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A brief glimpse into the early marriage of a certain couple.

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"This is getting to be a habit," she said, with a wry twist to her smile.

He grinned right back at her, and lowered his voice. "Hey, baby, come here often?"

She laughed and thwapped him gently across the arm he was holding her up with. "Silly, I live here! As romantic as this may be, if you don't set me straight soon you'll have to charm the pasta-sauce yourself. Charred was never my favourite flavour at the best of times..."

"As milady commands" he said, sweeping her back onto her feet with a flourish and a peck on the nose. "Poor Harry, his little world must be all topsy-turvy!"

Flicking her wand at the saucepans, she placed a protective hand over her growing abdomen and glared playfully. "Rosemary can't be half as topsy-turvy as I am. Such a fool, falling over for no reason all the time..."

"Hush, love," he comforted her, covering her hand with both of his from behind. "It's hardly your fault. After all, who could resist swooning into the arms of such a handsome creature as myself when provided with as perfect a reason as yours?"

Ducking out from under his arms, she plucked the enchanted spoon from the pan and added a delightful highlight of tomato to his handsome visage.

"Now that, Rose my dear, is how we deal with men!"
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