mythical creature, he never is seen doing anything, or seen at all for that matter, and he's called us down! This is serious!"

"Chillax, Jay" Wesley said, nonchalant "You are such a worrywart!"

"Wesley's right" Cooper said. "Stop worrying. We didn't do anything wrong. It was those jock-prep jerks. They were the ones to spray paint 'West High: Suck my Ass!!' on the gym walls. They are trying to frame us. We're innocent. As soon as we explain that to the Principal, we'll be free men and those jerks will get what's coming to them."

"Just 4 years too late, unfortunately" Skylar added. Greg scoffed. "Better late than never" Greg said. The guys shrugged.

Jay had calmed down. It's just a few months until graduation for them, right? They'd already gotten accepted to their dream college, all of them, which meant more shenanigans in college years, right? More worry free, late night hang outs, this time, without them all getting beat up the next morning. Yes, this was all gonna be over soon. No more sophomoric attempts at getting back at the jocks, with a few successes and giggles...well, giggles nonetheless. This was going to pass soon, like a flash, and they'd, soon, be on the roof of the school at night, overlooking their town while prank calling others, thinking of the things they were going to miss.

Jay sighed as they continued to walk the long, almost demeaning walk to the Principal's office. She stared at the floor, watching their black, worn-out converses take every step, her black, worn-out converse doing the same. Nothing could distract the humiliation she felt, walking by the filled classrooms.

"It feels like they're all fucking staring, giggling" Jay mumbled, the statement being loud enough for the five boys to hear.

"Well," Skylar started "Maybe they should MIND THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS!" He said, shouting the last few words so the others could hear. They all laughed.

Jay started to sweat as they approached the Principal's office.

"It'll be okay." Wesley assured her, before they all entered the office. That made sense, being that he was the more assuring, almost motherly, one.

The principal frowned upon their entrance. Throughout their four years of attendance at West High, he had grown to dislike them. They would've gotten expelled had Jay's impeccable marks not been there to save the motley crew in it's entirety.

"Jay, Sean, Copper, Greg, Wesley, and Skylar, correct?" He asked, although he already knew their names, evidently, since he called Jay her nickname(Jay) rather than her real name(Unknown to anyone outside the group), knowing that it pissed her off.

The little group nodded.

"So, you guys thought it was clever to write that vulgar message on the walls of our gym? To deface the school's property?" He asked, concealable anger pulsing through his veins.

"No, sir, you see, " Sean started to explain "The school's Lacrosse team did it. They've all been framing us since we entered the school as 9th graders. They've pushed us around for so long and-"

"Enough!" The principal screamed, silencing Sean. "Don't you dare blame those good boys! They are an example of what you six should be! They are model students, and I won't stand for them being framed by a couple of misfit punks!"

They all sighed in defeat. Their fate was pretty much decided at this point. There was no use in fighting a lost battle, especially one in which the leader of them all hated them.

"This is the last straw! Two months of after school detention, from the time classes end until 6:00 pm! And if you slip up again, even in the slightest way, and I hear about it, you'll all be going to a high school of Hell!" He finished, signalling them to leave his office.

They all left without a word. They were all furious.

"I never thought I could hate a group as much as I hate them." Jay mumbled, sighing. They all nodded in agreement, too stunned and furious to say anything else.

It looks like they'll have to deal.


Friday, February 12th, 5:55 pm

"Okay, you guys can leave." The teacher said, unaware that it was merely five minutes before the official ending of detention. The teacher, eager to get home, was the first to leave, leaving the others in the room to pack up on their own.

Jay sighed in relief. Detention had been nothing but a huge waste of time and a distraction keeping her and the guys away from making more memories before college. She quickly packed her things and left the room. She knew that everyone else had strict detention teachers that let them leave at 6 o'clock on the dot, sometimes keeping them until 6:05 as a punishment for someone whispering. They always met up at the flagpole close by the school, as to not be seen and accused of loitering, not have any uncomfortable run-ins with teachers(they avoided the flagpole since it was towards the back of the school in a shady area, which isn't the best place to be when teenagers who have it out for you come out in hordes), and to be able to sneak back into the school after hours, in case they felt like spending more nights to mornings there, talking and watching the town.

Jay walked the the flagpole and leaned against it, resting her eyes and almost drifting off, since the past couple of days had been stressful with more reports being given. She could've gotten a good amount of sleep had it not been for the voice she loathed so much suddenly making a guest appearance in her ears.

"Well, look who it is!" The voice exclaimed, in false excitement "It's our little Jay!"

Jay opened her eyes, her brown ones meeting with the owner of the voice's sharp blue ones.

