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Help me guys!!!!!!

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i really need help finding a fic guys. Its driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

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hai guise

i need help finding a story i read a while ago but i can't remember what it is called or the name of the author (helpful as shit).......... this is what i can remember of the story

it was a frerard and Frank was a student and Gerard was his art teacher

(I might have a different story with this next bit) At some point during the story frank calls the suicide hotline and Gerard -even though he is an art teacher- has another job at the hotline helping people and shizz- answers Franks call and doesn't reveal who he is so frank pours his heart out to Gerard who helps him a bit (and I think gerard says at the end of the call "if you want to talk to me again ask for Mikey")

Further on in the story Frank finds himself at Gerards house (?????) and gerard has his headset on answering peoples calls to the suicide hotline and then frank realises that it was gerard who answer his call and I think Gerard tries to rape frank or something and leaves frank naked on gerards living room floor

(i don't even know anymore) They end up falling in love and yada yada and things like that (but frank and Gerard keep it low they don't want anyone to know about their relationship).

Gerard questions Frank about why he isn't into girls and Frank thinks hard about it and goes up to his friend who is a girl called (i can't remember her name) and asks her to kiss him so he can see if he likes it or not (he doesn't).

But on one of the last chapters i think. Frank goes into the art room at dinner time (or it might of been at the end of the day idk?) and starts making out with Gerard thinking no-one will find them.

Franks friend (the girl) goes to try to find Frank, goes to the art room and opens the door to find a nearly fully naked Frank and a half naked Gerard still making out. she stumbles backwards shocked and Frank pulls away from Gerard and runs up to her pleading for her to not tell anyone about what she saw because she is saying stuff like 'i could press charges' and 'this isn't right you're not supposed to love your teacher'

they make a deal in the end to not tell anyone and they just walk away from the art room in silence.

thats all i remember...what i just wrote is really confusing but it was a really good and interesting fic and i really want to read it again. And what probably makes it more confusing is the fact that i might have gotten 2 stories mixed up... sorry

if any of you guys know what i am talking about please send me a link or tell me the name of the story or the author who wrote it in the comment/reviews place please i would love you forever.

Jade xø
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