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I want to know if you can scream.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Published: 2013-08-03 - 204 words

All you can hear are the pleading whispers,
murmuring enticing sentences of false hope,
I hope you know that you'll make a wrong decision,
With this incision,
With this heart,
I wonder if you've seen th blood,
That pours down the stark white walls,
I want to know if you can scream,
Scream out loud and let go,
Oh, well don't you know,
Don't you know,
That I own the last few of your remaining brain cells,
And I am here to crush them,
And damn you to hell,
I hope like the bitter taste,
Of the ultimate defeat,
Do you understand,
Do you know just what this means?

In the real world,
The lies fed to us lead us to believe,
That I was lost long ago,
But who needs to know,
Where does the truth stay?
Where do the lies go?
All your honesty,
In vibrant lights to show,
Show me how much you love me,
Show me how much you want me,
Want me,
Want me to plunge this knife into your heart.
There's been an apparent,
Reduction in seduction,
But who cares?
Do you care?

Go to sleep now,
Go to sleep now,
Shut your eyes now,
Say goodbye now.
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