"Hm? All I heard was my name but, even over that, I could only hear 'SNOB SNOB SNOB' " Jay said, calmly.

"Oh, my little Jay" the owner of the blue eyes said "You have so much to learn".

"Oh, my little Maximilian" Jay started, her voice edging towards sarcasm "Yes, I do. But not from you."

"Watch your tone" another boy growled. Jay stepped back to face the entirety of the group, consisting of six boys. The leader of this group appeared to be Maximilian, a boy with combed back blonde hair, appearing to be right out of a clichè "Preps Are Jerks So The Geeks Will Teach Them A Lesson" movie. Quite honestly, Jay didn't think all "Preps" were jerks. There have been a few that have showed kindness to her, but that didn't distract her from the fact that these guys were jerks.

"Shut your face, Jacob" Jay growled right back at the black haired teen.

"Look who got all ballsy since 9th grade! Remember that awkward shell you were...excuse me, are?" Another boy, Fredrick, said, chuckling while high-fiving the boy next to him, Edward.

Jay sighed.

"What the fuck do you guys want, anyways?" Jay asked, frustrated. The guys chuckled.

"I think someone needs a pounding" Another boy said, the boy next to him chuckling. They looked identical. One would assume they were twins. They'd be assuming correctly. Derek and Danny were identical twins who thought and acted the same. They were identical in more ways than one.

"Woah, slow down" Jacob started "We're not gonna have sex with her, though she looks like she needs it".

"I meant we should beat her up" Derek corrected. The other boys chuckled.

"Then say that next time" Edward giggled. Jay couldn't be more disgusted with them.

"I agree with Derek" Maximilian said, overlooking the whole issue with Derek's words "I think we need to beat the loser out of her. Who knows? Maybe we'll make a proper girl out of her".

"That's all you're here for?!" Jay asked, a mock tone of disbelief taking over her voice, quickly being masked by sarcasm "Gee, you really shouldn't have."

"Whatever" Maximilian said, throwing the first punch. Jay punched back, as much as she could. She got a couple of good punches in, her fists flying in a blur, but soon, the numbers(of people, their weight advantages, their time working out) came back to bite her in the ass. In a couple of, what seemed like, minutes, she was left in a small puddle of blood, her face covered in bruises and cuts, her stomach covered in small bruises due to all the knees and fists she took to the stomach. She laid there, her eyes slowly closing for a minute, then opening. She could hardly blink without feeling pain.

"Jay!" Skylar cried, him being the first on the scene. He ran over to Jay, terror-striken by the sight he saw. He ran over and could've cried at an up-close sight of one of his best friends. He gently sat her up from the puddle of blood on the ground coming from her mouth. Skylar cradled her. She moaned when his arm brushed up against her stomach. He lifted up her shirt to find bruises covering her skin. She sputtered up some blood, probably coming from the cuts within her mouth, adding onto the small puddle. Skylar felt tears pricking at his eyes as he cradled her, rocking back and forth, just like when they were 8 years old and she had scraped her knee.

"HOLY FUCK!" Skylar heard, along with footsteps approaching. He looked up to see Wesley, Sean, Greg, and Cooper. They all were shocked. Wesley leaned down and lightly brushed his fingers on her face, tracing her bruises. She winced, which made Wesley's eyes water.

"Who-" Cooper started, but didn't finish.

"Who the FUCK did this?!" Sean demanded, not shouting at Jay, but simply in anger.

Greg was quiet. He refused to look at his friend in this condition. He didn't want to ever think of her in that way, bloody and bruised.

Jay sputtered up more blood.

"I think you all have a pretty good idea of who did this" Jay said, her voice soft but raspy. It all clicked. Their anger grew. They weren't gonna stand by after one of their best friends, practically their sister, was attacked.

"Come on" Wesley said, softly. He was always the calmer one of the group. "Let's go to the school bathroom and tend to your wounds. I have a first aid kit in my backpack."

Everyone chuckled. Not one of them believed that the stupid kits Wesley carried would ever come in handy.

He had finally proved them wrong. Wesley just wished that he had proved them wrong under any other circumstance.


"Are you sure you don't wanna go to the hospital?" Sean asked, helping Jay walk to his car.

"What kind of fucking question is that?!" Jay asked "You know I fucking hate hospitals"

Sean chuckled. Jay almost never went to the hospital and it seems as if he'd forgotten that.

"Your wounds are pretty bad." Greg spoke up "Maybe you should go-"

Jay shot him a death glare, causing Greg to look down

"Nevermind." Greg mumbled.

The six teenagers continued walking in silence. Everyone but Jay was thinking about revenge schemes. Serious revenge schemes.

