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Girls' Night Out

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I'm horrible at summaries. Sorry. But I hope you read this and like it.

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Girls’ night out. Most of the time when you hear that you think ‘Hell yeah, it’s about time I go out with the girls and have some fun’. In my case when I hear ‘girls’ night out’ translation is ‘Your turn to be DD’. Which that’s completely fine because I’d rather be the sober one making sure all my friends get home safely and not leave with some random person, so it’s cool with me. GNO doesn’t happen very often but when it does everybody, even me, has a good time. So here I am sitting up in the booth watching my very drunk friends out on the dance floor. It’s quite entertaining to watch. Anna’s trying to dance sexily and kind of failing kind of not failing. Beca and Lucy are laughing so hard they’re leaning against each other for support which makes them both fall to the ground when they lose their balance. Leana is trying to help them up but they keep pulling her down with them. All in all they’re having fun. I silently and tiredly continue to watch them after a waitress brings me my bottle of water.

The next time I go to look down at my friends I notice a stranger standing by my booth. He’s just standing there watching the dance floor as if he’s trying to find something or someone. He looks familiar. Very familiar, but I can’t put my finger on where I’ve seen him before. I catch myself staring at this good looking stranger just as he turns around and catches me as well. He smiles at me and that one small smile sends my cheeks into a flame of blush. I give him a shy smile in return and go back to watching the girls. It was a few minutes later when I realize he hadn’t moved. I glance back at him and catch him looking at me with a small smile once again on his face. “Hello?” I politely say to him. “Hi.” He replies. “Um, did you need something?” I ask nervously. “No. I just caught you looking at me earlier and I got to wondering to myself, what is a beautiful woman like you doing up here all by yourself?” “Oh, um, it’s girls’ night out and I’m the DD. My friends are the drunken maniacs laughing at those guys down there on the dance floor.” I chuckle. “What a coincidence, I’m here with my friends too and I’m also the DD. My friends are the drunken ones making your drunken maniacs laugh.” He laughed lightly. I giggled at his statement. “I’m Riley.” I said as I held my hand out to him. “Alex. But everyone calls me AJ. It’s nice to meet you, Riley.” “It’s nice to meet you too, AJ.” As I finish that statement and glance back to my friends laughing at his friends it clicks in my mind. I know who this man is. “Oh!” I exclaim. “What?” He jumps. “Oh, um, I just sort of figured out who you are. You’re AJ McLean from BSB.” I blushed again. “Oh.” He replied in a voice that sounded kind of disappointed. “Are you okay, AJ?” “Yeah, I’m fine. I was just kind of hoping you wouldn’t know who I was.” He replied. “I’m sorry. I guess that would get pretty annoying for everyone and their dog to know who you are. But if it makes you feel better I’ll tell you this now. Yes I am a fan of your group but as you’ve noticed I haven’t gone into ‘fan girl mode’.” He chuckled. “I do have to admit it’s nice to meet someone who knows who I am and doesn’t scream like she’s about to kidnap and hide me in her closet.” I laughed out loud at that one. I hadn’t meant to but I did and he seemed just fine with it. He just smiled again.

About that time a slow song came through the giant speakers lining the club walls. “Would you like to dance?” He asked me nervously. “Oh, um, no thank you.” I said with my head down, hoping he wouldn’t catch yet again another blush. “Oh ok.” He said quietly. It was silent for a second before he started talking again. “Is there a certain reason you don’t want to dance?” “Um, I kind of, sort of, don’t know how.” I was expecting him to laugh in my face like many had before and take off. This time though when I looked up he was gently smiling at me and holding his hand out. “If you don’t know how then I guess it’s up to me to teach you.” I hesitated for a second before taking his hand. He led me to the dance floor and I put my hands on his shoulders while he placed his on my hips. “Okay, now we’re pretty much just going to sway back and forth. Just relax and listen to the music.” He told me. I stepped on his foot a couple times. I blushed like a mad man and apologized; a lot. He just smiled and told me it was fine and we continued to dance.

After a couple dances we went and sat in the booth and talked a little more. I talked about growing up in the sticks and he told me all about touring the world and making music. We went back on the dance floor when another slow song started playing. I wanted to stay on the dance floor forever with this man, although I had just met him. But all too soon Leana came and found me and told me they were ready to go and that Lucy had all but passed out already. I told her I’d be there in a minute and finished my dance with AJ. “As much as I don’t want this night to end, I’m afraid I have to take my friends home. If you don’t mind me asking, how long will you be in town?” “I don’t want this night to end either and it sucks to say but we leave in the morning for a year- long tour.” “Oh.” I said quietly trying to hide the sadness in my voice. In my silence he had led me back to my table where the girls were waiting for me. “Girls, you can head out to the car. I’m going to pay the tab and I’ll be right there.” They mumbled an okay and headed out. I paid the tab and turned to AJ. “Well it was very nice meeting you, AJ. Thank you for teaching me how to dance.” He smiled and replied. “It was my pleasure, Riley. Thank you for not going fan girl and for not kidnapping me.” We both chuckled at this and went quiet. “Well, I guess this is goodbye.” I told him sadly. He just nodded and I surprised us both by giving him a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek before turning and walking toward to exit. I turned around to see him watching me leave. I gently smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back at me and I turned around and walked through the door. As I left the club I knew I would most likely never see AJ in person again and that girls’ night out would never be the same. Every time we had a GNO I would think of him and wonder if he was thinking of me too. The thing that is for sure is; I’ll never forget that night.
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