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I can never escape the nightmares.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Published: 2013-08-05 - 232 words

Sitting in the darkness of the living room, I flicked through the countless channels, looking for something enjoyable to watch. Anything that would keep me awake a little longer. I glanced at the clock. It was coming up to 4 am. I settled on an episode of some tv show I had seen a billion times. At least I wasn't sleeping. I sound crazy, I know. But I can't sleep. I'm tired, that's for sure after staying up all hours. But I don't want to sleep.

If I do sleep, my worst fears are realised.

My demons have me trapped in my own mind.
I run and run but they always catch me.
Voices fill my ears with venomous words.
I can't stop them.

Foul monsters howl at me.
The shadows are everywhere.
I can't escape these terrors.
I can't escape these dreams.

I see myself dying a million times over
Before waking up, dripping in sweat
And screaming, always screaming.
Until I realise I'm not dreaming anymore.

So I keep myself awake.
But I just can't see the point.
If I want to end my nightmares
I just need to end myself.

A/N This basically is the shit that comes out of my brain in the early hours of the morning which I decide to throw at you guys, so you're welcome I guess. I don't know, I'll just go now.
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