"Fuck, my mom's gonna lose it when I come home like this." Jay mumbled, breaking the silence.

"I'll call your mom. I'll tell her that you're staying at my house. You've stayed over enough times to have your own drawer there" Skylar said, without missing a beat.

It was times like these that made Jay grateful that she had amazing friends to be around. She was also grateful that they'd be spending college together aswell, so their adventures didn't stop at the end of high school, just like it didn't end at the end of middle school or elementary school. Yes, they had just about survived it all.


Monday, February 15th, 12:20 pm

"Jay, come on. We're telling the principal!" Cooper urged, lightly pulling on Jay's hand. It was the Monday after the incident and Jay had healed enough to walk on her own. Missing school wasn't an option for Jay, since she didn't want to spend a second away from her friends. Cooper had cone up with the idea to give the principal actual evidence of the lacrosse team being anything but the angels they were made out to be.

"Come on, we really shouldn't." Jay said, lightly pulling her hand away.

"Jay, we need to let him know that he's defending a bunch of snobby, pretentious little assholes" Cooper insisted.

"Jay, he's right." Greg spoke up "We can't just let that happen. We need to stop it now! For future kids like us!"

Jay thought about it for a second. "Fine" she said "Let's go"


"So, you expect me to believe that the lacrosse team did this to her, and it wasn't anyone else?!" The principal inquired "That the model students of West High did this?!"

The six nodded. The principal burst out laughing.

"Haha! You must think I'm a real idiot to believe that!" he boomed, his face red in amusement "Now, get out of my office!"

The six were practically shoved out by the laughing man, followed by his door slamming in their shocked faces.

"That jackass!" Sean was the first to exclaim. The rest just nodded, starting to walk.

"We aren't going to let the guys get away with that, right?!" Sean asked, while the others walked in silence.

"Well, what can we do? We can't really do anything. We'll just have to live with the fact that we just aren't the people to get justice" Jay said, looking down.

"We can get justice!" Sean exclaimed "We just have to take matters into our own hands!"

They all stopped walking and looked at Sean.

"Do you have any ideas, Mister Scheme Master? We're all out of them, so we're open to ideas!" Jay snapped.

Sean shot her a devilish grin.

"Do I have an idea? Why, I'm glad you asked."


Friday, February 19th, 5:10 pm

"I can't believe we snuck out of detention!" Jay exclaimed, from the backseat of Sean's car.

"I can't believe we're going to spray paint the pretentious lacrosse team club house" Wesley added.

"I can't believe they're rich enough to have an actual house as a club house" Cooper said.

"And I can't believe it's not butter, but we have to keep moving" Sean said, in a serious manner, while driving the car.

Yes, they were going to spray paint the huge "club house" of the rich lacrosse team. They had the spray cans ready, Jay was close to perfectly healed, they snuck out of detention, and they had gotten doctor notes from Sean's cousin, a doctor, in case the teachers notice that they had snuck out, which was unlikely.

Sean pulled up to the club house and got out. He opened the trunk and got the spray paint out. The neighborhood was practically vacant, being that the rich people usually got out of work by six. It was the perfect time to do this.

"Fuck, this is a first for me" Jay said, getting out of the car.

"You said the same about making homemade goo to drop on Maximilian and his crew when they opened the locker room. Remember how much fun that turned out to be?" Skylar asked, a playful smile on his face. Everyone laughed.

"Hey, look at this beautiful car parked right in front." Cooper said, patting the black SUV.

"That's Maximilian's car" Jay said "The pretentious little asshole doesn't drive it anywhere. He keeps it out here. It's his baby"

Sean heard that and grinned. He handed Cooper one of the old guitars stacked in the back of his car. Sean nodded. Everyone else knew what that meant and they all grinned.

Sean handed everyone else two spray paint cans, and there were more leftover.

"Alright, guys." Sean started, taking the lid off of his can "Go to town".

And "go to town" they did.


Same day, 5:58 pm

Ring, Ring

"Who's phone is that?" Danny asked, drying off with his towel from showering.

Ring, Ring

"I think that's mine" Derek said, wrapping his towel around his waist.

Ring, Ring

"Mine, too" Jacob said, already getting dressed.

Ring, Ring

"And mine" Edward said, tying his shoelaces.

Ring, Ring

"Ditto" Fredrick said, putting on his pants.

My milshake brings all the boys to the yard-

Everyone stared at Maximilian,the only one who was dressed, who frantically reached for his phone. He gave a sheepish smile while a light blush crept on his cheeks.

"Oh, it seems like I got a text" Maximilian chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, so did I" Danny said, checking his phone. The room chorused with a bunch of "Yeah, me too's" from the six guys.

