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The Last Days Of Our Lives

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Gerard Way is in the Mafia, and Frank Iero is a musician that Gerard kidnaps for a ransom. There's a twist in the tale when their hearts become involved.

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A/N: I'm kind of new to writing fics like this, so I hope you's like it!

Chapter 1.

Gerard Way crouched down behind the burnt out car, gritting his teeth at his new wound. The sound of gunshots filled the air and he stood up, holding his gun up and he fired, hitting and wounding his target without so much as aiming. This was his job. This was the way of life he knew. You see, Gerard Way is the underboss in the mafia. He lives for the thrill of killing; the adrenaline that pulses through his veins when he watches the life drain out of someone's eyes. Some may call him a monster, Gerard just thinks of himself as a working man, earning his money honestly. It was an unusual, frowned upon line of work, but it's what Gerard knows and loves.

His 'collegues' headed back to their supposedly conspicious cars headed home. Gerard stood there, holding his arm and he spat onto the ground. He needed to be at the top, he needed to be the most feared man in the world. Even though he was an underboss, he was still treated like a nobody, like scum. Not one single person in his family cared for him, or even came to his aid when he was wounded. He loves his job, but he craves the respect that comes with being Capa. He needed something big to get him on top. He needed to catch everybody's attention.


Frank Iero hopped around on stage, sweet music drifting from under his fingers as he moves them along the fretboard, strumming along with the rest of his band. He jumped along the stage and spinned, smiling at the crowd, breathing heavily as the music finished and the crowd began cheering his name. He held up his arms and smiled wide, before walking backstage to highfive and hug his friends. He was in a big rock band with his best friends and he adored it. He loved the sound of the crowd, cheering for all of their hard work. Frank Iero knew he had some things missing but he couldn't work out what it was. He needed more excitement than the rush of being on stage. He needed some more excitement in his life. Was that too much to ask?
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