At the same time, they all checked their phones. It came from an anonymous number. There was just a picture file attached. They all clicked download at the same time. At the same time, they all stared at the picture all of them were sent.

"Is that...?" Danny was the first to speak up.

"It is." Derek said. Anger boiled in their blood. Maximilian had much more rage than anyone else. He had paid for the majority of that house. It was his house more than anyone else's. He looked closer at the photo. He spotted his car, wrecked into pieces.

"MY CAR!" Maximill shouted.

He angrily clicked "Dial Number" while the others finished changing. Within the first ring, someone picked up.

"I know who did this." Maximilian growled. He could feel the smirk creeping onto the person's lips.

"I'm glad we are getting recognition for our work" the person said.

"You and your little friends are dead" Maximilian angrily said. The presence of the smirk disappeared and the air surrounding the both groups of six became more serious.

"Come and get us." The voice growled, before hanging up.


Sean hung up with those four words, as he pulled into the school.

"This is happening. We're going to fight. Are you guys ready?" Sean asked, getting out.

They all nodded.

"We've all been wanting this since we first entered 9th grade and they dumped milkshakes on our heads." Greg said.

"It's a shame we have to use old guitars though" Jay said, getting out.

"Well, they're especially hard wood. They hurt more. In plus, they don't work anymore. The thrift shop owner practically begged to take them." Sean explained as he handed everyone a guitar. "In plus, would you rather we go in there without a weapon? They're going to use their lacrosse equipment."

Jay shrugged.

"You're right."

Everyone had their weapons and were ready to enter.

"Guys," Sean started "This is it. This is what all of our high school years have been leading up to. We've come this far. We won't give up. They've ruled the school long enough. This is where that ends. No matter what happens, you guys are my best friends. That'll never change."

Everyone nodded, as they all gave each other one last group hug before their lives and the lives of West High students changed forever.

"Let's do this" Skylar said, already walking in. They all walked in, except for Jay, who was stopped by Sean.

"Hey, you don't have to fight if you don't want to." Sean said "You're still recovering and we would still love you and understand if you didn't want to-"

Jay shushed him.

"I don't think that I want to be saved. I don't think that I'll ever be saved. I know my song has not been sung. I want to do this. I'm just as much a part of this as you guys are, girl or not, wounded or not. At the end of the day, this isn't just about me, or us. It's about people like us. It's about sending a message and not standing for anyone else's shit. It's about taking a stand, not for me, but for the future students of West High. I want to go through with this, no matter what the consequences." Jay assured Sean.

"I love you." Sean said "Every one of those other four guys do, too. We love you."

Jay nodded.

"I know. I love you guys, too." Jay said, hugging Sean. They broke apart and Jay smiled. "Let's go make a change by kicking some stuck-up ass."

They joined Skylar, Wesley, Cooper, and Greg.

"Long live the reckless and the brave" Jay said to the five guys, holding their guitars.

"So, long live us." Skylar said, lifting his guitar in the air. The rest did the same.

And with that, they started walking.


Maximilian, Derek, Danny, Fredrick, Jacob, and Edward walked down the empty halls. This was going down. Rage was fresh in their bloods. Their lacrosse equipment was in their hands. They were ready.

Skylar, Sean, Cooper, Wesley, Greg, and Jay walked down the empty halls on the other side of the school. They knew the others were on the other side, walking towards them. They were all walking, their guitars at their sides. All that they could hear was their footsteps echoing throughout the empty hallways.

The two groups caught sight of one another. They were walking down the same halls.

Finally, they met in the middle, about a foot apart, Skylar across from Edward, Wesley across from Jacob, Sean across from Maximilian, Jay across from Fredrick, Cooper across from Danny, and Greg across from Derek. They each saw that the others had come prepared. They stared each other down for a minute. No smiles, just rage.

"So, it's all come down to this, huh?" Maximilian asked. Sean chuckled dryly.

"I guess it has." Sean answered. "This won't take long. Your rein is done. We are the innocent ones. You can't take back the damage done. This is the last time you will shine"

They stared at one another again. Everyone was silent. The "leaders" had come face to face. Everyone was angry, anger that was building up for four years pulsing through their veins. No one could hear anything. They didn't hear Jay when she opened her mouth to speak. No one heard what she said.

Skylar, Sean, Cooper, Wesley, Greg and Jay lifted up their weapons just as Maximilian, Derek, Danny, Fredrick, Jacob and Edward did. They lunged at each other, just as Jay's words had finally sunk in.

"This is either gonna be a sophomore slump or comeback of the year"

She couldn't have said it any better.
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